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    So i was chillaxing, after studying for a bit When all of a sudden I GOT ABI IN ONE ROLL I WAS JUST LISTENING TO HER SONG COUSE ITS HELLA FUN AND SHE SUDDENLY POPPED AND IM LIKE WTF needless to say, this is why i avoid games, it made me sleep early and skip studies a bit >.> It made me smile after so long tho >...> Oh and i donated blood today, posting image
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    Well, lately I've decided to finally platinum Skyrim on the PS4. I used to play it on the 360 but never "completed" it, and on the PS4 I played with mods so no trophies. Add to that I never did the Theives Guild or Dark Brotherhood quests (darn Video Games have consitioned me to always play the hero...being bad is hard in a game!) so I never actually would have gotten it before. Anyways, I started a new game as a Nord (a first for me as I only ever played as Khajit before!) with the aiming of helping the Empire, and I've managed to become a Thane of Whiterun, a new Companion recruit, and buy me a house and horse (went to Solitude for the horse as I'm quite partial to the bays there) and so I've popped a fair few trophies. Got a long way to go. Man, did I ever love this game! It's all a walk down memory lane it seems.

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