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  1. Sometimes I think to myself if I’ll ever amount to anything. Nothing is really happening in my life, almost everyday I just stay on social media and play video games. I have become useless, I want to get out there but unfortunately a unknown condition I have prevents me from doing so. It bothers me from time to time honestly. 

    1. Kurosaki27


      There was something called "getting out of the comfort zone" i believe, I have been reading a book lately named "Do the work" and it covered about how we get tired mentally when doing the same things over and over kinda like a routine. Perhaps a change towards a new field could help you, like idk swap games for a bit with watching a sport maybe? Sorry if the recommendation bothers.

    2. Tefutakato


      @Kurosaki27 Not really a sports guy. I appreciate the recommendation though.

    3. XII360


      @Tefutakato was gonna reply yesterday, but i lacked sleep, so i left it for tomorrow (which is today) to reply 


      Sometimes I think to myself if I’ll ever amount to anything. Nothing is really happening in my life, almost everyday I just stay on social media and play video games. 

      i too, used to always have this feeling, while i was in school, i would hate how i always had no money, how my father always loaned my allowance due to lack of finance for other needs in our life, had to just focus on my studies that i didn't even want to be part of (i never said i wanted to be a scientist, i wanted to be an IT >.>)

      and the ever so feeling of while studying

      "am i really learning?, how sure am i that what i'm reading is sticking to me?"

      "can i pass the national board exam?" 

      "will i ever get a job and be allowed to live the life i wanted?"

      and look at me now, after a VERY long time, i finally have my license, meaning im a professional,

      i can also finally draw art that takes me a whole day if im trying to do something im not used to (when before it would take me ~3 days)

      and after such experience, i can safely say that

      "i had character development"

      going a little off topic there, but yea,

      its fine to have such thoughts, we all have our flaws, motivations, weaknesses, strengths, doubts, and certainty in life, no one is born perfect, even "the best of the best" at some point in their life, had a rough time in life in which they could not control

      after a few years, you will look back at yourself, and laugh at how you used to think like that, and tell yourself

      "man, i really had developed as a character in life"

      ...though as @Kurosaki27 said, 


      "getting out of the comfort zone"

      it all depends on how badly we, as individuals, want to develop, but the problem on developing character is, we have to take risks, we don't have to do a really big risk which involves money

      and the risk's ain't even a risk, its just "scary" to do, but once you do it, and get used to it, its pretty much like riding a bike with no hands

      (notice; please dont ride a bike with no hands, your mom will most likely not be looking, and you will most likely have an accident)


      a joke to remove some tension on all i said xD

      but yea, as patrick star once said to rocky..


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