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  1. Happy Easter all that celebrate!!! ūü•įūü•į

    1. Hällregn


      Likewise. :) 

      Beck is amazing! One of my all-time favorites. I'll probably get into March Comes in Like a Lion soon. My Plan to Watch is a little out of control at the moment. xD 

    2. peachtea


      It was nothing special for me. x3 

      May I add you on your Mal? I would like to browse your anime! :)

    3. Hällregn


      I'm sorry, just an ordinary day then? Nothing wrong with that! 

      Sure, :)I really need more feminine friends that I can chat with.¬†ūüė≠ Oh, hey, I started watching¬†Mashiro no Oto and love it, plan to watch episode 5 with breakfast this morning. xD

  2. Omg!! Is your avatar Cherry? Yes! Adam is a creep!!! Oops sorry not sure what happened to the quote. Fixed!
  3. I like this series! I'm so childish though, I laugh every time I see the title because my friend's cell auto-corrected it as Ass Effect once. Aye, the thicc Tali jokes never ended after that.
  4. Goodnight Sensei, dream well! 

    What do you like about Food Wars? I'm thinking of adding it to my watch list. :) 

    1. Otaking66lives


      The way he interacts with the other students and he doesn't get an ego...ever. 

    2. Otaking66lives


      Goodnight peachtea. Rest well

  5. The third episode of Mashiro no Oto was so good! I like the characters they've introduced, the themes thus far are warm and inviting.
  6. I thought I would have Sunday off but I guess not. Didn't get to watch any anime over the weekend but I ended up sacrificing an hour or two on gaming instead. 

    Hope all is well with everyone? Sorry about any slow responses! 


    Might enter poetry and artwork on here. Prepare to poke out your eyes and be disappointed. I exist to raise the talents of others around me. Solemnly, of course. 

    Speaking of, I've tossed this site around with friends over at DA. 

    HELLO, IT'S PEACHY! <3 Happy to have you here!! 

  7. Starbound by Wildive Album: Pale Gods Released on: 2022-04-01
  8. Hi Anime Forums! ^^ Sorry about being less responsive, this week has been a good hustle. xD Hope you are all well, looking forward to Sunday. x-x Can't wait to catch-up and get back to the shows I've started. What are you all currently watching? 

    1. Wodahs
    2. peachtea


      Cute! x3

      How are you Wodahs? Had a good weekend? 

    3. Wodahs


      good thanks , you ?

      every weekends good esp the long ones ūüėĀ

  9. I don't know if anyone would care to follow. x3 But you can checkout my lists and drop me some recommendations. I'm always looking for new anime to add to the Plan to Watch list, so I never run out! My profile is a little boring, I haven't updated it at all aside from the anime and manga lists. Might actually do that this Sunday when I have time! Let me know if it's okay to add you? ^^ https://myanimelist.net/profile/pichiPeachy
  10. The Lord of the Rings, Volume 1. SNES The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past. SNES Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. GameCube
  11. Oh wow, it's a nice song indeed. The singer has a sweet and wonderful voice. Reminiscent of the more classic anime tunes that were done with a lot of heart. Currently I'm in love with the Mashiro no Oto opening. One of my all time favorites! x3 Oh and
  12. Yes, thank you! I'm on episode two right now. Not sure if I like the storyline yet or not but the shamisen scenes are breathtaking. ^^
  13. Have a good day! x3


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    2. peachtea


      Would sound a lot better if I didn't have a test coming up. Sleeeeep.~ I recently got a plush mattress topper and now I've been having the best sleep schedule of my life. xD Watch out for dream thieves and nightmare goblins. Sleep too long and they'll prey on you. x3 Not sure. I'll probably do things around the house.  

    3. Kit


      Don't get distracted with being online, good luck on the test Momo-san. :) if you want we can continue talking on Mal? I'll be taking a break from af and discord for a few weeks. 

    4. peachtea


      I won't. xD Later today I have a prep exam and the test Fri. Saturday it's Spring cleaning and paperwork. Looks like I'll have to get back to Mashiro no Oto on Sunday. We can talk on MAL but I'm not very active on there unless it's to update my lists and answer messages. Have fun on your break! <3 


  14. PFFFF, prop your feet up Cali man, let me show you how we do it in the land of spices!
  15. A movie I watch every now and then. Bobby is my favorite.
  16. peachtea

    Gaming chat

    Can't wait to play this!!
  17. Yard work or help family out with chores or errands. Like going to the store for my mother. Homework and study. When I'm free I'll catch up on anime or do some art or read. Basically engage in my hobbies. Something close to home because my family likes to dump everything on me. Occasionally the beach, when I'm FREE free. Yum! Share!!
  18. A surprising number of people are open to anime in my area. A few of my coworkers have anime decal stickers and lanyards or shoes. Same with my classes. I don't know anyone that would be childish enough to care or take priority in being ill spirited about it. Everyone's out busy with their own thing. Bills, school, family. Whether or not someone likes anime is probably the farthest thing from their mind. It's not like people are more likely to exclusively talk about anime either. We're very capable of being normal people that happen to like anime.
  19. The second episode to Mashiro no Oto was amazing! Why didn't they lead with it! The first episode was random and confusing. Now I'm afraid there might be pacing issues. Seriously hope the tone of the second episode carries through.
  20. Shredding since the 16th century. Putting the classic into classic rock.
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