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  1. Evangelion is really really good, hmm, classic anime I like? I’d say Yu-Gi-Oh, and maybe Pokémon Indigo League, although I’m not 100% sure Pokémon counts as anime.
  2. I always watch a little anime before I do my math. I haven’t done any math ever since I started doing that. Good system, huh?

  3. The maze runner. three books by terry pratchett a few doctor who novels a bunch of stuff
  4. Here’s 10 points! I donated them to you! Have a good time on our forums and have a nice day
  5. Do you like those really extreme, fine, highly detailed ones? Or those ones where it’s basically kawaii?
  6. “I’ll take a potato chip.... AND EAT IT!” from Death Note.
  7. Recently started an anime called A Little Snow Fairy Sugar and I am really enjoying it.

  8. It’s so hot :(

  9. I’m personally a huge fan of doctor who, a British sci-fi show about time travel. Cheesy? Yes. Melodramatic? A bit, yes. Amazing? Obviously!!!!
  10. I watch subs, muted. Yes, you heard me. Muted subs. For some reason I don’t like Japanese or American voices. No voices at all.
  11. my plans are mainly getting some more Bleach under my belt, and just looking around for a bunch of obscure 12 episode series. yes I’m only on episode 32 of bleach don't judge.
  12. Highschool DxD, or Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma, which is is a bit cringey. By a bit I mean a lot. It’s still kinda good tho.
  13. Ya know, I srsly just keep forgetting I have an account on here.

  14. Hey Illusion, how do you tag people? Also, I have a regular one and a longboard.
  15. https://animeforums.net/profile/3530-illusion-of-terra/ Mostly fun but I know a few tricks. I like going to the skatepark, mostly. Big ramps, woohoo!
  16. My fave is plain cheese and pineapple. Take the polls plz. Also, I’m a vegetarian. (Yayyyyyy) Even just plain cheese without pineapple is still good.
  17. Open it up, scrape off the cream stuff, eat the cookie, do the same with a few more, roll all the collected cream stuff into a big ball and eat that.
  18. Big big big Star Trek fan here! I like ‘em all but my faves Picard (the new one OR his original). My favorite characters are 7 of 9, data, bashir, quark, Naomi. My parents watched this when mom was pregnant, and I remember watching this show since I was really little. I guess I really am a “lifetime fan”.
  19. Hi, I’ll be your friend, yeah I need a friend on here too. I haven’t seen fullmetal... yet! So, um. I’m a young teen who likes skateboarding. I really don’t like school except for literacy (reading, writing) and art.
  20. I’m passionate about reading, I do enjoy manga a lot but just normal books are really fun too. I also like to skateboard, which is fun and generally just a good skill to have if you want to go somewhere.
  21. I’m watching Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma Which is a series about time travel, and like 5 girls all trying to be this dudes wife. it’s a bit PG-13. Also, I’m trying to get myself back into Bleach again, I kinda left after episode 50, it felt daunting and slow.
  22. Currently watching the cringiest anime ever. It’s about a 25 year old teacher. He’s unmarried, but then a 14 year old girl travels in time from 200 years ago, and they become a couple. And it gets worse. It’s so bad it’s almost an ok show.

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    2. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      'and stopped trying to tackle the teacher dude into having babies with her.'

      nah I think this is not for me 😂 but I had heard about the show before actually

    3. OtakuKid


      Haha ok

      where did u hear about it? Just curious.

    4. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      can't really remember but when I read the name and saw the images right now, I remembered that I had seen it before. hope it gets better though 😂 

  23. Hey, I’m back on the forums. Just having a busy past few days, but it’s all good now. I wonder what it’ll feel like to be in crowds where babies cry and annoying people spill drinks on you. Worst of all, the noise! Ugh. Anyways, even though I hate crowds I kinda like cosplaying at cons. Will we even have cons again? When this is all over will people still keep away, subconsciously turning themselves into introverts like me and hopefully you, or will people have huge parties and four playdates a day and people people people? Will the diners be packed or empty? Maybe your favorite store will have gone out of business. I can’t wait until “school” is over. Then I’ll have solitude and no annoying math problems and all that crap. It’ll be amazing. Until then, I get solitude but still “school”. A compromise. Oh well. Anyway, enjoy your anime’s, OtakuKid
  24. Finally back on the forums! I was having a pretty busy past few days but I’m back! Yay!!!!!!

    Anyways, so. Hi. Yeah.

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