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  1. Cool storm over central KS that I took the other day
  2. Here's another one for the group. It popped up on my photos from a few years back. The restaurant I was the Sous at broke down whole hogs, we needed to find a use for the heads, so I ran a special every few weeks called Feijoada. It is SOOOO so good. It is mainly a Brazilian recipe and the chili like soup is served with rice and some kind of citrus, commonly oranges. Anyways, sorry if this photo makes anyone squeemish or grossed out but it was part of the process, and it is for most, an uncommon/unusual food experience.
  3. This was my first oil on canvas attempt, I dont think its terrible, but also not good. Dont mind my dog in the background. I dont think i'm done with it, but I have to step away from it for now.
  4. I tend to wake up on the opposite side of the noon hour, so breakfast tends to be more of lunch for me. I made beef Pho today (Pho broth made before hand and frozen) with charred lime, bok choy, tons of cilantro (because yum), serrano pepper and poached egg. Made for a pretty decent start to my day.
  5. Well, when I first clicked this I was stoked to share what I was currently listing too. I'll do that, then leave what the daily (Tech House), I'm not sure if this qualifies (2nd video that is, first one defiantly not)
  6. I started Channel Zero the other day, and have to say I am happily amused with it. Each season (there are 4 season) are based off of different Creepy Pasta stories. There are only 6 episodes a season, at about 45min a pop. So it isn't too big of an investment.
  7. Probably not the right place to talk about guitar stuff and pedals. But the video you posted reminds me of most of the pedal tutorials on Death By Audio. https://deathbyaudio.com/collections/fuzz
  8. I was really excited about God of Highschool at first and quickly lost interest. Surprised that I liked Rent-a-Girlfriend as much as I have!
  9. I had made onigiri the night before, so I just grabbed a couple while on the way out the door. The pickled plum one was a little harsh, but did effectively wake me up.
  10. Oh man, my first time eating and experiencing Corn Smut was very unusual. Telling myself that eating a black mold substance was good and alright took some time. When thinking about it though, it would be the equivalent of working with squid ink or any type of fungus really. Corn Smut is really REALLY fun to play with in a variety of different cuisines, it pretty much adds a huge depth of flavor and big umami bomb. Huitlacoche is probably the easiest and one of the tastiest things to make with it, highly recommend getting some and playing around with it! Pickled asparagus is so good, if done right, and it isn't all floppy and soggy, and in moderation lol I put a really awesome Asparagus Croque on a brunch menu once, with grilled, pickled, and fried asparagus with a sunny egg. Talking about it again, makes me want to make this for dinner now! Too bad asparagus season is over in my area *cry*
  11. Oldie's, but a goodie's. #1. Just finished INSIDE, again. Highly recommend it, Playdead is pretty solid in my book. Thoughts on this? #2. One of my favorite games i've ever played has been Shadow of the Colossus. Thoughts on game play and that in general?
  12. Thanks! I hope to stick around also. I have seen Recovery of an MMO Junkie and really enjoyed it! The relationship between Morioka and her coworkers was so fun and great to watch, not to mention when she finally broke down her walls! I have been a sous chef in the city I live in for the last 4 years, so any anime food stuff I actually attempt to cook. I guess it isn't anime, but actually food, expressed in anime. I'm sure you'll see me post a ton of anime food stuff also *thumbs up* GOW: "I was practicing, how to walk on my own. There in that place. Even if i'm barefoot."
  13. Same, I also have not seen Carole & Tuesday. I am a bit skeptical as to it withstanding against CB & SC, the correlation that I hear of and that you express discourage me a bit more into watching it, despite the alright reviews. Thank you for the input! I was curious as to what you thought regarding it.
  14. Garden of Words: Makato- "It just happened. It wasn't like walking anymore, more like falling." Takao- "Im sorry, are you talking about your job?" Makato- "...a lot of things."
  15. Hello, This is the first anime forum/group that I have joined, and am both excited and curious about it. I am a long time anime and manga enthusiast. Though haven't had many (interested) friends really, to converse with about it. Thus, I am on here. I am a bit of an old soul and a romantic, so I will probably tend to post sappy old romantic stuff. On the flip side of that, late 90's and early 00's emo is right up there with Chopin and Debussy for me. Needless to say i'm a bit all over the board. Im into Astronomy and tend to photograph that a lot. I like to dabble in drawing manga (though I wouldn't say i'm that great at it, my story telling lacks finesse). I do love to sketch and am fairly ok at oil paintings, medium aside. I like to think that I tend to gravitate towards developed and real world anime, but always find myself off in a far off fantastical anime, amongst the monsters, they intrigue me more. Eta Piscium : In Mundo Ignis
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