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Status Updates posted by RuthisianCodex

  1. Tried Hawaiian passion fruit jelly for the first time this morning & it is absolutely amazing! 

    Amazon.com : Hawaiian Sun Passion Fruit Jelly, 10-Ounce Jars (Pack ...

  2. I've chosen a few ab exercises to add to my daily fitness routine on top of my 20,000 steps, leg lifts, stretches, & free weights. I decided to start with planks. Now why I chose to do such a hellish thing to myself is beyond me but..oh, wait, wait, that's right...this is all because I decide to join the fitness challenge at work that goes from now until the end of October. Yes of course, how silly of me to forget. 🏋️‍♀️

    1. leinwandname


      Also, once you get better at planks (probably pretty fast too, if you're consistently doing it every day), you might want look into different variations of planks. They "vanilla" planks tend to get boring after some time (really, you either increase the time you do them which is boring, or add weights which is hard when you're alone).

      My favorite is sidestepping with one leg at a time except that you don't touch the ground with one of your feet. Basically, you shift your center of gravity very far to one side. In order to not to fall over, your abs and obliques have to work even more. Hellish, but incredibly effective.

    2. RuthisianCodex


      Oh, the plank side steps are what I'm doing. My feet are touching the ground though & when I 'rest' in the center it is in original plank form. I'm only doing 25 a day(actually 50 I guess since it's 25 for each side) to start with because I have 3 other ab exercises that I'm doing at 25 each. So I'm doing 100 leg lifts, 100 arm curls, 100 ab exercises, & my stretches along with my 20,000 daily steps. Sounds like a lot but those exercises are all done in about 10 mins, so roughly under an hour. I've found that incorporating small amounts of exercise daily is the most effective for me. 

  3. Finally found corn dogs that I actually like. These are AMAZING!

    Corn Dogs with Mustard-Onion Sauce

    Morning Star Corn Dogs - Not Your Average Dog - She Scribes

    1. RuthisianCodex


      These tasted fantastic with some hot mustard :) Obviously, having things like these too often won't be happening due to the high sodium content but once in a while with some fruit or a large salad will be fine. I'm just happy to be having great luck finding healthier items that honestly taste good. 

      A coworker of mine just had a heart attack & she said that clogged arteries were a major factor & another coworker of mine just got off bed rest due to her blood pressure being elevated due to gaining quite a bit of weight. I'm really glad that I've started investing more into improving my health. 

  4. I've upped my minimum daily steps back up to 20,000 & have also started back with my strength training. The first week is always the worst because I'm so hungry the whole time....ugh...

    Luckily, I've stocked up on lots of fresh fruit, salad greens, & some low fat cookies & snacks to help me out until my body re-adjusts. 

    1. RuthisianCodex


      @Wedgy great tip & yeah, I drink a LOT of water. I quit drinking sodas & fruit juices last year so now I only have water, tea, & skim milk or almond milk. Occasionally I will have decaf coffee as well. 

  5. And so it begins....

    thanks to @~J~ I have discovered the awesomeness that is Bleach! 

    LOVE this already! ❤️

    1. Omega-Sama


      Yo! Bleach was too much fun to watch its got lit music during action scene 


    2. RuthisianCodex


      @0mega0_0 I 100% agree! I am enjoying the heck out of this show so far :) 

    3. ~J~


      Same composer as Evangelion so of course it bops

  6. YES!!! New Goblin Slayer movie!!!! 

    1. Ohayotaku


      A little late tonight & tomorrow is Re:Zero & Deca-Dence, but will definitely watch Thursday.

  7. That new banner looks good :) 

  8. Wow, very cool banner! 

    1. blueMango


      Wait, I am confushion. Earlier I couldn't comment back but now I can. Noice! Thank you, it's artwork by George Redhawk. If you look him up I think you'll be amazed. 

  9. Um yeah, Gantz is a wee bit intense...

  10. Been craving ice cream & found this. It is delicious & much lighter than other brands: 

    Lactose Free Vanilla | Breyers®

    Breyers Lactose Free Light Ice Cream Vanilla 48 oz - Walmart.com ...


  11. Really digging your pic & banner :) 

    1. Sauron


      Thank you! Ditto!

  12. I am loving your new photo ❤️

    1. God


      thank you <3

  13. Just watched the first episode of Cowboy Bebop & I must say, I'm very disappointed in everyone here in AF who has seen & enjoyed this complete masterpiece of an anime without ever once recommending it to me. It just makes me wonder what other gems you guys are hiding from me. I thought we were becoming friends but now I'm not so sure...

    Um, all kidding aside guys, Cowboy Bebop is flippin' amazing! The music, the fighting, the guns, SPIKE...all of it! Love, love, love! 

  14. Finally going to give Cowboy Bebop a shot tonight, I think. 

    1. Ohayotaku


      It’s not the type of series you usually seem to watch, but hopefully you enjoy it. The appeal for me was getting attached to the main characters as we gradually lean more about their backgrounds. So much so that later episodes packed something of an emotional gut punch, which was surprising because it starts out pretty humorous. Of course there’s also the coolness factor & the jazz 😎

    2. RuthisianCodex


      The jazz is what lured me in to be honest. And I'm always looking for different types of anime. Look how in love I fell with Fruits Basket! Speaking of, I should get dinner started so I can watch this week's episode.

  15. Making a pumpkin pie smoothie because YUMMY! 

    1. RuthisianCodex


      This is my new favorite smoothie for sure. I just used some frozen diced pumpkin,vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and stevia to add some extra sweetness. I've been having lots of luck coming up with new smoothie combos and flavors so I don't get bored. 

  16. The 'Cotton Spores' episode of Mushishi is going to give me nightmares for real. So friggin' creepy! 

  17. Serial Experiments Lain is something else right off the bat. @~J~ what have you gotten me into? lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RuthisianCodex


      I'm loving it so far, so that's a good sign. 

    3. efaardvark


      Lain has soo many layers.  :)

    4. RuthisianCodex


      Lain's dad made a comment about upgrading her computer as a status symbol for her maturity to keep up with her friends and that really unnerved me. I am not a tech nerd at all. I live below my means and I don't give a damn about keeping up with everyone else like that. I can't tell you how many problems that has caused me with people around me who seriously look down on people who aren't trying to constantly impress them.

  18. COVID-19 cases are rising dramatically in my area so OF COURSE I'd pick now to get a craving for pizza from the place down the street....

    Thank goodness I foresaw something like this happening & grabbed some frozen pizza on my last trip to the grocery store & I was lucky to even get one because people have been buying them like crazy here. 


  19. Some hot green tea, a few of my favorite Korean apple cookies, & some Mushishi makes for a very relaxing evening indeed. Hope you all are doing well. 

  20. Hot lavender tea + cookies + the latest Black Clover episode = HECK YEAH!!!!

  21. Oh my YOU! Your following me has left me speechless...

  22. Finally decided to pick back up with Mushishi. Such a bittersweet anime. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RuthisianCodex


      Yeah, I'm just on episode 10.

    3. Ohayotaku


      It definitely has a very leisurely pace, but captures the mood of traditional folktales.

    4. RuthisianCodex


      Agreed. There is something about this show that just makes me zen out as cheesy as that sounds. 

  23. Pan roasted tilapia with homemade wine sauce & steamed veggies? Yes, please! 🍽️

  24. A hot cup of freshly brewed green tea + custard filled Euro Cake= Happy Me :) 

  25. Going to spend some time tonight working on the outline for my book. I'm glad I decided to do a bit of editing & get some beta readers for the first few pages because already, the engaging feedback and writing technique tutorials I've been watching have really helped me better define my plot and identify areas that could use some work. The highest compliment I've received so far is how authentic and real the world I'm creating seems. That is huge for me because making the readers feel like they are right there with the characters is exactly what I'm going for. There will be 10 chapters, so I've got a Word doc up and I'm just going to jot down what I want to happen in each chapter from one to ten. So far, I've been able to eliminate what would have been some pretty glaring plot holes. 

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