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Come and discuss anime and Japanese culture with us!

Join an awesome anime community!

Come and discuss anime and Japanese culture with us!

Join an awesome anime community!

Come and discuss anime and Japanese culture with us!
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    1. As the title states I'm going be doing things differently from now on and do some things that will change myself for the better. I guess you can call it a lifestyle change or sorts so here's whats going to happen. First off I'm going start of by starting and doing the Keto diet program like my parents have started in late December of last year. I have to say it will be good for me plus I have seen with my own eyes changes for my mother the most when she started this diet program last year. She's lost weight and since she has Fibromyalgia and in pain a lot of the time plus no energy to do anything since's she's also tried a lot when doing some things. She has had more energy and feels less pain when being on this diet on what's she's been telling me. No it is not a cure for Fibromyalgia since it is different for everyone who has it but I think this is really good for her since she's had it for some years now. She is also pleased with herself she lost weight as well even though she was never really heavy ( I thought ), just didn't like the weight she was at. So I'm truly happy for her and I've deiced I wanted to try it to also help me lose weight more and get energy to do things plus eat more healthy as well. It's a really BIG thing to deiced on since this diet I read about some things you cannot eat no more and other factors.. But I'm truly and willing to do it since my mother had awesome results from it, plus still having them happen for her. So yes I'm going be starting the Keto diet program and see what it does for me. 

      I have also read some studies if you are on pre diabetic medication  ( Which I am and for many years now, sadly.. ) you can be off it since this diet will help you with that since it has benefits because being on it. I also heard that from a women who does my hair says her friend has been able to be off that medication as well since doing this diet program. So I REALLY want to get off my medication for it and hope it helps me as well, so I don't have to take it no more. I've always wanted to get off that medication and every check up I ever been on the doctors never said I was diabetic so I'm lucky for that but been stuck on the medication since I was at least 14 years old. So if this deit can do that for me then it's worth a try. But I'm not just doing it just for that but to improve my health overall since I'm taking more better care of myself and sadly I used to not care for myself at all in the past growing up. Now since I'm older, wiser, and changed as a young women I want to live life to the fullest and live a healthy lifestyle life from now on. So yeah I want to take care of myself since I do love myself more even though sometimes I think of the past and how I used to be and I don't want to EVER go back to that since I was depressed and ashamed of myself so much.

      I've changed for the better and still have support from my family and others through all my hardships in my life and I've also just got so sick and tired of feeling what I was feeling so I have to say I gave myself tough love and asked myself: " Do I want to be like this the rest of my life and just give up? " and my answer was NO I don't and I want to change and get help. " I " think personally if you truly are wanting to change and get better the first thing to do is ask for help and you wanting to change. You cannot change if you don't want too. ( I think and have heard other people say to me ) Also true it is and can be tough for some people since a lot of people might not have support but really there are people out there that can help you and will since they do care for you. So please do NOT give up if your struggling with hardships in your life. If I can do it and trust me I was really messed up and going through hard shit I have to say then YOU can too. Your NOT alone and please know you ARE loved and people DO care for you, If it's not family or friends. The choice is yours if you truly WANT to change and are sick and tired of how your feeling and the first step is to ask for help and just know there is NO shame in asking for help. ( This is all my opinion of the matter and you DON'T have to listen to me if you don't want too.. just saying what I know of the matter and yes I can be wrong and I'll admit that. since again no one is perfect.. )

      Lastly for my birthday yesterday on the 20th of January. I have to say it was beyond a fantastic day for me. Heck I didn't have a birthday cake at all this year, since really all my wishes have come true and I don't need to wish for anything. So that's good I think at least for me I think, heh. That's pretty much all I wanted to say for this entry so I hope everyone is doing well and as always sending everyone one good and positive vibes your way~ 

    2. Killing Bites is based off of the manga of the same name. People have created human-animal hybrids called jujin, and powerful businesses bet on the outcome of their duels.

      The show wastes no time explaining things and I could wrap up the first half of the episode pretty fast. Hitomi Uzaki, while walking down a street late at night, is forced into a car so that the passengers can have their way with her, but she kills everyone but the driver, Yuuya Nomoto, who didn't know that this was what his friends wanted him to do. He is then told to drive her to a place that turns out to be a graveyard of human bodies, which causes him to flee in terror but he accidentally stumbles upon a open arena for the Killing Bites death matches, here he meets a man by the name of Leo and doesn't question what he might be doing here, but tells him what happened as he pleas for help. Leo tells him that Hitomi is likely a jujin and explains what that is.
      After Yuuya calls him stupid, he transforms into one himself, but Hitomi comes to his rescue and transform himself. The thing about jujin is that male ones are fully covered in fur while female ones only have their limbs and ears change, another thing to note is that she only has her bra and underwear on at this point. In other words, fanservice.

      Now the fight itself is pretty well animated, but apparently their bodies are made out of steel since they can withstand being thrown into cars multiple times but still rip off eachother's appendages with ease. Yuuya is grateful of Hitomi and wants to take her to a hospital so as to get her wounds treated, but she tells him that she can't go there and ends up treating her wounds himself.
      The next day, they go out for pancakes because she wanted some and that is where we are properly introduced to Reiichi Shidoh, who Hitomi has been calling since after they arrived at the graveyard because he wanted her to protect Yuuya, and now says to be his bodyguard. He recites all the information he has about Yuuya, I wonder if he how long it took for him to get it memorized? So Reiichi is the director of Killing Bites and tells him that there are four zaibatsu that still have dominion over japan's economy and they use this death match as a proxy war with each having their own representative, and he further states that he wants him to be the investor for Hitomi and that's why she has to protect him, otherwise she won't be able to participate in any more matches.

      Hitomi acts pretty moe and not like herself at all around Reiichi, she adores him pretty much. After getting into his limo, Reiichi's secretary states how it doesn't make any sense to entrust some random guy with their money and I agree, can't these type of shows come up with better reasons for a character's harem existing?
      When they get back and Yuuya counts the money he received until night falls, Hitomi tells him to go out and buy her some stuff. I'm not sure why she told him to do this when she's supposed to be protecting him, but maybe she realized this and that is why she appeared later.
      On his way back, another jujin appears and flashes him in order to gain the upper hand and force him to talk, do you really expect this show to give a reason why she would need to do this when he didn't even notice her before? And do you expect it to give a reason why she didn't notice Hitomi even though she was right not to her the whole time she was lying in wait to ambush him?

      All in all, this show doesn't have a very good plot, it might not even have very good characters. The action is well animated, but will simply be fast paced and not contain too much logic. This anime is clearly geared towards people who like adult content though, so it won't be enjoyable by people who don't. That's it for now, please be sure to check out my look at Beatless. I will return in a week on february the 4th for my last two impressions, I promised to do Clear Card-hen but unless I can find it somewhere online, I'll likely have to give my impressions on the manga instead unfortunately. Thank you for reading, and have yourself a wonderful day.

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    • Baku -
      My Hero Academia 2

      The animation is undeniably fabulous, the characters are relatable, and the story itself is good. I'm giving 9 stars because of the cliffhanger that the season ENDS on. Just before gearing up for something big they hit you with "Season 3...Coming 2018" I mean WHAT THE [redacted] 
    • Frith -
      5 Centimeters Per Second

      I was very conflicted when trying to decide what I'd rate this.  If you'd asked me two parts into the movie I would've probably said a 5 or 6. It just had kind of bland characters, good music and nice backgrounds. But the last part is what sold me, and I guess it's the reason most people hate it. It hit close to home for me, and the portrayal of the concept the film embodies is just perfect. Watching the two protagonists, with the potential for a  relationship most people can only wish for, deal with a physical distance that eventually works itself into a distance in their relationship, I experienced pathos that I rarely ever get from a story. I love how differently Akari and Takaki handle the same problem, and seeing how they both end up as adults was refreshing. I only wish this had been given more time to tell the story, and as expected the manga and novelization were  able to go into more details, especially with the rushed ending. Also, I have to admit, the sequence with the song by Masayoshi Yamazaki is pretty much why I didn't give this an 8. 
    • Optic -
      Terror in Resonance

      As the title suggests, an earthquake rated at magnitutde 8.0 hits Tokyo with devastating effects. The epicentre of the earthquake is in Odaiba, where young schoolgirl Mirai is visiting a robot exhibition with her younger brother Yuuki during Summer vacation. With the earthquake causing huge disruption throughout Tokyo, Mirai and Yuuki make the long journey to get home to be reunited with their parents. I found this title to have many sad moments with lots of drama and heartwrenching moments. There is plenty of action, with many parts of Tokyo now a dangerous place to be with falling debris, fire and trapped people inside buildings. It’s not an overly far-fetched scenario – many scenes make you think “What if I was in that situation?” Well worth a watch if you like drama, thrillers or just disaster themes in general.
    • Asmodeous -
      The Ancient Magus' Bride

      It was truly a very beautiful and well made Anime 
    • Asmodeous -

      The Manga is amazing, I hope the anime is as good as the Manga. <br> <br>  
    • Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon -
      Tokyo Ravens

      First Anime I watched that was recommended in this fantastic "Anime" section of the Anime Forum, I watched season 1 over the course of 3 weeks and enjoyed every episode. My favorite character in the series has to be Natsume, she was just so perfect in my opinion and her relationship with Harutora is just so cute, oh and little fox girl Kon, MELTS ME TO BITS, CUTE. What kept me coming back was the whole world and environment, the thing with the magic in a modern setting was all too interesting to watch plus all the characters were very fun. I'd recommend this, I think it was a fun journey, I hope they make more in the future.
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