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  1. I have been just doing whatever, mainly play Trails of Cold Steel 1 at the moment, though I have mostly been on Discord.
  2. I have not really met anyone I encountered online in real life, though that might possibly change early next year. However, I do not think there would be too much to worry about, depending on a few factors. The only real thing you should be worried about is if they have other plans, since an online persona might not actually be the real person.
  3. Reviews do not generally change my perspective of things, but I do look through them a bit. Most titles I try out are ones that seem to be interesting or I have read the manga for, though I sometimes try out Random ones.
  4. Made a program in Swift that could quickly generate OPML files through the command line, with an option to enter all feed addresses, like the tar command, or through an interactive mode.

    Still wish it was possible to do OPML export from Plex, but this will do, since feed data is grabbed automatically from the web addresses for the feeds.

  5. We need to get you some meat. Would you prefer grizzly bear or buffalo?
  6. I would, after getting them a holographic display.
  7. Take them to see the evil one, whom we force to bungie jump off the top of the London Eye, which has ceased operation for the day.
  8. I watched episode 22 earlier today, and found it to be mostly okay, though I did like how hard it was for Melty and the queen to use Myne’s new name. Only other thing that was nice was how the other three heroes were put in their place, though not quite as enjoyable as hearing Myne’s new name.
  9. I would, after merging MIT and Cambridge.
  10. I do not really use rentals services, as the movies I want to watch are only going to be available to purchase, but I would use either Amazon video or iTunes, preferably the latter, since I actually get a file.
  11. Humor must be mixed with serious moments, otherwise the humor grows stale. Plus, there is dry humor, where things are said seriously, but end up being funny to some. *Takes cake and multiplies it enough to fill the universe, before grabbing a bite.* Probably not enough of one though. we must train you in the ways of the Sith.
  12. Well, there are two sides of a story, if it is what I am thinking about, but hopefully you learned something. If not, you are either Nao Kanzaki, Norihiko Yokya, or Takashi Harimoto.
  13. I can probably say that I have preorder fever. Sadly, much of the things I would like to preorder cannot be because of how annoying distributors/publishers can be, so some of the things I can only preorder a few days in advance, even though places like Amazon allow me the chance to preorder even further in advance.
  14. Who knows. However, we cannot guarantee that we will not consume the ghost potato for sustenance while we do it. On the other hand vengeance is a dish best served from one’s own heart. How do you know we are not planning your own downfall in secret? Plenty of people are too quick to call each other friends and then fall into the trap of apathy.
  15. Only cure is vengeance. It's been good here today.
  16. I have seen it, and liked it, but kind of prefer the manga that is still ongoing. Season one was good, but it ended in a way in which it cannot and did not need to continue.
  17. I am kind of surprised to see that you have been here for a while, before making your intro. Anyway, there are a few others you should be able to recognize, but they have not been as active. Oh well. Feel free to look around.
  18. Correct. I am going to guess 2, though it is the most boring of them. 1. I managed to shut down a company by firing everyone there. 2. I have hyperthymesia. 3. I finished reading a book that was way more than 500 pages in five days.
  19. Well, I was going to resurrect you as a god.
  20. We do not need Phoenix Down. We just need a sage or priest who knows Kazing.
  21. That’s correct. I am going to guess 3. 1. I know people in every country on Earth 2. I used to run my own server. 3. I have made millions with my programming skills.
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