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  1. For 2020, I'm hoping to lose 45lbs haha! It actually won't be that difficult, I've already been a lot more active than I was for a period of time earlier in 2019.
  2. I happen to be quite a huge fan and advocate for homemade bread. It is delicious and waaaay cheaper than store bought. Plus, it's a lot of fun. I'm also quite passionate about giraffes, with an ever growing collection of various giraffe related items.
  3. Arriving soon in the mail is a new dough hook for my stand mixer, nighttime driving glasses for my boyfriend, and some silicone bread pans!
  4. Kohloo

    coffee or tea

    I think I'd have to say tea. I used to enjoy some coffee every now and then (like, no more than a few times every several months), but these days I don't have any desire to touch the stuff. Even tea though, I don't drink as often lately. Buuuuut, I do have a collection of tea sets and teapots, so even though I don't drink tea "as often," I still drink it pretty regularly haha!
  5. Today we've got snow and a comfortable 0C for temperature! It's really pretty outside actually
  6. I also have an interest in things

    1. Blue Dragon

      Blue Dragon

      Things are indeed most excellent! XD

  7. Literally any game. I have such a short attention span, it becomes nearly impossible for me to commit to actually finishing a game
  8. We just very recently got a new TV, and I gotta say: WipEout looks amaaaaazing on it
  9. I tend to drink my tea black. If it's orange pekoe (which I generally strongly dislike), then I'll have a drop of almond milk in it.
  10. I suppose Netflix can sort of count as "renting," right? Lmao there's nowhere to rent physical movies here. So if you're going to rent, it has to be digital. We tried borrowing from the local library for a bit, but a lot of the discs aren't in the greatest condition so we gave up on that idea.
  11. Omg that's right it's saturday. BF is off sunday/monday so we're used to our weekend being those days. I often forget today is not Friday haha
  12. Doing pretty well today! It's nice and cool outside so I can have the windows open and let a breeze through the suite
  13. Apache OpenOffice is what I use instead of Microsoft Office (I'm not willing to pay for a subscription for something like that)
  14. 1. Death Note - seen it, didn’t mind it, I guess 2. Attack on Titan - don’t like it 3. Sword Art Online - honestly hate it 4. Fullmetal Alchemist -I’ve seen Brotherhood, I loved it 5. One Punch Man - haven’t seen it 6. Tokyo Ghoul -don’t like it 7. Steins Gate -haven’t seen it 8. No Game No Life -haven’t seen it 9. Naruto - hate it 10. Angel Beats! -haven’t seen it As you can tell, I’m very clearly out of touch with the most popular haha. For the majority of them I either haven’t seen or I don’t like them. My top favourite a
  15. To be totally honest, the only time we enjoy Baki to some extend is if we’ve had a puff (weed). But seeing as how that happens less than even once a week, you can bet we’re not getting through it very fast haha. Oh man, Sailor Moon is so fun to rewatch. We both get super hyped during the episodes and generally just have a lot of fun while watching. I can’t control myself though whenever Mercury does her Bubble Spray and I will shout, “Bubble Butt!!!” instead.
  16. The local library here has a cookbook full of stuff themed from different fantasy things, including Harry Potter! They've got a few Harry Potter beverages in it
  17. Decided to do that sorting hat thing for a bit of fun, I was sorted here
  18. Not sure I fully understand either lol Luna Lovegood~11 Cho Chang~10 Penelope Clearwater~10 Marcus Belby~10 Professor Trelawney~10 Professor Flitwick~10 Gilderoy Lockheart~10 Helena Ravenclaw~9
  19. All that talk of boozy real-life butterbeers just makes me think you guys are doing your own potions experiments haha
  20. Decided to do this for some fun, I got sorted in to Ravenclaw (78) (with Hufflepuff (71) not far behind)
  21. We've slowly been working our way through Sailor Moon! We're currently on Sailor Moon R, with only a few episodes left in that season. We also very rarely watch Ghost in The Shell S.A.C. and recently we will occasionally watch Baki (it's really not great).
  22. Oh, definitely a super duper casual gamer. I hardly ever play anything these days. And when I do, it's usually along the lines of Sims 4 or Stardew Valley. Recently though, the bf and I have started racing against each other in WipEout and we enjoy playing OverCooked! together (It's a super fun game but also incredibly stressful haha, we can't play it before bedtime or we get too riled up hahaha).
  23. I used to think I prefer subs over dubs, but honestly I enjoy both! Dubs can be nice because we usually wind up watching stuff while we're eating, and it can be hard to follow subtitles when you're trying to fork food into your mouth haha. If I like the way the dub sounds, then I'll probably choose that. If it's awful, then I try subs instead and choose whichever one I like the sound of more.
  24. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers for sure!!!! Fun fact: When we were kids, my brother attempted to do a backflip because he saw a power ranger do it. He winded himself so bad that we weren't allowed to watch power rangers anymore (it happened on more than occasion). I gotta say, it's pretty fun revisiting it as an adult! Haven't watched it in a few months though. Pink Ranger best ranger
  25. I'm feeling pretty great! I've just been bumbling along today and I suddenly remembered that I'm a member here haha. So, decided to drop by and see what's going on!
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