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  1. The third season of Yuru Yuri is the best one The Higurashi OVAs are not as bad as most people say There's apparently two of those. I've only seen the Tortured Souls one, which was fine for a splatter anime.
  2. Received two CDs I bought a few weeks ago, 'Oni' and 'Telltale Signs'. Imported them from Japan, came with a free visual kei fashion magazine, so that's kind of neat.
  3. おめでとう! I'm learning Japanese as well, for about three years now, at a slow pace (evening course, on Monday evenings). It's a nice feeling when you go from the point where you can read individual hiragana to constructing full sentences. If you want some extra practice, there's duolingo and obenkyou. Both free on android. I use the latter for kanji exercises, but it also has hiragana, katakana, numbers etc. Practice makes perfect, and you'll get quicker at it the more you do it.
  4. I play guitar and keyboard. Mostly electric guitar, occasionally acoustic. I really want to get a seven string one someday. I haven't played keyboard in a while, should really pick that up again.
  5. The director of Dragon Maid S1, Lucky Star (post-Yamakan), Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Hyouka and more, has been confirmed dead by his family. As far as I know, two other KyoAni staff members have been confirmed dead by family, Sachie Tsuda and Naomi Ishida. Sachie did animation, painiting and special effects for KyoAni. Naomi was colouring lead for Hyouka and Haruhi. It seems staff from studio 1, where the fire occurred, have returned to work . Which is incredibly fast, after such a tragedy. Mr. Hatta, president of KyoAni, has made two official statements, as far as I know: - Demolishing the ruined building, and making a park in its place, with a memorial. - A thanks to (international) fans, and that he wants to continue to deliver animation that inspires, fosters dreams and hopes. A slightly different translation of part of Mr. Hatta's statement was made on reddit, which might make the last paragraph a bit clearer News directly regarding their works: The Violet Evergarden movie isn't being delayed, according to a tweet. The account is now private, though. The main server looks externally unscathed. Not known yet if the insides are fine. I'm not sure if there's more, other than the fundraiser, and KyoAni accepting direct donations through a bank account. They have to take their time, to mourn, recover and get into a rhythm again. We might not see anything new by them for a while, which is perfectly understandable/ Under The Scope (anime youtuber), made a video about KyoAni after the fire. I though it was beautiful, might be worth a watch.
  6. I'm currently watching the second season of Saekano, and the first one of Symphogear. I've been a slow watcher recently, but I'm enjoying both shows That's understandable. It tries to cram a lot in its 13 episodes, which makes it hard to really get in to. My favourite parts of it ended up being the music and the more comedic parts. The music especially was fantastic.
  7. Subs, I like hearing works in the language they were originally intended to be in. Dubs are pretty good these days, but for some reason I find cutesy slice of life / moe voices to sound awkward in English.
  8. In my room, I have a couple of wall scrolls, framed posters and figures. When it comes to 'publicly showing' fandom stuff, I have a Touhou tote bag, Fate/Zero wallet, and my bags have a bunch of anime and Touhou straps and buttons on them. Apart from some cosplay outfits, I don't really have 'anime clothes'. I don't think I'd be opposed to wearing such items though, I just like band shirts more in that regard It is quite rare here, yeah, outside of cons of course. The only time I saw a "visible" anime fan was at a concert, where someone wore a Neptunia shirt.
  9. I'm not sure about the combination with grapes (I think?), but the rest looks really good What about cherry vlaai?
  10. Really annoyed / irritable earlier today. Maybe because of the heat, I don't know. Kind of relaxing now, monitoring my astro imaging setup, while listening music
  11. I don't really use MAL, instead having my list on anime-planet: https://www.anime-planet.com/users/dirudiru/anime/watched
  12. It's around 21C right now, at 01:30AM. Forecasts say it'll reach 39C the coming week, so that's lovely At least it's clear, so I can use my telescope at night.
  13. Higurashi is a good one. Two seasons, make sure to watch Higurashi... before Higurashi... Kai. Shinsekai Yori is more of a thriller, but it has a dark atmosphere throughout, and some fantastic horror parts. Corpse Party Tortured Souls is like a 'splatter horror', if you're into that.
  14. Those busts look fantastic, but that's definitely a lot of money --- I have 13 figures total: Five nendoroids, four 'prize figures' and four normal scale figures. The nendoroids are Reimu, Koishi and Patchouli from Touhou Project, and a set of Lucky Star x Fate/ ones. The scale figures are Yukari and Remilia from Touhou, Ryuzu from Clockwork Planet and Astolfo from Fate/. Prize figures are Lucky Star's Konata, Kancolle's Shimakaze, GochiUsa's Chino and RailDex's Misaka. I got the nendoroids, all prize figures and Yukari at some cons here. The rest were ordered online, on two Dutch stores. I missed out on the Astolfo PO, so I imported that one from Japan. Right now, I'm waiting on the release of this Atelier Rorona nendoroid, which I preordered a couple of weeks ago.
  15. I'm finishing up Atelier Sophie, a relaxing crafting / gathering JRPG. Also going through Nier: Automata, where I'm on playthrough C. Both on the PS4 I've also started Atelier Shallie on the vita, where I'm just past the first main boss.
  16. AngelMaker - Radiance In The Light Of A Dying Sun I've been listening their new album recently, this one's my favourite.
  17. Mirai Nikki is awful in almost every way. Yuno Gasai is an atrocious character, and "yandere" is one of the worst archetypes. Railgun is by far the worst RailDex anime. Index might be rushed, but it at least resembles its source material. (I haven't seen season 3 yet, though) Charlotte's ending song is the best part of the show.
  18. Listening a lot of music as well Watching anime Playing video games Playing guitar Amateur astronomy Collecting CDs Attending concerts
  19. There are a lot of smaller things you can do with animation, that would be tricky to pull off in "in real life" comedies or SoL shows. There's of course exaggerating features for comedic effect. But think about using backgrounds to highlight certain things or reactions. Another example. Animation also arguably makes it easier to set the mood using colour. It can give studios their own, unique, visual style that's instantly recognizable.
  20. The Higurashi manga adaptation, specifically the "Eye Opening arc", which is the fifth arc overall. Found out there's a store that sells manga in a nearby city, so I browsed through there. They had almost the entire series, which I slowly collected. I like how every arc is illustrated by a different artist. It gives them their own feel, and makes sense in a weird way, with Higurashi's overall story. It also adds quite some details that were in the original VNs, but got left out of the anime.
  21. Working, for the most part. If this heat keeps up, and we get another summer like last year, things might be kind of slow again. We've already noticed that today, but restaurants don't seem to benefit from this kind of heat. I'm planning on getting a new mount for my telescope next week. With a bit of luck, I should be able to start getting into astrophotography after that Also have a few concerts planned, so I'm looking forward to those
  22. Comedy / slice of life and iyashikei. I like cute, comfy, relaxing stuff If you can look past the animation, definitely try Higurashi. The first season is straight up mystery / horror. The second season (Higurashi... Kai) is more of a thriller, where everything comes together. Shinsekai Yori has a dark, unsettling tone all throughout the series. It approaches its horror elements in a more psychological way, never getting really gory.

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