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  1. Romance Watching on TV, or pc/laptop?
  2. Mint is my favourite as well I like orange and lemon flavoured tea as well, along with green tea. I usually put nothing in it, except for a little honey in mint tea.
  3. I'm kind of in the same boat. I have a wah pedal, but really want something like a delay and a chorus. Also a distortion pedal, to get that extra oomf you mentioned. The gain in the amps is nice, but I want to get a little extra 'bite'. What is the guitar you got?
  4. Aside from Steins;Gate, the most popular show on my favourites list is probably Madoka Magica. OP is apparently #37 on MAL's popularity list. I expected it to be higher as well. Although I guess that the relatively shorter run times of most shows higher in that list work in their favour, popularity-wise.
  5. Haven't seen it yet, though it's on my plan to watch list. Shinsekai Yori
  6. There's not one "local" to me. A city half an hour away has a comic store, with a couple of shelves with manga. The selection there is pretty decent, and they sell stuff like anime / game artbooks as well. Along with some merchandise. I don't know of any store nearby that carries anime. I've seen some Japanese live action films at a Media Markt, but no Japanese animation. Unlike in Germany, where I've seen multiple dubbed series in stores. There's a chain of candy stores in the Netherlands that sells a fair amount of foreign candies. They carry pocky and these Ramune bottles, not sure what else. They're quite expensive, though Some of the Asian supermarkets here also carry such stuff, but none of the ones nearby. Like others have mentioned, I buy most stuff online (Archonia) as well, or at conventions. If only Japanese CDs were easier to get.
  7. I've seen four of them (SAO S1, S;G, NGNL and AB!) The only one of those in my top list is Steins;Gate. I liked NGNL. The game parts and references were fun, and I love its artstyle. Didn't like how they handled Stephanie, which is my biggest gripe with this show. Still want to watch the NGNL: 0 movie. The first arc of SAO was fun, but the elf one was awful. Haven't seen the second season, or the movie, yet. I absolutely love the music in Angel Beats. The animation and humouristic parts were great as well. My gripes with this one are the common ones, mainly feeling like it tries to cram way too much in its runtime.
  8. dirudiru


    I use 'Kruidvat' brand shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. I kind of tend towards the stuff for women, though I don't really care either way. The 'Kruidvat sensitive' shower gel is pH-neutral, and doesn't make me feel itchy all over, so it's the one I use. I've used several shampoos and conditioners, but I've been using Kruidvat's coconut scented one for a while now. The shampoo is moisturizing, and doesn't make my hair all dry, which is nice. The conditioner doesn't make it heavier, but makes it easily combable, and glossy / shiny (not sure what the best word is?). They have several scents available, but I like the coconut one the most
  9. I love it. Got into MCR fairly late (like, last year late ), and I love their lyrics and sound. I like how their lyrics have a 'hopeful' vibe to it, which not many 'emo' bands do. I also like other genres and artists that get called "emo", like metalcore, deathcore and the whole shebang. Having your taste be disputed is something I kind of went through as well, when I got into the whole extreme metal scene. Ye olde "this isn't music" and everything related to that. Eventually I just stopped caring about what others thought, and make jokes about it myself. Music is one of the most subjective things there is, and tastes are personal. Listen to anything you like, and don't let others bring you down for it. Also, if you don't know them yet, here are some bands you might enjoy, based off of the names you listed: - Senses Fail - Funeral For A Friend - Story Of Hope - Foreground Eclipse - At The Drive In
  10. Hi hello, welcome to AF!
  11. Railgun season 1 technically takes place before the events of Index 1. If you want a simple chronological order, it'd be Railgun -> Railgun S -> Index -> Index II -> Endymion --> Index III If you want to watch Index I first, or broadcast order, it'd be Index -> Railgun -> Index II -> Railgun S -> Endymion -> Index III Endymion is a side story movie, which is pretty good IMO. Keep in mind that Railgun specifically has a ton of filler, that ranges from (in my opinion) mediocre to awful. Filler episodes are 13 to 24 of Railgun I, 17 to 24 of Railgun S.
  12. Hello! As others have said, the community here has varied tastes, no need to feel shy or whatever. My favourite types of anime are slice of life / comedy and iyashikei. Haven't read a lot of manga yet, but I love Higurashi's one. Hope you have fun around here!
  13. "Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum" is another one of those weird long ones. According to the band, it's something written in "dead languages of the Ancient East". "Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook" is weird, even by screamo standards. "Most Precious Blood" Slamming down random words from a pathological dictionary is a classic I actually kind of like 'Smashing Pumpkins' as a name, don't know why.
  14. A Place Further Than The Universe. The buildup throughout the series culminating in the laptop scene wrecked me. Higurashi, the ending to the Massacre Arc, end the manga ending of the Eye Opening Arc. Steins;Gate, Suzuha's letter.
  15. Broke the heat record last week, where it got ~41C. It's a little "cooler" now, mid 20s, with some (heavy) rain every now and then. Can't wait for the summer to be over.
  16. Extreme metal and (gore) grind is full of weird / bad names "Boy Eats Girl" "Mister Sister Fister" "Slice The Cake" "We Butter The Bread With Butter" My absolute favourite, though, is " ██████ " I love all these bands though, for what it's worth.
  17. There's Midori, which is a jazz / noise / punk group. I love Shinigiwa Satellite. Doujin circle that does punk / post-hardcore arranges of Touhou music. Same with Foreground Eclipse. Post-hardcore Touhou music. Really good as well, but you'll have to enjoy harsh vocals. Outside of Japanese punk, Strung Out is my favourite.
  18. Looks like the main server was indeed intact after the fire. The data on it was able to be recovered without any loss. Tweet about this Anime News Network article on it Key animation, storyboards and finished visuals were stored at a different building, according to Mainichi Shinbun

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