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  1. My boyfriend and I play Stardew Valley together in the co-op mode, it's a lot of fun
  2. Honestly, it's been sooooo long since I've played it. It's the only game I've (almost) finished from start to finish. The reason why I didn't finish it is because I accidentally deleted the wrong save file on my memory card. I've been so bitter about it ever since. I think I'm almost ready to play it again though. I have it on Steam. Seriously, I was riiiiiight at the end. And I deleted it. Omg.
  3. Oh, I've played a little bit of Kingdom Hearts! I've always wanted to play it more. I've also played a small amount of Persona 3, which I loved. And of course I've played some Final Fantasy
  4. Yeeeeah, the clean-up is always a pain. I'm weird and tend to clean things as they get dirty, including during a party. So then it's less work the next day haha
  5. That's tough, it's a toss up between Psychonauts and Final Fantasy IX for my favourite game. I think they're pretty well tied, for me!
  6. I just picked up Little Big Planet 3 the other day. I've also got WipEout HD Collection, and Psychonauts. As well as everything that is available in PSNow. Andy (bf) has some other games for it, but I can't quite remember what aside from Horizon Zero Dawn and Fallout 4, oh and GTA V too. I haven't played much in regards to JRPGs, any favourites or ones that you recommend?
  7. Oh wow, being sent to the bars haha. I grew up in a party house, my parents like being hosts!
  8. I really like the PS4, suits me just fine
  9. Haha, it's mainly for the partying
  10. I've watched a few shows more than once, usually because I'm introducing someone else to the shows I love
  11. I lived with my parents when I had to. But I no longer need to, so I haven't been. Going there for New Years though
  12. I don't know if this counts, but we recently started watching The Legend of Korra. It's on hold at the moment though because we're more interested in a different show (Power Rangers)
  13. Well, I'm in Canada, but we still celebrate in the Black Friday festivites (I've decided it's its own holiday now. I mean, Canada already had its Thanksgiving ages ago, so like, why wouldn't we just participate in the sales the States seem to go crazy for?) I never thought about getting anime like that before though! Maybe next year I'll consider it. This year, I decided to splurge on two PS4 controllers. Mine is bronze (not gold, blegh. Apparently the bronze is a "New Colour!" according to the package), and BF got a super dark blue controller.
  14. We have a PS4 that I sometimes play, and one day I'd like to build a PC (I don't know how, but that's what the internet is for)! On the PS4, I actually subscribe to PSNow. I've got a fairly jumpy attention-span, and no game can hold my focus for the entirety of it without playing a buttload of other stuff in-between. I can't really justify spending money on new games all the time, especially with my attention issues. PSNow is essentially Netflix for games, and it totally fits my needs! Buuuuuut, we did buy a different game last niiiiight (as well as new controllers because we only had on
  15. Honestly, relating with fictional characters is something I've never been able to do. I suppose I could try to find some character that looks like me, but I highly doubt I'd find any that are actually accurate haha
  16. My life is good! I don't really have the most glamorous job and it isn't exactly one I want to be in for the rest of my life. But my job isn't the most important thing in my life. BF and I have a nice place (renting, basement suite) that we've managed to make our own, despite its (many) flaws, and we're quite proud of that! We don't make a lot of money, but it's enough to pay the bills/rent and have some left over. We'll never go hungry because we can afford to put a stupid amount of money into our grocery fund each month (that way we can always get the necessities and still have the luxury of
  17. I count things (basically everything I encounter) in groups of 4, sets of 12. [1 2 3 4] [5 6 7 8] [9 10 11 12]. If there's only one group then I will only count 9 10 11 12. If there's only two groups, then the count always turns into 1 2 3 4, 9 10 11 12. Basically, it always has to end on the 9 10 11 12. It's not so bad anymore and is really something I only do when I'm idly waiting or if I'm walking. It used to be so bad though. I would have to painfully focus if I had to count beyond 12, and would often have to start a count over because a [9 10 11 12] group snuck it's way in where it doesn'
  18. it would only be set up like a beach, not an actual beach. It'd be inside.
  19. I love travelling within my country and province and would love to see what more it has to offer. I've only seen glimpses of places here really. I think it'd be killer fun to take a few months off work, sell everything, and road trip all the way across Canada. From the west to the east I would pop through all the provinces. And then on my way back to the west, I'd go along northern Canada to check out the territories. Where I've lived in Canada: Squamish BC (born and raised, also living here again currently) Richmond BC (3 years) North Delta BC (1 year) Hardisty
  20. One day I'd like to acquire a ton of skeletons and have a skeleton beach party for halloween one year. set them up like they're playing volleyball and tanning and stuff. and have the living guests dress in summer/beach/tourist clothes. serve summer food and drinks. but like, skeletons everywhere
  21. Kohloo


    Can't say I relate. I'm typically fairly open about myself and emotions. I don't see the point in hiding who I am. Everyone has weaknesses and vulnerabilities. I'm much more cold online than I am in real life
  22. I don't really dig straight down though. I essentially make ever expanding caves that go deeper and deeper lmao. Sometimes you'll come across a hidey-hole in them where I've decided to live temporarily!
  23. I'm really not a fan of fan-service in anime, or any shows in general. I don't mind it in comics though. Couldn't tell ya why
  24. It's really important to do this anyway. Everyone is different and has different styles or specialties. My uncle runs a tattoo shop. A lot of people would think that I'd go there because he's family (and I can get a killer discount), but his style and specialty doesn't really fit in with what I want done. If I ever get any lettering done though, I'll definitely be going to him. If you aren't comfortable with an artist, then they're probably not the artist for you.
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