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What was the first manga you read


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It was a manga volume my mom checked out for my sister from the public library when we were in elementary school. I can't remember the title for the love of me, but it was a shoujo manga about a girl being friends with another girl who was a witch, and all the shenanigans that entailed. There was one scene the normal girl walked in to a house and the inside was coated in snow caused by the witch. I reread it like 3 times in one day because it wasn't like anything else I read at the time. Definately got me more invested in manga than I would have otherwise. Good times. 😋

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My first time ever was Dragon ball, they had those in my local library. I read it before i ever watched anime. After i watched anime it was probably Soul Eater. 

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While not the first manga I bought it is the first, and only, original Japanese manga I've bought. I got all five volumes from a Japanese bookshop in London and each has a nice glossy full colour card dust jacket. I can't read Japanese but I did find the English translations for each volume on the Net and printed them out.
This must have been before the English version was available as I wouldn't have brought them if I'd already got the English version. I did subsequently buy the English editions, I think they came out about a year later.


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