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I haven't believed in Bethesda since Todd Howard or Pete Hines, I honestly forget who, said they were too busy making games to update the engine that barely ran Skyrim, and Elder Scrolls 6 coming out this year is less likely than Gears 5, Halo Infinite or The Last of Us Part II. It doesn't even have a proper name yet. And yes, they are still using the same creation engine as they have for Elder Scrolls 6, or at least that seems plausible since Starfield so far as we know is doing that, and I'm sorry, even if they say they've updated the engine at some point down the line, that's a buzz word/phrase and I won't believe them unless there is definitive proof from a reliable source. Fallout 76 has led me not to believe anything they say without proof. That said, Kingdom Hearts III, God Eater 3, Yo-Kai Watch 3 and Fire Emblem Three Houses are all high on my radar, and yes, if you're wondering, I did pick several games with three in them to start off what I'm excited about because it's funnier that way.  


I'm also looking forward to A Way to the Woods, Concrete Genie and..you know what, I write gaming articles all the time, and I made a list of games coming out this year and beyond and got 45 entries in there, some of which I already mentioned, but if you want to see my hopes for 2019, here's that, 

Feel free to ask me questions about it if you feel so inclined or discuss any games mentioned in it should you choose to read it. I wasn't planning a sort of self-promotion post here, but if I went over all of these games without trailers for them, it'd probably be pretty boring, so check this out instead, it should be more fun. 

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Bethesda kind of turned into a running gag. According to what I heard people seem to have disliked Fallout 76, in any aspect, as if it was on the same level as Oblivion.

Personally, I have only played Fallout 3. Nonetheless, I agree they should have never released Fallout 76 but instead worked on Elder Scrolls 6.

Don't understand why people keep complaining about the Creation Engine, it's not the engine what makes an AAA game. Probably they will stick to it unless the sales go down and they sooner or later jump on the Unreal Engine hypetrain. Kingdom Hearts 3 f.e was built upon this engine and Epic Games success with Fortnite made it quite popular.

Metro Exodus, is this really happening? I recall the ending of Metro: Last Light, "CURSE THIS CLIFFHANGER" was all I could think of haha.

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I'm freaking hyped for KH3. I pre-ordered the ultimate edition last year some time. Like dude, yaaassss

Also, recently found out about Jump Force so I'll be getting that one as well when it releases.

As for Elder Scrolls 6, that won't be released until 2020 - 2021, when the next gen is released. They have another big game called Starfield that is being worked on and is supposed to be released late this year, maybe even next year sometime.


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This year is certainly shaping up to be pretty awesome for PC, Switch, and PS4 thats for sure. I am looking forward to KH3, Persona 5R, all the FF remasters that are coming out. I am also looking very forward to Yoshi's Painted World. I loved the other Yoshi games so this should at the very least be decent. I am also really excited for the announcement of a remake for the original SMT.

All and all should be a hella dope year for us gamers. :) 

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Pokémon sword and shield anybody? :3

Haven't really played a Pokémon game in years (other then Nuzlock challenges on randomised with friends, whiche I've gone through each game this year), and now that I have a switch I wanna pick it up, since it's set in me homeland! 

(Come on now, I got to play the Scottish trainer, simply to honour my grandpappies)

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