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For those who are literally obsessed with anime/manga.
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  2. Early Valentine's pic for the sweetest handler, Watari.
  3. Just wanted to share a silly moment with Haruka Hashida. One of those moments where the mangaka puts less effort in the character(s) further from the panel frame. Look at my boy, enjoying his drink, haha.
  4. Just a character introduction on some of the characters in Blue Period. These are scans from the manga, thought I would upload them considering Blue Period will be an anime soon!
  5. I don't know why a lot of people are confused on Ryuji Ayukawa's gender. A prominent part of the manga has to deal with his identity and how it effects his family and life. One of my favorite manga characters.
    @0ctoP1e I had found it on Pinterest here: https://pin.it/1BH13J6 Though I'm not sure who the original artist is. I'll need to do some digging for sure!
    Awwww, May i ask who is the original artist?
  6. Love this artwork, it's one of my favs! I mean, I had to get it off of my computer because I save so much random stuff on it. Thought I'd share it instead of simply deleting it. It's way too sweet! :)
  7. Don't worry, I purified the floor first, I swear! Not much. I have a few more box-sets and merchandise. I'm a little disappointed in myself though, I had a massive Gundam, Pokemon and Cardcaptor Sakura collection that I either gave away, sold online or donated when I moved during college. Now I just have random merch from those collections that I couldn't give up in the end. I'll post more stuff for sure. Ironically, I've invested more in building a sizable videogame collection.
  8. For shame! just kidding. How much of your collection are you still needing to unpack?
  9. I'm finally unpacking my anime since the big move. I still have a few more to find, like my Gundam Wing, Black Butler, Gungrave, Hellsing, and Mushi-Shi sets. Though, I mostly buy anime digitally now and I ended up giving away a few sets to my brother. Like my Trigun, Slayers, Samurai 7, and Gantz. Kind of miss my Trigun. Finished Samurai Champloo digitally but way back I collected the volumes and saved them for the art. I need to find the rest of them! The Trinity Blood is my favorite, it's got a lot of extras and artwork. Thores Shibamoto and Sunao Yoshida left a huge impact on me, so I ended up investing in both the collector's and limited editions. Sorry about laying the anime out on the floor for better box art display, I know it's sacrilegious.
  10. Danganronpa is great! it is really different from harem anime - like literally whenever you start to ship someone they ar killed! i loved it - the first season was the best - definatly should try out if you want a change in type of anime!
  11. There’s this one anime on AnimeBam called Kemurikusa I’m really into, but after paying close attention to the artwork, I realize it might just be a Japanese cartoon. Anyone here seen it? It’s so good! And even if it is a Japanese cartoon, I’ll still finish it. I just wanted to know, is it considered an anime? Cause some of the stuff on AnimeBam definitely isn’t anime.
  12. Omg Meliodas is my anime crush *fangirl squeals*
  13. Isn't it cute ? kija , sin-ha,jeaha, and zeno plus this is not my picture , found this in google
  14. There are 2 anime I'd recommend. 2 anime that I really enjoyed and consider top tier, but are no where near as popular as they deserve to be. First, Shoukoku no Altair (or Altair: A Record of Battles). It's a solid story with a lot of clever strategy, comparable to Code Geass. The main character might come off like a Mary Sue but I find him quite compelling. The second is Bungo Stray Dogs. I see it as a very good mix of basic shounen and some seinin. Each season gets progressively better. There are some kick add fights, really sweet animation, it's very funny, has a really likable cast of characters, and has some good mystery sub plots and other interesting plot threads that would almost make you feel like you're watching Dark Knight or The Winter Soldier. .
  15. i will list some good ones radiant a certain magical index fairy tail konosuba when supernatural battles became commonplace black bullet
  16. Yona of the Dawn is pretty good. If you haven't watched the classics like Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Big O, to name a few I would definitely recommend them.
  17. Yeah, information on what sorts of stuff you like is always useful. For now though we'll mention Baccano!, which is about a bunch of gangsters, thieves, monsters, immortals, and other stuff on a train in the 1930s shooting each other; Barakamon, which is a really warm comedy about a calligrapher who goes to live on a rural island; and Natsuyuki Rendezvous, which is a romance about a guy who can see the ghost of the (deceased) husband of the woman he's in love with.

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