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  1. Oh , forgot to mention this but , yeah , i did not draw this , not taking the credit
  2. Anime loveer

    my drawings

    Thank you very much
  3. thats funny , i believe everyone has one , maybe you never knew . My talents.... i can draw , and play the violin
  4. Anime loveer

    my drawings

    Drawing can be so hard ... but its really really fun. practice makes perfect , so one day ,someone will compliments your drawings , and that makes me feel good , to have someone compliment you , for you to see your own amazing drawings , you can make a story out of everything you draw .... everything , that's why i love drawing so much . Sorry if some of the pictures are sideways..
  5. Share your talents here !! amazing and creative talentss
    • One Right Answer
    • 5 minutes
    • 7 Questions
    • 4 Players
    Guess the anime character
  6. i had always wanted to be a manga artist or animator, i don't really like coloring too , i don't think that's really important, but i'd love to see your work
  7. So , i have so much to do today , and i haven't finished my work and im really off task right now , i can't get focused on my work .......

    1. Zila


      Hope you found a solution that worked out? Sometimes having a schedule that's been planned out can help. Lately, I've been trying to minimize certain hobbies to focus on things that are more important for the time being. 

  8. im watching " love live : school idol project "
  9. Anime loveer

    Comic Girls

    I love this anime
  10. If you want to recommend an anime , post its trailer here , so people can watch it :)
  11. i finished " charlotte " 

    it was good

  12. Had anyone seen before Balalaxiaomoxian qiji wubu Balala xiaomoxian mofa hai ying bao or " balala the fairies finding melody balala the fairies over the rainbow ? i personally liked balalaxiaomoxian qiji wubu the best ! if you havent , you should try it balala the fairies - finding melody balalaxiaomoxian qiji wubu balala xiao mo xian , over the rainbow All of them are really good
  13. If you own a kingdom ,what will it be called ? and if you can only assign ten rules for the people to follow ... what ten should it be ? is that whats most important ?
  14. Too much work to do in one night and i cnt finished , thats annoying
  15. well sometimes ... but even if i do want to catch up with them , im still to lazy to go get the app and go everyday to see and sometimes , my friend knows i don't use it , so they don't bother talk about this stuff with me
  16. I got glasses , first time having my own glasses ... but i dont need to wear it all the time , just when i need to see something far away

    1. Ohayotaku


      I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 8. Honestly wouldn’t recognize myself without them.

    2. Anime loveer

      Anime loveer

      Im not use to mine yet ;p 

  17. See , all my friends use to use social media all the time , and when they are talking about something thats very popular on social media , i always have no idea what they're talking about , since i don't use it , and i pretend i do
  18. Can you ever give up social media ??( that means never use social media ever again and you won't regret it ) If you don't know , try not using social media for 2 weeks and if you use social media , you lose , then if you can do it , you win
  19. Going to new york tommorow 😜 

    1. Zila


      That's awesome! Hope you have lots of fun. ✌️😁

  20. they're really good, i would post all my drawings as well , but i have too many and they're too ugly but i did post some in the art club and fan art
  21. Beyond happy ? or beyond sad ?
  22. welcome >//< to AF Hope you have the best time here , i would be anyone's friend , just don't be afraid to ask
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