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A place where you can talk about your favorite psychological anime or manga, make recommendations, or just chat.
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  2. Paranoia Agent is my favorite. Satoshi Kon's other works, such as Perfect Blue are at the top of my list as well. I really enjoyed Monster as well, both the manga and the anime. The guy who did the Monster manga also made Billy Bat, which is a great meta thriller I highly reccomend.
  3. Death Note on top Monster & Ergo Proxy are really good as well. But yeah…Death Note has a special place in my heart because from beginning till end it is one big mindgame. Love the characters in it and great story. I have seen it 2 times by now and was planning to watch it again. 10/10 ️
  4. I guess mind would be; Monster, Ergo Proxy, Wolfs Rain, Fate Zero and Psycho Pass.
  5. i have some really good mangas for you guys the first one is ito junji slug girl this story is about a girl who hate's slugs but then something bad happens check it out http://mangareader.cc/chapter/itou-junji-kyoufu-manga-collection-chapter-36#1
  6. Have you seen any “attachment” style behaviors played out through an anime character? Perhaps with their actions towards other characters or in a relationship? What event in their life do you see cause for the weak or strong attachment, or was there a dead giveaway such as loss of a parent or abuse early on?
  7. I really don’t like any kind of disturbing rape scene, however graphic or not so graphic it may be, even just the mere suggestion of possible rape-inducing scenes sends cold shivers down my spine...
  8. Death Parade Death Note Ergo Proxy Future Diary Noein: To Your Other Self Psycho-Pass Flowers Of Evil Elfen Lied Higurashi: When They Cry WIXOSS (all series)
  9. The End of Evangelion It's a movie that is an alternate ending to the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime. Replaces episodes 25 and 26. It's extremely hard to dissect this one. But for anyone who has gone through depression or has truly felt lost. It's essentially a punch in the gut. I've never had any kind of anime make me actually say "What the fuck" out loud aside from this one. It's truly a work of art and I really enjoyed it.
  10. Has to be "Death Note". Mostly because of the deep seated neurosis found in Light who displays it with the belief that he is the judge, jury and executioner. I think this is actually quite a common theme that can be found rooted in actual society. That and Ryuuk who is playing the long game with Light.
  11. Using things we are familiar with, whether 'we' means society, humanity, or select types of people, can really help a creator get across a tone to us as the reader/viewer. Even when we're looking at a world that is nowhere near real life, there are many things that get a stronger reaction because of their similarity to things that happen in real life. What sort of things, specific scenes or not, really get to you and why? I'm the type of person who needs space to move around. I don't like being crowded, especially because of other people. I don't like random people getting in my space enough to breathe at me. Especially when they're sick. So, the type of body horror that involves a bunch people somehow stuck together but all still being conscious always makes me fidgety. Like, to have the ability to move on your own taken away? Your independence and any chance at accomplishing things on your own, stripped away? Not a moment of privacy, even worse if the other people in the mass can read your thoughts? Trypophobia triggers also get to me, because it makes me feel like there were insects crawling through the person and I really hate insects getting anywhere near me in the first place. Uzumaki really hit me hard there with both of those. The very idea of rape bothers me because I used to know someone who went through that and saw how it's affected her and I just get really upset at the thought of anyone having to go through something so traumatic. It's also one of my fears. Seeing children die on any medium always disturbs me more than seeing adults die. It's probably because we naturally feel the need to protect children because they're innocent and vulnerable and need guidance, and seeing something bad happen to them thus feels worse than seeing it happen to an adult, because the child is weaker and less developed mentally and physically than the average adult. Poor Satoko...
  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope everyone had a great 2017 Wish you all the best for 2018
  13. What's your favorite psychological anime of all time

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