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  1. I actually really like Prometheus! It has a different feel, but it's still good. Not too sure when we'll get around to watching Covenant, but I can't wait
  2. I've tried watching Let's Play videos before, but I just can't get into them at all! It's much more fun being in the same room as the person you're watching play haha
  3. Darn, why didn’t I think of a literal ship lmao. I was even trying to rack my brain for a name of a ship I knew, Toybox would have been a lovely choice haha!
  4. We’ve decided to go on a Star Wars pilgrimage, of sorts. Just watched Episode I tonight, and will be watching more soon!
  5. I do enjoy the play style of other Zelda games, much prefer them actually. I find with BOTW it’s the same problem I have with a lot of other games, it’s too big/open for me. And I just don’t find the open world concept fun. I’m strange and like things to be quite linear haha. However, while I don’t like playing those games myself, I do really enjoy watching my boyfriend play them!
  6. Ohhhh, you like Planetes! It’s one of my favourite (maybe even my number one). Recommend any similar hard sci-fi shows??

    1. efaardvark


      That's really difficult.  "Hard" SF is pretty uncommon.  Softer stuff is so much easier to make, and usually pays as much or more than SF that tries to do the science well.  Most of the audience can't tell the difference anyway, so why bother?

      That said, my favorite is probably Ghost in the Shell.  Another cyber-themed one was Dennou Coil.  It played the tech kind of loose, but it never quite veered into "fantasy" territory.  I'd consider the first "Aincrad" arc of Sword Art Online as "hard" as well, though the science part was mostly just a plot device to bridge into the fantasy story. 

      If you're looking for space-themed stuff there's Space Brothers, though that's more a slice-of-life type that just happens to feature contemporary NASA astronauts instead of school kids.  If you can find it I thought Moonlight Mile was decently "hard", as was Rocket Girls. 

      MM is probably closest in theme and style to Planetes.  It is a bit more "adult" and serious than Planetes, but if you liked Planetes then it might be worth a look.

      That's all I can come up with at the moment.  Like I said, there's not much out there.

    2. Kohloo


      I appreciate the response! Other than Ghost in The Shell, because I already know and like it, I’ll have to give a look into the others you’ve mentioned :)

  7. I’m definitely a fan of the original series. And I even tried watching that horrid film, which I turned off not even a 1/4 way in. A live-action series done by Netflix certainly seems...interesting. But I hardly doubt I’ll ever give it a watch. I’ve had my fill of the avatar stuff, I’m not really interested to watch more. Heck, I don’t even like watching Korra and have never bothered to finish that series, even though it’s enjoyable. I guess I’m just, over it?
  8. Growing up, things like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z were on the TV, so I suppose those would sort of count. But the first anime I watched in earnest, from start to finish, was Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  9. What are you currently reading, have read recently, or are planning to read? Right now I'm rereading the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. I just finished The Golden Compass (the first book) and am waiting for the ebook rental from the library for The Subtle Knife. I used to enjoy these books in my pre-teen/early teen years, and it's fun having something light to read for a change The most recent set of books I've finished is the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. I was introduced to the first book thanks to an online book club I was briefly running, I enjoyed it enou
  10. Oh yeah, I got all focused on losing the weight and didn't even mention the things that actually matter to me this year haha. So I'm gonna try again, in no particular order: Lose 45lbs (already mentioned that) Get working again (I've been unemployed since July 2019. It's been rough, here and there, but overall everything has been fine. Slowly though, everyone is getting ready to hire people again, as we approach busier seasons in town) Save up $1000+ to put as a lump sum on my student loan, to make up for the last six months that I've been on repayment assistance. Do
  11. Hmm, I don't think I can really classify an anime as the "best anime ever." I haven't had enough exposure and I know everyone can have wildly different tastes. In my own little world though, I'd say Texhnolyze wins it for me.
  12. My favourite comedy animes would probably be Azumanga Daioh and Ben-To. I don't watch too much comedy, though, hence such a short list and they're both tied for first haha
  13. I'm pretty basic, I mainly ship in the comics I read. So for anime, I really only have Usagi x Mamoru/Sailor Moon x TuxedoMask (Sailor Moon, obviously) and Ai Tanabe x Hachirota "Hachimaki" Hoshino (from Planetes)
  14. It's been a hot minute, hasn't it? Hi!

    1. Wedgy


      Always nice to see you back!! How have you been?!

    2. Kohloo


      There’s been lots of ups and downs! But overall, good! I was feeling a bit social and decided to pop in here again haha. Who knows, maybe I’ll stick around longer this time? I never plan to vanish, I just get distracted easily :D

  15. I've never done cosplay before, but I think it would be fun to try Kaneda from Akira (mainly I just want the bike haaa)
  16. Who knows if these count or not, but they've been what we've watched lately Carole & Tuesday Castlevania Sailor Moon (finishing up Sailor Moon R) And other things that aren't anime but watched with just as much love Final Space The Dragon Prince
  17. I recently started reading Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, because it keeps coming up in conversation within my social groups. I still have yet to decide whether or not I enjoy it though.
  18. Kohloo

    Horror Games

    Horror games: love em, hate em, can't get enough? I've always wanted to enjoy horror games, but they always freak me out way too much, which is a shame. Soooo, I don't really play them! I like reading horror, but so far I haven't been able to muster up the courage to actually play horror games haha. Do you have any favourite games from the horror genre? As for me, the only ones I've really even tried are Silent Hill and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The atmosphere and fog is what creeps me the heck out!!
  19. Haven't played anything yet today, but lately I've been working on a criminal mastermind in The Sims 4. He's quite a fun one to play!
  20. Still casual af over here haha. But, I have gotten a Switch and a few games for that since the last time I was here! BOTW (not a fan), Rayman Legends (love it), some duplicates of games I already have on pc, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  21. I checked out the pilot for Hazbin Hotel recently. It's visually pleasing, but I actually wasn't interested in it otherwise, so I doubt I would watch more of it. I might check out Helluva Boss at some point, but I'm not sure
  22. What movies have you seen recently, new or old? We most recently watched Monsters University, before that we watched Prometheus. Soon we'll watch Alien: Covenant and all of the Star Wars stuff. The last movie we saw in theatres was Joker, awhile ago now.
  23. What streaming services do you use and what are you currently watching? We've got Netflix, which is our main source of entertainment. Lately we've been watching Carole & Tuesday, Final Space, The Dragon Prince, and Castlevania, as well as some other shows here and there. I'm also waiting for the next season of Dead to Me, and I'm curious how they're going to continue in the next season of Russian Doll. We share a Disney+ account with my boyfriend's dad. We plan to continue watch The Mandalorian (we're on episode three I believe) and it's great to just throw on some old cartoons
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