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  1. TanyaThe Evil

    Anime Recommendations?

    I see that you down magic, A certain Magical Index just came out a season 3. I highly recommend all 3 seasons. However we are currently on episode 4 of season 3 right now. Also my all time favorite anime is Saga of Tanya The Evil. Try this one as well it is excellent
  2. TanyaThe Evil

    What anime are you watching now?

    Definitely watching A certain Magical Index (Season 3)
  3. TanyaThe Evil

    Which anime character's death impressed you?

    The death of L and Jiraiya was the 2 that touched me the most
  4. TanyaThe Evil

    Which anime or scene pulled on your heart strings?

    Definitely when Naruto and Pain fought and when Jiraiya and Pain fought. Also when L died in Death Note
  5. TanyaThe Evil

    Favorite Quotes

    "Who the hell do you think I am", by Kamina-Gurrren Lagann
  6. TanyaThe Evil

    What is everyone currently watching? What are your thoughts!?

    I am currently watching, Steins gate 0, Black Clover, My hero Academia, Boruto, HunterXHunter, Nanbaka and Another
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