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    Happiest of birthdays @RuthisianCodex!!
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    Happy (belated) birthday @efaardvark! Take a day off work and celebrate yourself! . . I swear I want to get a calendar together for all your birthdays. Yo everyone send me a pm with your month and day.
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    Hello everyone, i am new to forums and stuff but i want to find some new anime and have fun with other people with same interest. I watch anime for a while now and it's becoming hard to find anime that i am finding interesting, so i hope to find some good recommendations here . Also i have MAL account so if anyone want to add me CLICK . Hope to have fun with others! PS: Sorry if my English is bad.
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    nice to meet you enjoy your time here
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    Season 2 episode 12, so episode 36 overall.
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    Welcome in, Ristic. Glad to meet you & hope you make some new friends.
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    Removed my art from AF and uploaded it to Instagram instead. I've never been on Insta before, so it's pretty weird. Also, removed the Gaming Photography photos I had and created YouTube vids with them instead. Kind of felt like I was spamming the gallery, now I have a place to share them. Links to both in my signature. Been spending time at my local sanctuary, rotating with a small group to help fill the COVID-19 gap. My eldest dog might have cancer, not sure yet. He's scheduled for a biopsy. Thinking about jumping back into med school but I'm stuck between a lot of things at the moment. It's also getting closer to the end of the world (aka my birthday). Other than that, I oddly got caught up in making Halloween decorations but it's been a great distraction. Visiting my mother tonight. I think we're going to have movie night with my siblings. Something we haven't done in years! Going to suggest Pretty in Pink, what do you think? So what are you all up to, AF?
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    I must say that the weekly Fruits Basket chats have really done a lot to help me manage my stress during these rough times that we've all been facing. Through our shared interest in the show, we've covered some very deep, very thought provoking topics in a respectful manner. My biggest hope is that some real world healing resulted from it. I can say that that has personally been the case for me.
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    @RuthisianCodex Happy Birthday fellow fan of animated emotional trauma
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    Today is my birthday. I turned 37 & despite all the ridiculous things that have happened in this last year, I have a lot to be thankful for. One of those things is having been able to explore & get lost in the world of anime. The varying art styles, characters, story arcs, & story lines have not only given me a way to disconnect & just enjoy a great art form, I've also had the chance to connect with & share my joy with other fans & that's been the best part of all.
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    I'm new here but I really enjoy anime so lets enjoy together
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    So, unashamedly I had to take a few days to calm down before giving my thoughts on this episode because the whole scene where Akito viciously attacked Yuki....let's just say that if this had happened in real life & I were there, I would have tackled her to the ground & pummeled the ever living snot out of her. I just, I'm almost at a loss for words at how disgusted I am over Akito's behavior. Will Akito have a traumatic backstory as well? You better believe it. Does that justify any of her actions or will lead to me feeling differently about her once her trauma is revealed? Not...a...bit! Why? Because of her conscious awareness of the grief & pain that she is causing to others. She knows full well what she's doing & CHOOSES to behave nastily & viciously towards others, therefore effectively depriving others of their peace. UGH. I'm so ready for there to be some type of emotional, loving moment between Tohru & Kyo that I almost can't stand it. I just want to see them be free & truly happy with one another. And don't think I haven't noticed Kyo's efforts to be more lighthearted around her. So adorable. And I've said this before & I'll say it again, Machi & Yuki is a fantastic match. There is this really cool yin/yang energy between them that is so very well done. And the fact that Yuki is building a strong friendship with her brother is even better because I'm sure he has been adversely affected by their upbringing, so they will all help each other heal. I may wait & watch the finale on the weekend after it is released because I know that it is just going to leave me shattered beyond all comprehension & I simply can't try to get a good night's rest after something like that so if you don't hear from me until next Friday at least you know why.
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    So much packed into a single episode as we approach the season finale. Have to say Machi’s approach to housekeeping is disturbingly familiar That call from her mother was so cringey. Ostensibly to see how she’s doing when it’s clear she has no interest in anything she might say & spends the whole time criticizing her. Even though her school status is the opposite of Yuki’s (she’s ignored while he is the center of attention) she immediately recognizes the same loneliness inside him. And funny how her first step in coming out of her shell is to go full tsundere when Yuki notices she turned the leaf he gave her into a bookmark. I doubt his feelings towards her are romantic at this stage, but he does seem to recognize her as a kindred spirit & has become very interested in her wellbeing & wanting to learn more about her. It’s really sweet that Tohru is spending New Years holiday at Kyo & Shisho’s home and is a good opportunity for their relationship to progress. Unfortunately I still feel he’s hiding something from her about her mom. In retrospect it is possible that his emotional turmoil & apology at the end of that one episode last season was just an expression of shared grief since his mother died as well. But I still believe there is a more direct connection since the story has already established that Tohru, Kyo & Yuki were already connected by fate before she moved in with them. The Soma’s New Years party started out surprisingly upbeat (what I wouldn’t give to see that interpretive dance Momiji & Hatori apparently did But things quickly turn dark with Akito becoming violent when she realizes how much her hold over Yuki has eroded. I don’t even want to think how she would react if she found out about the dvd Tohru & Momiji gave her Boytoy #2 (Kureno). Which brings us to the inescapable confrontation between her & Tohru once she realizes just how much control she’s lost over the zodiac members as a result of Tohru’s “meddling”. Her instinctive response is to become violent & after what she did to Rin, yes I do believe she is capable of trying to kill someone. And I’m afraid she’ll make sure no one else is around to interfere when the time comes. I will say though that in addition to her god complex that flashback she had before lashing out at Yuki seemed to indicate she’s also got sone deep rooted abandonment issues. Though I hope they put all this on hold till next season or I might not survive the hiatus
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    Love how Yuki’s budding relationship with Machi demonstrates how a broken person who is still healing can still help another broken person begin the process of healing. I have more to say, but will have to wait till later as this is all I have time for right now.
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    First , i would like to say that Yuki and Machi was really cute together , im starting to ship them more and more . Yuki had changed very much from the beginning of the show , and i find that really great. Something I just CAN NOT not talk about is Akito ! HOW could Akito do this , after Yuki just told him that he forgives her. Though i do realize that Akito's expression changed for that one second when she said " whats that in your eyes " Theres no way that she wouldn't do anything after hearing that . In this episode , in the end , Momiji gave a DVD of Cinderella-ish play to Kureno saying it was a present from Tohru , I think she's so sweet , doing this for her Uotani and Kureno , she really thinks of others and is way too kind .
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    @RuthisianCodex Thanks! And BTW somewhat apropos choice of pic. Here's a screenshot from the current game I'm playing
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    Ah yes, birthdays. Life’s little way of saying Life’ll kill ya, but doesn’t mean we can’t put up one hell of a fight
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    And now I’m 56. I’ve actually had this affliction since the 10th but I didn’t realize it until my phone reminded me about my brother’s birthday yesterday. (Then there’s my mom’s on the 23. Yes, somehow my family wound up with 3 of us in one month.)
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    thank you it was a amazing anime I completed season 1 and started season 2 and Sebastian become my fav character as his is simply one hell of a butler
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    Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) livestreamed Horizon Zero Dawn to get ready for the sequel. Played about two hours today; got up to the Nora Trials. Super Mario All-Stars: Mario 64 (Switch) Downloaded it at midnight on the 18th but wasn't able to play it until today. Was able to beat the first boss but cannot play any further because it's already 2AM and I need to go to bed. ☹☹
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    Wow....this week's episode was so dark, I loved it! The fight scenes were really cool & I'm very curious to see how this story arc develops. Also, if anyone was curious as to why Benimaru is my husbando, this episode should have cleared it up. 'Don't whine to me about a lousy arm.' Such...a...badass!!!!
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    @Anime loveer I know I am super late but happy belated birthday to you!
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    @Ohiotaku OMG, what a gorgeous cake! Thank you so much! Alright, well everyone please feel free to help yourself to a slice. I've got hot milk tea & green tea here as well.
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    Welcome to Forums., hope you like it
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
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    I personally loved Black Butler. I watched both seasons & in my opinion, the first season was better simply because of the twists that are revealed. Sebastian is one of my all time favorite anime characters of all time.
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    Hello there, welcome in & hope you make some new friends.
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    Doot Doot, coming at you with pahina four~! ...now to to take 2 whole days off, to farm NYC event on FGO, couse, yknow, i doubt it'll be 2 days >.> also, incase you guys wanna vote too, ima go ahead and leave this here
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    I wouldn't buy Hogwarts Legacy unless the terf known at J.K. Rowling had a gun to my head, and then I'd return it as soon as she's not around anymore. That said, I might get it used so she doesn't get any of my money. As for anything else, I'd say FFXVI, Spider-Man: Miles Morales,, Scarlet Nexus, Cris Tales, which I'm counting because it comes out after the next gen consoles do, Astro's Playroom, Demon's Souls, Immortals: Feynx Rising, God of War Ragnarok, The Medium and Resident Evil: Village/8. Also, not technically next gen, but Monster Hunter Stories 2 is pretty high up there.
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    hi everyone I'm new to this anime forum i enjoy watching anime but as there is none of my friend and family is interested in anime ,manga or novel i used talk to sis endlessly but she don't understand it So i tried this forum and i actually don't what to do so pls advise and guide me
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    "The scars were formed long ago, but not long enough..."
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    Any game developers here? I've been thinking of making an XCOM-like for the past few weeks. I've been working on sprites the last few days, and I'm hoping to move onto the game functionality soon. I'm thinking about starting a new blog here on AF just to log my notes about the development cycle. If there are other game devs here, what has your experience been like?
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    Thank you! I hope so too. It's honestly my first time being on any forums such as this site and I'm kinda lost on what I can do or talk about but I guess that's part of the discovery process. Hope to see you around sometime in one of these discussion pages.
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    My latest drawings, mostly drawn from minds but some accessories, environment and outfits are from reference images. and some videos The video
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    Very nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy yourself here & make some new friends.
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    My newest bouquet:
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    My workout area. Most of the exercises I do like lunges, squats, getting my daily steps, etc. don't require any equipment but since I'm toning as I lose weight there are a few things that are proving to be quite helpful. I just added squats & lunges this week & my legs hurt, so I picked up that neon colored muscle roller. The two sets of resistance bands help with toning my arms, but they're also good at helping my tone my core as well. And then of course there's my yoga mat I also took @Wedgy's advice & got one of those water bottles with the markings along the side to tell how much water I've drank so far.
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    Naruto is know for it's large cast of lovable characters but as of episode 112 of the original series I can definitively say that Rock Lee is easily my favourite character in the series. Everything from his positive demeanor, to his underdog background is so very beautifully shounen, he's so very cheesy with his background of fighting back against those who didn't believe in him, finding comfort in Might Guy and rising to become a splendid ninja. But what I think makes him special is just how genuinely sympathetic, yet still endearingly passionate in the face of absolute failure and misfortune he can be. An example of what I've expressed comes from his legendary fight against Gaara in the preliminaries before the finals of the Chunin Exams. When he is defeated by Gaara we learn that he will never be able to return to being a shinobi due to the severity of his injuries, this causes Lee to question his future and everything up until this point becuase of his ethos being to never give up and that with hard work even he can become a splendid ninja but in spite of it all he keeps a positive outlook and whole heartedly believes he will one day recover with perseverance. Eventually Naruto finds the legendary healer Sanin Tsunade who is famous for her healing capabilities, however she urges Lee to quit being a shinobi due to his only option being life threatening surgery, at this point, desperate for an answer he asks Might Guy what to do, in a highly emotional climax both Lee and Might Guy decide that in order to coninue his dream he must never give up as that is his nindo, his ninja way. In the end he displays something so beautifully simple, that passion and perseverance will always pay off and that even in the worst of times we can continue to be better for ourselves and for those we love. Rock Lee is my favourite because he's corny and goofy and simple and so emblematic of what I love about shounen anime.
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    $114,000 (US) for a Super Mario Bros cart??? Who pays that for a game cart?? Some people have way more money than sense. Then again this is why I'm not a millionaire. I never would have considered a game cart as part of my retirement plan. I would have just taken it out of the box and played it. And probably by now I'd no longer have the console it plugged into and therefore have thrown it away.

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