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  1. I hope you'll post the model when you're done and yeah, no problem I'm interested in streaming software myself I hope you can figure it out somehow. I'll be happy to see you stream!
  2. Naah don't worry, you'll be fine I've read about obs studio and xsplit being good free livestreaming software, maybe you can check out one of those! http://help.picarto.tv/help_center Oh that's pretty cool! I can imagine that's a very hard thing to do given the fact that you're planning on doing a 2D anime character as a 3D model, but I'm curious how it'll turn out!
  3. please do! it's always a great thing to see talented people on livestreams and picarto is a great opportunity to interact with the artists! I really enjoy that. People give decent feedback and are usually very friendly. One of the nicest communities I've got to know so far
  4. That's too bad you can't right now, I would've loved to see you stream on picarto That's so cool that you're learning to do 3D stuff in college! Maybe you can share the progress you're making too or stream live ;D haha
  5. Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin or Saitama from One Punch Man. I really don't get the hype around these characters.
  6. Subbed for me, but I have watched a lot of dubbed ones in the past, too. And yes, there are a few anime I just can't stand in Japanese and I prefer the dub in a few cases. Clearly not every anime has good Japanese voice acting.
  7. I've looked it up and they're pretty cool! I really like your self-designed character, the one you have as your avatar it's an original character, isn't it? I've never seen that one before. Your style kinda reminds me of Soul Eater, which is amazing! You don't happen to livestream on picarto by any chance? I'd follow you in an instant!
  8. I know that feel Do you have an account where I can see some of your drawn anime or cartoon characters? If you don't mind showing them, of course!
  9. That's your opinion and I won't judge you for it. This is a free country after all. Again, the series is not as well-known or even liked in the West as it is in Japan and the translation definitely differs from the original. In Japanese it's really more of a typical kids show, whereas the English version adds more adult humor to it.
  10. You're right on that one. I also believe that many, who are not familiar with its source material, are gonna enjoy this movie a lot. I highly assume that this is what the producers were aiming to do, reaching an audience who are not that familiar with anime.
  11. His stuff is amazing, right? That's why I asked him if he does livestreaming on sites like ptv, because I'd really love to see how he does his work.
  12. Yep, making her Japanese would've been even better. But knowing Hollywood, they wouldn't have cast a Japanese actress for the role. Maybe Rinko Kikuchi, but that's about it. Remember when the main female cast of Memoirs of a Geisha were Chinese actresses? As long as it sells well, they don't care about casting what we would believe to be the right choice. Scarlett Johansson is a well-known actress in the west (mostly due to her looks, which aren't THAT great imo) and of course with a famous actress in the leading role, they're practically assuming that it'll be a hit anyways and also aim for t
  13. I don't think it's that bad. The Funimation version butchered it, though... It's fairly liked in Japan and it IS a kids show, let's be fair. Nothing can be ever as bad as Eiken or Pupa.
  14. Back to topic, I really don't understand why they cast Scarlett Johansson in the first place, but okay. She does not fit the role at all imo. Way to americanize another anime movie that was perfectly fine the way it was. The character's name is clearly known as Motoko Kusanagi and not entirely referred to as Major, so yeah, an Asian would be better for the role.
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