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how could we bring this forum back to life


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On 12/21/2020 at 10:01 AM, merulox said:

The title is pretty self explanatory, I'd really like it if this forum could be more active

we should take all the other users from every other website/social media


and put them all on AF-forums!

(was just a joke, dont kill me everyone)


but realsies, im not sure if theres much of a way, unless we have active users that post

but majority of people are busy..and find forums to be outdated? i think? not sure, ol' X-kyun is an oldie

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I'm fairly active but I have extremely limited time.  A lot of the time when I come through I just read the latest posts and move on.  Even if I see something interesting I tell myself to come back later when I have more time to respond but the chances of that actually happening are pretty slim.  Between work and taking care of my (80yo) mom and fixing this old house I already have almost 0 social life, and lately with the holidaze I haven't even had time for things like watching anime or playing games so even checking the forums is kind of pointless.  (Though obviously I do anyway. :)

As for what can be done about that I don't know.  I hear the days on Mars are 40 minutes longer than here.  Maybe we could all move to Mars and spend the extra time each day watching an episode of anime and then commenting on it here on the forums.  👽

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Try sharing it in popular anime groups on Facebook (with permission of course if you aren't the admin or mod of that group). Also suggesting this site in a random post on your Facebook in general might help. 

Nevertheless us trying to continue to post on here and welcoming as well as helping those that recently joined (the introduction thread) may be helpful as well. 

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