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Do you live for romance?  

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  1. 1. Do you live for romance?

    • Yes, of course. (Very good)
    • No (i smell of cheese.)
    • Its okay.... (I'm an okay person)

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To sum up my life: Romance.


I pretty much live to see others fall in love.


My gender is really for you guys to decide, not in like a "I'm confused" way but it doesn't really matter what you guys think about me. I'm here for the anime and last time i checked, your name isn't anime...


Hope we can get along

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Hello & Welcome To AF~! Hope you enjoy it here~!

Sure, romance is a nice thing. But too bad that I, myself find it hard to trust romance irl. Hope you don't mind that. :P

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Welcome to AF, Bard, I hope to get along. Your introduction was, well amusing:D almost wish my handle was "Anime" just for the laughs of it. I like romance in books anime, and games, but not in RL, i'm too much of a coward.I like your avatar too(y)

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Hope we can get along

Hey @Bard, welcome to Anime Forums!


Your signature image is adorable. >_< Also I think you're the first member that has posted an introduction with a poll.


Hope you enjoy your stay here. :angel:

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