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  1. This is late, i know. I'm making this post on the release date of EP3 so ill be making two posts. This episode: Deeper explanation of the end of EP1 Touches on character backstory a little more Introduces cute character (Nemugin) RIP Nemu Cri Depression Good episode 9/10
  2. Just realized that im hard to please, ive gotten 3 times the likes that ive given. So if you get a rating from bard it must be really cool

  3. Bard

    Every picture on your profile makes me uneasy omg.

    1. Orius


      lol Okay? Thank you? :P

    2. Orius


      To be fair, when I first chose an avatar and cover pic, I picked these pictures because of their cringey smiles that make you uncomfortable. xD It's so funny.

    3. Bard


      Thats exactly what it does xD the face reminds me of an anime i watched but i cant put my finger on the name. it makes me uncomfortable xD mission accomplished

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  4. I would never hurt another girl. Hes talking about what i said
  5. Try to figure it out. Bard just "Pulled a Bard"
  6. Oh, you're one of THOSE kinds of people. Welcome i guess.
  7. No really, @Optic is super duper mean. look at this screen cap of our conversation that is totally real
  8. That entire thing was just me being as annoying as i possibly could. here i took a screen cap that will probably save your life.
  9. Yoyo Daniel, whats it like on the west side? Ive been here a little myself and i should warn you, stay away from @Optic , @Ryuji , @Evil Bunny of Doom and especially this Bard fellow (I hear her nickname is TsunTsun Bard because she treats men like *Swear word*. ) On the flippity flop side im gonna ask you if you are watching any anime this season? Next question, is it okay if i rename you Emily make you wear hats made of straw?
  10. you shut your mouth, thats no fun. it doesnt matter about the actual plot, if it looks like mion, it is. Mion will always be crazy in my eyes
  11. My favorite girl from the summer season has to be Felis fro- i mean Chizuru Hishiro from ReLife, although RELife was a major let down and quite frankly made me upset because i was hyped for it for almost a year. She has alot of qualities i see in myself and props to to the MC for helping her out (woot woot). Church of Yohane Webpage
  12. My favorite was New Game! i thought it was very cute and funny and did rather well for the type of show it was. 9/10
  13. Time for a new signature! i think ill go with Ram from Re:ZERO? Maybe Mashiro from Engaged to the Unidentified?

  14. I am responding late to this thread because im late to everything but good thing i waited. Its pretty obvious who the best loli ever is. Betty from Re:ZERO is the best loli. Why you ask? Betty is a super cute tsundere drill loli, look at her cute little twin drills! Boing! so cute! now admire! Super cute eyes, and she is in love with puck! If you disagree that's alright but... YOU'RE WRONG
  15. I dont have a favorite. why would i have a favorite? Yatsuhiro Nanaka from Myself;Yourself
  16. Well remember that short blip of post-friendship rinne where she is in bed and she says fu-chans name? It hints at she feels bad i think
  17. hehehe I have to say that its Mion Sonozaki from Higurashi Shes nice and caring and loves everyonenot crazy at all Shes not crazy i swear I promise she is perfectly normal She'd never hurt a fly i swear okay maybe shes a little psycho She is a great character and is perfectly normal 100% dont look into it anymore than you have to
  18. Most of the time i drive when i have to go to places outside of the city but i usually take the train, trolley or bus to get around seattle. I live near the international district, chinatown and the tourism district so public transport is huge so foreigners can get around
  19. Im claiming Yatsushiro Nanaka
  20. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a Japanese fashion model and singer. Her public image is associated with Japan's kawaisa and decora culture centered in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo. (Source: Wikipedia) Her songs are pretty good, however beware of the overly weird music videos(no really) here are some of my favorites from her. Ninja Re Bang Bang http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teMdjJ3w9iM PONPONPON http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzC4hFK5P3g CANDY CANDY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoK8DaJRDaM Tsukematsukeru http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLy4cvRx7Vc Invader

  22. Could be good but i think this will be a hit or miss anime. We'll have to wait and see were they go from here.
  23. Observations: Based on a magical girl manga Practically no information to be found online Touching/sad opening scene Fight scene Magic powers? Martial arts chicks voice doesn't match her face (white hair) Cute Girls and martial arts Yuri??? Maybe??? No OP Overconfident MC Awakening at end of episode? Cool ED song OK ED animation Antagonist actually loves protagonist??\ Second ED? maybe first ED was the OP? Confusing first episode layout Conclusion: Might be worth watching might not be the most popular ani
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