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Hello! I'm Kay but I also go by Blue in some places, like Discord. I actually go by both names there, too, lmao.


I enjoy anime, as I'm sure you can guess because I'm here. I also enjoy video games and roleplaying (mostly on Discord or Tumblr). I'm a female so I prefer she/her based pronouns. I'm not too picky about it, however, but yeah. When it comes to anime, I sort of prefer the action/adventure ones with a comedic edge and an unearthly vibe to it, like magic or demons. Just something that isn't purely normal human stuff. With games, I have the same preference and love open world types, such as the infamous Elder Scrolls or Fable.

That's it about me for now. As I get to know you guys, I'll likely reveal more about me! ^-^

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Posted (edited)

Nice to meet you! Welcome to AF, you can find some threads here about an anime or video game you'd like to talk about. If not, you could always make one. 😄

I'm actually hosting an interactive story on AF with a medieval setting based on magic, demons, etc., but it's still early on into the story. We'd love to have you if you'd like. All you'd need to do to contribute is "React" to the post, (The hover over the the thumbs-up on the bottom right of the post) or you could even tell me what you'd like to see.

I'm sure you'll have fun here, @Kay_Kueen.

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Welcome, glad you found your way here 😁

Based on your description of the type of anime you enjoy, I’ll toss out the recent Ushio & Tora tv series as a recommendation. 

Hope you stick around.

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Hello Kay, nice to meet you!

It’s cool that you mention Fable, like Kinbaryu said, there’s an interactive story going on in the creative section that reminds me of how Fable and Dragon Age worked. I love those types of games too.

Great to see you here, I hope you enjoy your time with us. 

What are some of your favorite anime?

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Hiya Kay welcome to Af site and its nice to meet you from Kaga the ghostly potato👻

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Welcome aboard~

I only played the first Fable myself, due to not having a capable computer or the Xbox 360, but found it to be a good time. I absolutely love TES Oblivion and Skyrim though, to the point of getting them on PS3 initially and then PC again once I actually had a PC that wasn't a paperweight.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy your time here~


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