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  1. I'm fairly slow at typing, tbh
  2. @Beocat I was a kid when we lived in that supposedly cursed house, so much of my memories from there are fairly vague. If there was knocking, it could easily be overshadowed by the sounds of rats. Unfortunately, there was a rat problem there (as with many houses in that particular area). Of the few things I remember vividly from there, it’s the sound of rats in the walls and how terrifying it is. I also tended to have quite bad nightmares whilst living there. But I suspect that had more to do with the environment and my state of mind, children are easily impressionable! I still dream a ton as an adult, usually absurdly weird and occasionally nightmares (though not often, which I’m thankful for). But that’s a whole other topic haha. The current house my parents live in (the seemingly haunted one), sometimes you’ll hear banging or talking when no one is there. It made me quite uncomfortable!
  3. I don’t know much about psychic abilities, that’s beyond my understanding, but ghosts/spirits have been a fairly common presence in my life. Two of my grandmothers have been present with my family since they passed away. They mostly stay with my parents, but they occasionally give visits to other members of the family as well. There was a brief period we thought they had vanished. It happened shortly after my aunt and her husband were visiting and did a sage smudge on our property. They did it without our permission and while we weren’t home (something we weren’t very happy about). It’s supposed to get rid of bad spirits, but from our experience, it also scares the good ones too. We didn’t hear anything from grandma or nanny for weeks, we were getting a bit worried because we had to move soon. Small things (that we almost missed) started to happen again though, which was a relief. We’re pretty sure they hang out in the china cabinet in my Nanny’s urn when things are unsettled. I don’t know if this falls into the same category, but my family has also lived in a cursed house. Now, we don’t know if it’s actually cursed or not, but bad things would happen when we lived there. My uncle and his family lived there many years before us and bad things happened to them too. While uncle was there, his and my step-dad’s father passed away from sudden illness, my aunt got really sick, and one of my cousins got pretty hurt. Then when my family lived there, my step-dad’s mother (one of the grandmothers) passed away from lung cancer, my step-dad had a fall from a ladder and badly hurt his back, and we had a chimney fire. There were lots of other small stuff, but those were the main events. Everyone in the family called it a cursed house and we moved on. My parents currently live in a haunted house. I lived there too, but I moved out in the new year back to my hometown. It’s really creepy. It always feels like you’re being watched. And all three of us (myself, mum, step-dad) have seen and/or heard this little old lady. Even guests have made mention of encountering her. At first it was okay, but as time went on, things started slowly turning for the worse. It’s gotten to the point where it’s being called another cursed house, except this time we know it’s being caused by a ghost/spirit/whatever you call it. Turns out, the last owners of the house was an elderly couple. The wife passed away in the house. The husband sold the house to the current owner. Before we moved in, five different sets of people had lived in that house in the course of a year (we were the sixth in that year). We didn’t understand why because the owner/landlord is really good, and the house is nice. Now we’re fairly certain it’s because of this old woman, don’t think she wants anyone there. This part will sound really cheesy, but I’ve also gone on a ghost tour (though I’m struggling to remember the name of the place) and saw a couple ghosts there. It was interesting experience. On the one hand, it feels almost hokey going on a ghost tour. At the same time though, it’s a historical place and it wasn’t my first time encountering ghosts/spirits. Even if I hadn’t seen any though, it still would have been a really awesome tour, getting to learn about a piece of history like that. I’ve had one somewhat bad experience with a spirit. This post is getting a little long though, so I’ll skim over this one real quick. Stayed at biological father’s place. Everything closed and locked tight, slept on the couch. Middle of the night, feel an intense pressure on my chest, eyes open and there’s this shadow figure leaning over me, can’t breathe, panic and manage to yell and scramble for the light, woke dad up and he searched high and low, no one to be found, he asks for more detail and it turns out the same thing has happened to him a couple times before (in the same spot), dad finds a new place the next month, no more problems. I’m sure I’m missing some things in here, but I’ve gotten most of it. Feel free to ask any questions, if you even have any
  4. I don’t know if my school library had any manga. But they did have a collection of graphic novels, where I discovered Sandman stuff and also i vaguely remember one about Discworld
  5. I had a bite of a sandwich and an iced coffee!
  6. Hello Reiko and welcome!
  7. Hey there and welcome back!
  8. I think the first manga I ever read might have been Fruits Basket. I used to hang out at the public library after school and read manga/comics by the fireplace there
  9. I’ve never had sake, who knows if I’d like it or not! I would be inclined to try it, but I hardly ever drink nowadays (like once every four months or so)
  10. It can be pretty fun here, welcome to the site!
  11. Hey there! Welcome to the site, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it here
  12. I watch maybe a couple days a week, anywhere from 1-4 episodes a session
  13. Thanks! I keep seeing Another pop up, but I have yet to watch it (I have read the manga though and enjoyed it). I’ll probably pass on Corpse Party: Tortured Souls and Blood-C though. I’ll look more into Ghost Hound and Shiki (I’m really curious about the sound effects of Ghost Hound). And I’ve already seen Blood+ (for the longest time I’d get confused if someone was talking about Blood-C because my brain would keep changing it to Blood+ haha)
  14. How about some horror? Preferably more on the psychological side (but I am willing to expand my horizons). Or even just something psychological! (Nothing like Tokyo Ghoul though. I’ve seen it, I don’t understand the hype, I find it to be very boring)
  15. Aww that’s too bad! I wanted to play, but I don’t play games often enough to really justify doing one with a monthly subscription. Maybe one day though :)
  16. So....you recommend the game then?
  17. I saw the word Planetes, I love Planetes! hello and welcome
  18. Hi there and welcome! You seem awesome, dude.
  19. Wow, fantastic words of wisdom from everyone! I don’t have much to add, everything has pretty much already been said. Just remember though, people do come and go throughout our lives. So just try to enjoy the time with each person and try to think fondly of those times if you/they eventually drift away. And if things happen to end badly? Well, not everyone is meant to get along, better to focus on the next positive relationships
  20. Kohloo

    Nee nee

    Hello there and welcome! Plenty of lovely people here, I’m sure you’ll make friends in no time
  21. In a little bit here today, I’ll be heading over to my Aunty’s house to help her with the very last packing and final clean of her old house! And then tomorrow we’re going to go camping with a couple friends. It’s just an overnight thing, but I’m really looking forward to it. And then Sunday? Probably grocery shopping and getting ready for the work week.
  22. I’m currently watching Planetes and Neon Genesis Evangelion for the billionth time each! I’m watching them with my boyfriend because he was (and still is) interested in them. It’s a lot of fun watching things with someone, at least for me anyway
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