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    @SAO LILDOOP, your cuddle buddy senpai is @Keiko . You both enjoy cuddling, but aren't up for anything extreme tonight, unless you count an intense pillow fight!! Happy Valentines to you both. @txGemgal3084, your cuddle buddy senpai is @XII360. Since you are both up for a no pants party, you two have fun exploring the limits this valentines day~ And lastly @Xyro looks like we can just play games all night in our PJs because you don't seem to know what cuddles are Thank you to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun getting to read your entries for this event. If you didn't win your senpais heart, better luck next year! Maybe try reading this thread to see how to get senpai to notice you: Happy Valentines everyone!
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    Here's some of the stuff I drew in boot camp
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    There's obviously a trend going on with my favorite girl
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    Hi, I'm new to the site. I've been into anime since '98, and it has been my passion ever since I was a small kid. I'm looking forward to talking to you all about it.
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    Hello! I have always wanted to start discussing anime, but I don't really like how the forum works at MAL, so i've been looking for a better place to discuss, and found this site. ok, now a little about myself. There are a lot of genres I like, and some i dislike. I really like sports, action, romance and drama animes. And i dislike military and mech animes. All other genres can be good depending on the show. <MAL LINK REMOVED, please check this thread - x-kyun> Yoroshiku!
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    Welcome to AF Hope you have fun , its really good here , so hope u have a good time
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    Hello there, welcome to AF. Have fun and enjoy your stay : )
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    Hi there! Glad to see another long-time anime fan here!
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here I’ve been into anime for quite awhile myself
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    Welcome to Anime Forums. Enjoy your stay.
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    heyyo, welcome to AF and stuff just press those two buttons and you can upload your signature (red circle first, then blue circle) for editing it (the image), you're gonna need an editing software though
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    I had this delivered to me by one of my volunteers I manage on Monday. I'm not much of a revolver guy, but I figure I'd mess with this one a bit. The price was right. Came with 16 rounds too, we'll see how well she handles this weekend probably. Ruger .30 Carbine Blackhawk
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    So I don't know what's going on with me lately. I have a few shows that I am watching right now. mostly new content so I have to wait for the episodes to air first before being shared. Though usually while waiting I'll watch stuff that is a older and has all it's episodes already out. But lately I'm bored almost like nothing is really peaking my interest. On one hand I feel like you can never watch too much but maybe I'm a little burned out or I know what I wanna watch but not finding the exactly thing. Like when you're hungry craving something but you can't exactly pinpoint or you know what you want but you just don't have it in your fridge or cabinet. *sigh* ahh thanks for letting me vent. *sigh* Hope i figure this out soon. Any suggestion or comments are welcomed!!
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    Usually have golden syrup porridge with raisins followed by veggie sausages, egg and beans. Sometimes I just opt for toast though
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    Happy Anime Valentine's Day anime friends. I love you all.
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    Yes I remember single people awareness day XD
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    I'm so dumb...I was trying to see if my computers brightness was making my avatar bright and instead was clicking my volume button and my dumb butt was agreeing that it was getting darker. That's enough internet for today...
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    Hey Zuko here. Hello I am new I have watched quite a few anime but I'm always looking to watch new ones. Recommendations?
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    Hello everyone, well after a short hiatus our lovely AF Anime Database has reopened! This time with some new features. We will still have all of our members reviews there, and hope that you will continue to seek out your favorites there to give your ratings and reviews. Thanks to our new features your most recent reviews will also be available for viewing on your personal profiles. Additionally, you will now find that we are enhancing our features using AniDB, allowing us to add our favorite characters to our profiles as well as showing which other AF members share that same character. The process of adding your favorite characters is done by accessing the anime page tab here and then simply finding your favorite character in the main/ secondary fields and clicking "add to favorites". While our anime database is still being added to, these updates have allowed for a much more accurate and up to date account of the animes listed. As well as a more streamlined process. So bear with us, @awesomedude20 our Anime Curator will be working diligently to add in the anime titles that are missing. And any requests for specific anime titles you would like to see added for the sake of reviewing or adding favorites should be brought up in his pinned anime database request thread here I hope you all enjoy the new features, let us know what you think here, or in the feedback forum. ~Your Community Manager
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    To @Seshi And to the AF community as a whole: Thank you for giving me a place to share, rant, ramble & just weird out with others who love anime, which is something I lack IRL. Happy Valentines Day. please excuse the duplicated content. Apparently I screwed up the the spoiler tag & can’t fix it
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    A couple days early, but Iseakai Quartet decided to give viewers a Valentines Day episode Wonder if they’ll do a follow-up on White Day?
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    This story was really moving. Thank you for sharing it. I want to know more about the conspiracy but I'll accept that its a mystery if thats what you intend.
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    It seems it isn't that many here that has seen the series, so as a person who has wasted a lot of time both watching the anime and reading the manga i'll talk a little about it. The show starts up slow, just building up the "universe" and the characters. So it may be pretty boring the first 12 or something episodes. But after a while, the story starts progressing, and there comes a lot of pretty good fights and new characters. But also as more you come into the series, the worse the animation gets, so if animation is a big factor for you, i do NOT recommend the anime for you. The "frirst arc" of the series just ended as well. So if you really want to experience the series, you should much rather read the series. The only good thing about the anime series, is some of the fights and all the openings.
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    Hi there! We do have some sports anime fans lurking around here as well
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    Feeling okay just little tired but relaxed at the same time.
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    its easy , plus i usually dont eat a lot for breakfast , just something fast sometimes ,ill eat chinese porridge
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    My favorite breakfast consists of much more than what I was able to cook today, but I did enjoy my breakfast anyway. I started the day off with dorayaki and green milk tea. Then I made some sausage and toast to round it off later.
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    Finally got around to binge the first season. I'm a huge fan of the music genre in anime or music being a significant theme in anime. Like Cowboy Bebop, Kids on the Slope, Samurai Champloo, and even a tad bit of ClassicaLoid. First season was a lot of fun and I'm hooked on these vocals and lyrics! It was absolutely breathtaking seeing GGK's character design flourish on stage with those color schemes. Her vocal artist, Madison McFerrin, hit me like a soothing enigma. So much respect for studio Bones, designing dance choreography with live references. That must have been painstaking! I like the arrangements of each song. Um, aside from that wild performance by Mermaid Sisters. Which was a shame because it would have been wonderful to see a serious A capella performance. Personally, as far as characters go, I thought Pyotr was gonna have me rolling eyes a ton but he turned out sort of adorable. The framework for his dance animations were stunning! I nearly rolled out of my chair instead. It was easy to forget he was a little annoying. Cybelle creeps me waaaay out. Hopefully that's the last time she comes around but I haven't seen S2 yet. I'm actually intrigued by Tao, hopefully there's more backstory on him to come. My only real disappointment is how subtle the Oldies are mentioned. Even though there are prominent song titles in each episode label. Treating the mains as a clueless pair to the Classic greats is such a cliché on youth. "Who are the Beatles?" "Never heard of them." "Never heard of Mötorhead." Apparently not far enough into the future for classics to be unheard of but ironically far enough for a couple of youngins.
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    I loved seasons 1 & 2. Season 3 had some awesomeness, but parts were underwhelming IMO. The current season just can’t seem to get rolling. Of course if you don’t like shonen, the points moot
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    I love this show! Just every episode is so funny, yet they manage to squeeze in a boss battle too. It doesn't feel like they leave anything out so I'm satisfied with watching this one weekly. This week we got to see their guild get started. Maple recruited some new interesting members as well. Cant wait to see how they fight since these weirdos are maxed out in attack power. I wonder if they'll get a nick like the Standing spears
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    Seen Weathering With You a little while back. I liked it, the imagination it had was interesting and the story of the film was great like Your Name. Essentially these two movies take place in the same universe.
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    I love the main couple but I really want to see more of Ibarada and Kosuke!
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    I have the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Personally love it but I can't really compare it to another company because I haven't had an iPhone in years. I run a lot of business things on it and Samsung has never let me down thus far. However, I do not like Bixby and experiencing Siri's capabilities through a family member makes me wish that Bixby was half the assistant Siri is.
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    Really ???
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    iPhone 8. Can’t recommend it.
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    Wolf's Rain is such an under appreciated masterpiece. The ending is awesomely gut wrenching. Casshern Sins is a pretty depressing one as well with the whole show basically being about death, or the value of it. The twins arc from Black Lagoon was tragic but also flat out disturbing as well.
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    that's what hands and feet are for
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    I just finished "The Ramen Girl" on Hulu. Its an older movie starring the late Brittany Murphy. She did really well in this film, but I just like her as an actor anyway. The story was about a girl who had nothing, finding out about herself through her interactions in Japan in particular, at the ramen shop across from her apartment. The cast is interesting, and the fact that the language barrier is not improved upon is hilarious. The characters are constantly talking without being understood. Anyway, it was a treat to finish.
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    Name: Xyro Age: 20 Gender: male Big or Little Spoon? I prefer using a knife and fork Kisses? Certainly Where: Up to you Acceptable Nicknames: anything, so long as you are willing to also accept any nickname Video games / movies: monster hunter (generations ultimate & world), the binding of Isaac, stardew valley Can We Build a Fort? I'll always be able to build a little home with you Pillow Fight? Locked and loaded! Pants Required? Not a requirement, but I'll be in my PJ's Can I Fall Asleep? softly and soundly. Just let me know when you need to be up by :3
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    Name: Wedgy Age: 26 Gender: Lady Big or Little Spoon? I'm better described as a jetpack? Kisses? NOOOOOO-- Where: --OOOOOOOOOOOO Acceptable Nicknames: Don't make it weird Video games / movies: Scott Pilgrim, Monty Python, and Mario Party Can We Build a Fort? It'll have artillery cannons that shoot whipped cream and a dungeon jail-kept by little anime plushies Pillow Fight? Yes, if you like losing Pants Required? Excuse me this is a jammies-only affair, PANTS AND SHIRT please! Can I Fall Asleep? Of course you can, but I have a canister of whipped cream and a marker
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    Name: SAO LILDOOP Age: 19 Gender: Male Big or Little Spoon? Perfectly comfortable either way. Kisses? Yes Where: Not anywhere NSFW, lol. Acceptable Nicknames: Pretty much anything as long as It is said in a sweet way. Can We Build a Fort? Yes, sounds like a lot of fun. Video Games/Movies: Chick flicks, V for Vendetta, Tekken/Mortal Kombat, Multiplayer Resident Evil. Pillow Fight? Literally could not say no, lol. Pants Required? Yes! Unless we're married, lol. Can I Fall Asleep? Yes, falling asleep is cute.
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    Nice read! I gotta say, I love the anime more than the manga on several occasions. The anime did Natalia Garnet justice because in the manga, she's a bit of a third wheel that's been inserted into the storyline simply as a plot device. Then I couldn't stand how they used her to be an unnecessary part of a forced love-triangle just for the drama. She's considerably more developed in the anime. Levius (character) also inspired me to get up super early and give myself a head start on the daily workout.
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    Have some (pan)cakes.. This is the food channel, right?
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    Hello everyone! Please keep your eyes peeled for the loveliest event of the year!~ AF will be hosting a Valentines event soon.
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    AngelMaker - Radiance In The Light Of A Dying Sun I've been listening their new album recently, this one's my favourite.
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    For some reason, I don't particularly like rewatching anime. I think it depends on how much I like the anime in question, but I would honestly prefer to watch something I haven't already seen.

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