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  1. Mmm watch me play and fail sometime
  2. I play Counter strike, minecraft and osu, I cant wait untill Ashes of Creation and amazons New World come out and I have played Black dessert
  3. Im not a fan of basically every piercing except for ears they just seem weird to by not a fan idc if someone has them its just kina weird to me
  4. Not what I meant but okidoki
  5. The question is in the title...
  6. Hmmm, I may have a few One Punch Man is over the top but Im sure u heard of it Nanbaka Akibastrip Red Armed Girl's Machiavellism (eh) Blood Lad Luck & Logic (eh sorta) Mikagura School Suite Oh yeah, not strictly fighting but def over top fights Seven Deadly Sins (Def) Sky Wizard Academy like 2 fights but kinda over the top Soul Eater The Devil Is a Part Timer The Silver Guardian Id say only watch the first Ep only cool fight Trinity Seven Trinity Seven Urahara Def World Break
  7. Oh man wtf was it called uuhh Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle
  8. I wish my friends are not into anime they seen some I showed them but weren't to interested so sad...
  9. I dont got any tattoos or piercings tho I think the places people get piercings are crazy.
  10. ATTENTION: Virus has been downloaded on your system
  11. I have detached myself from feelings emotion is something one does not need
  12. Greeneyes


    Teach me Sensei
  13. Oh man one of my fav threads! Uhm what? I dont feel comfortable recommending anime yet can you tell me what you liked about Deathnote, hellsing, One Punch Man and Samurai Champloo so i can get a better idea I have a extensive list but I dont want to recommend a bunch I think ull like but u not end up liking them..
  14. I am writing a Romance fanfic about Nekos. _______ is the _______ that will ________!
  15. Nice @anna Did Beocat or Kfar guess the anime?
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