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Hit the member above you with the item to your right


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It is self explanatory, look to your right, what ever is there smack the Member above you with it.


I don't got anyone above me so... *hits self with ceramic plate*



Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any accidents, injuries (including death), fires, lost or stolen items, damage to personal or public property, vehicles left over 7 days, nuclear annihilation, illness, natural disasters or anything else that may occur while playing this game. If you are pregnant, have a risk of pregnancy and/or have heat disease, cancer, epilepsy, asthma, ADHD, ADD, and/or fabulous hair please see a doctor before using this Forum Game. 12 out of every 4.6 lawyers agree that you should not do this at home. Side effects may include: Animeitis, Pokerus, fabulous hair, head ache, lung cancer, a fabulous 19th century mustache, getting hit with a random object, Awesomeness, Straight guy cancer. Ha now you can't sue me. Write Banana in your post if you actually read this.

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