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    tf was all that spam on forums >.> just got back from exam, and boi was it, not fun really i think i aced it though, not sure
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    This happened to me too in another thread. My entire post (which I wrote in English) was converted to French, then replied to. In French. Maybe there's a router somewhere that connects to a parallel dimension or something where we all actually speak a different language?
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    Why are you guys replying to that message?... None of those replies were to you... >_> Also, why is it in another language now?... O_o
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    I hope things get better as the year unfolds.
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    exchange gift happened last night, after our duty, the girl gave me death note book i mean, its cool and all, but i coulda went for someting, yknow, kawaii af >.> it sure doesn't work though, wrote my name, and still waiting to randomly get a feel of running outside naked, then get hit by a truck, and transfered to an isekai world i can only #dream also, i got the girl that i exchange gifted with, a sweater and lipstick, couse that was in her wish list, and god damn, did i feel like a noob buying those things the f*cks a sweater, i just wear comfy clothing in house lmao
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