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I personally only watched the first episode & decided it didn’t really interest me. Pretty generic set-up & silly looking CG monsters. Don’t think playing the game is a necessity since the first episode gave you a brief overview of the setting & characters indicated it would explore things more as the story progressed.

I think the 3rd ep goes up Thursday so you can always watch some & decide for yourself. I’m still in the process of deciding which shows to stick with this season myself.

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So I watched the first episode of this, just because I saw the intro and it was awesome.

Gives me Seraph of the End vibes minus all the interesting stuff. Maybe the plot will thicken as the story goes on. I know that I didn't really like that they basically announced that there was a conspiracy at the end of the first episode ("show don't tell" obviously went out of the window during writing lol).

I'll probably continue watching just for the intro because I like it THAT much, but as Ohayotaku says, the show seems pretty meh.

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Update : I dropped this after the latest episode (5). The story is uninteresting, there's basically no character development so I don't care about the ones that died regardless of how shocking they try to pass it off as. Also, the CGI monsters look stupid.


The intro is probably the only redeeming quality. 

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