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    kimi ni todoke, howl's moving castle, the wind rises, when marnie was there etc.


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    vtubers (particularly nijiEN and the mofongo boys, ren zotto is my no.1 oshi 💚💚💚), drawing, music
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    Stardew Valley, FNAF franchise
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  1. i started watching mob psycho 100 and yuu yuu hakusho yesterday! not too fond of mob psycho, but i'm only a few episodes in so i'll keep watching. enjoying yuu yuu hakusho so far ^^
  2. i'd just like to apologise for some of my past responses to this thread. while i still stand by what i said, tha minors should not be sexualised in anime (or any media) my previous reasons were just stupid little things with nothing to back them up.
  3. anime comes in all kinds of shapes and forms with different genres, music and, of course, art! so what are some of your favourite anime artstyles? being an artist myself, whenever i watch something i can't help but admire the different styles and artistic aspects, so i definitely have to few. the first being... violet evergarden! an amazing show with a stunning artstyle. every scene is gorgeous <33 next we have bubble! there are some absolutely breathtaking scenes in this anime that never fail to deliver next up, we have a more generic (but equally as amazing) one. heaven official's blessing ^^ i don't know what it is about this artstyle, but i find it very satisfying. also the art in the opening and closing??? HELLO????? this time, a very different approach to the anime style. panty and stocking! it's a very unique style that stands out, and i love it with its vibrant colours and bold shapes and how could i forget the studio ghibli artstyle??? it's iconic and beautiful (not to mention the food! it always looks delicious ) and finally, we have danganronpa. while i will admit it doesn't have the prettiest style, danganronpa has been one of my favourite franchises for years now, and it's had a big impact on many aspects of my life, including my own artstyle for a long time! it's iconic, and one i hold dearly to my heart <33 but yeah, this isn't even the tip of the iceberg! some honourable mentions are: neon genesis evangelion, toilet bound hanako kun, kotaro live alone and many more ^^
  4. i like to think i can tell the difference but yeah, they're both very different, so i thought it would be easy to tell
  5. been watching heaven official's blessing lately! i love it so far ^^ i've also been thinking of getting back into anime again so i might watch some more
  6. it was my 14th birthday today! i'm already starting to feel old LMAO
  7. happy new year everybody! 🥳🥳 i hope everybody had a fantastic year, and that this upcoming one will be even greater <33

  8. started watching bungou stray dogs with my cousin last night! i've been rlly wanting to watch the series so i'm excited to continue it ><
  9. late merry christmas everyone!! i hope you had an amazing time ❤❤❤ what did everyone get?

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    2. KaiyaSaysHaiya


      that's cool! i mainly got some art stuff and a few books ^^

    3. Otaking66lives


      I'm back to work as well. Got some chocolates and a few anime bluray collections. Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. and 2nd Gig. Woot!

    4. Animedragon


      I had a good time and got a couple of calendars, a book, some sweets and three large boxes of biscuits.

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