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  1. Scorpio, Water Rooster, and a Reed in the celtic zodiac.
  2. Not really currently airing but March comes in like a Lion is a super good SoL, no yuri tho. I would also recommend the Fruits basket (2019) remake if you havent watched it already cus season 2 is coming out soon and it is hype. The Currently VRMMO animes like infinite dendrogram and Bofuri Max Defense are filling that sci fi gap in my life until Knights of Sidonia s3 comes out at some point in the distant future.
  3. I feel the issue comes down to what aspect of Akira do you want to be the main focus. If you go by the anime they tried to cram a government conspiracy, a tale of growing up, and a metaphysical thesis of the nature of conciousness and the power of the evolving human brain. It was a bit of a mess but because it was an animated film, the art team could get a lot of symbolism going because they had total control of the environment and aesthetics (ex. the children scaring Tetsou when he is recovering and using milk and toys as their psychic constructs). If you go by the manga, there is simply too much story to be faithfully translated into a short film. A three film series would be more approachable if they want to tackle all the manga goes through. Having a rise to power, fighting for hope, and resolution theme for each film could be an interesting take on it. I feel however that most life actions films suffer from the very human limitations of acting and directing. It is much easier to do several voice retakes and tweak the animation a little, than have to do retake after retake to get a certain expression or emotion right. Plus the handling of special effects can break or make a live action film. I personally feel certain works are so iconic they are best left alone. I understand some themes might become dated but it also serves as a lense as to how people then perceived the possible futures of humanity and what worried them and what excited them. So long as its not another death note at least haha
  4. No one: Absolutely no one: Infinite Dendrogram Ep 3: WATCH OUT KINGDOM OF ALTAR, BIG DADDY DOLOMITE ROOK IS COMING TO SLAP ALL DA HOS
  5. This show has no right being as good as it is. Let's get the obvious out of the way, yes this is a chinese cartoon so I guess technically it is not anime. Having said that Holy Cow this show has no right being as good as it is. Its dynamic, has so much kinetic energy in its animation, its funny, its packed with every kind of feel, its full of action, its just so so so darn good. I don't know if a second season is coming out or what is happening with this show, but if you have not given this one a shot, you absolutely need to. Also don't forget to watch the OVAs.
  6. I want to say Knights of Sidonia up to a point. I don't know if you have seen it already but I found it very enjoyable and in depth in regards to how they handle their science stuff. It might be really science fantasy after a certain level but I think it is overally a very good anime definately worth checking out. I will say the animation still was a bit rough at first, but it is by no means bad or unwatchable.
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum. New higurashi stuff is coming out to so thats a thing. I would suggest the series called Another, its definately one of the best horror anime out there if you havent seen it already.
  8. Mazinger Z ladies and gentlemen! I honestly never find people who even know of this anime but it is a wild f-ing ride peeps. The only way I can describe this anime is to say at some point a lady robot fires her boobies as a weapon and it became a thing to the point there is references to it in marvel vs capcom as one of Rolls specials
  9. @Wedgy I want to try to beat portal without ever pivoting the mouse now, just doing my best with a stiff neck
  10. @Ohiotaku FURABA FOR LIFE, I waited 18 years, 18 painful years before they made a proper anime of this amazing, hearwarming, heartwrenching, tear jerking, brilliant story to happen. And the first season was so so so good. I live and breath for this anime. I cannot wait for april.
  11. Welcome friend! As someone with a Phd in being a weeb I recommend you watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Evangelion, Hunter x Hunter, Fate/Zero, Lucky Star, K-on, Clannad and Angel beats. If you have already seen any of most of those, lemme know and I will continue your initiation into full otakuness.
  12. Welcome to the fellowship of the anime. You are amongs friends here : D
  13. @Seshi Episode 2 was wild. The impact the death lock out has on the tians was like wow that sucks. I mean with how much the players actions affect the world, being locked out of it for three in game days could have a lot of ramifications. Like in my head im seeing players assassinating others to keep certain quests from being completed and then use that 72 in game time to further secure their goals. I am really looking forward to see how much in game polictics will be addressed in the plot. Plust maybe they might do something a la .Hack and show the impact of obessessive gaming where players get addicted to the game and start ignoring real life. It was mentioned in the first episode that you can turn off pain sensors, so what other kind of simulation system could be available. More and more questions keep being asked for every little one the show answers, so I can say im definately hooked on plot and characters. The only things I somewhat dislike is the generic opening theme but I will gadly give that up if the anime stays consistent to the world its building and shows how impactful a word like this can be to people in general. I am also very eager to see what other types of embryos look like and how they actually work, since sexy succubus are apparently a possibility
  14. I have to say the Thousand Sunny is probably the better looking ship, but the Going Merry will always have a place in my heart Best ship ever
  15. Welcome to af!, If you do play fighterz lemme know cus my broly needs new victims
  16. The fact that they are supposed to be close to human consciousness will hopefully lead to some interesting plot point that tackle what it means to be alive and to be human. In an age where AI is already kinda everywhere, I am excited to see what kind of moral dilemmas the anime will tackle.
  17. I am in the process of settling into a new place, new job, and school schedule. But as soon as I get some form of a stable schedule going I would love to play from time to time. I am a blue black player though so I am sorry in advance for my control. I have a few gimmicky decks built around bolas and artifacts so we will see how things go down. It would be so cool if they added EDH to Arena. I would be the happiest man alive. It is an impossible dream tho.
  18. Hello friendo I just recently joined as well. It seems that after a few posts the mods take the limitation away. I guess its a safety system so new accounts are in a way verified to not be spam or malicious accounts.
  19. Starcraft 2 boys and girls! Am I the only one who wants a starcraft movie? I am hopeful that some one the awesome ladies and gents on this forums play SC2, but I am even more hopeful to encourage people to try the game out if they never have before. I feel like the RTS genre doesn't get enough attention even though SC remains one of the top E-Sport events with some of the highest price pools out there. THE GAME.- Think chess but on steroids. The fast pace of the game can be overwhelming to some, but the learning curve is rather accomodating. One of the biggest measure of ability in the game is how much you can do at every stage of the game, so rather than speed good decision making is the basis for SC. THE RACES.- Unlike a lot of other RTS games, you only have three possible races to choose from. The Zerg which is the best and only real race, the Protoss, and the Terran. Some people pick one race and stick with it their whole lives, but some like to live dangerously and enjoy the secret 4th option which is random meaning you get one of the three at random at the start of everygame. A hero of mine and one of the best random players out there is winterstarcraft, who is also an excellent resource for players looking to learn their game or improve their game. To those who already play I hope we can get some matches going. To those interested in the game lets get some questions going! FOR THE SWARM
  20. EvaUnit69

    coffee or tea

    I drink exclusively coffee espresso brewed with redbull.
  21. Darwin's Game is turning out to be really entertaining. Also super excited for Infinite Dendrogram.
  22. Oh god. Alright let me begin by first saying I'm a long time fan of the original series. I am absolutely baffled as to how they go this so so so so wrong. It is one things to try and breath new life into a franchise like the Lost Canvas series. It is another thing entirely to do a reboot without any reason to actually do a reboot. By god the animation is awful, like painfully bad. Some cg animes you can get over it, like for Knigths of Sidonia, but for this anime it is nearly impossible to take you eyes away from how stiff and just weirdly everything moves. Some of the still shots are very detailed and look quite nice, but if your still shots are the highlights of your animation work something has gone wrong. The plot, is basically a shorterned version of the original anime. The orginal anime was bloodier, and every fight the saints are always close to death. This anime felt a lot softer, like the stakes were not as high. Also some of the changes they made to the plot are very contradicting to a lot of the originals story and character arcs. I feel like they were thinking these changes would make the story feel fresh, but they really didn't accomplish that and instead they took away characters key motivations that drove them in the original series. All in all I think this reboot failed to capture the spirit of the original, and did not do enough to be able to stand on its own. I hope they leave it at the 12 episode mark they have set out to do, and do not go anywhere near the hades chapters.
  23. Hello Dear Anime Forums, I am a simple man looking for a cool forum to join in all things anime. I have been part of several online communities over the years, but have had a craving for an old fashioned run of the mill forum site. I do have discord and such but I rather keep things here for the time being. I also enjoy cooking food from anime so like I might start a recipe thread somewhere at some point. I am also a time travel but due to an error in calculations I can only travel forward at 1second per second. Thanks for listening to my ramblings, EvaUnit69

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