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Community Voting Reverse Isekai Art Contest


Reverse Isekai Art Contest  

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Hello Everyone! I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. I am so thrilled to have gotten all of these wonderful entries for a reverse isekai themed art contest. It is so fun to me =3

At this time I would like to invite everyone to vote using this poll to select a winner for the contest. The winning artwork will be featured for the remainder of spring in the art block! 

Please select one entry that you would like to see win by using the poll above.

Entry 1:


Entry 2:


Entry 3:


Entry 4:



Thank you all! The #1 work of your choice will be announced in a week, and participants badges will be awarded at that time as well.

See you then!~

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Oki, well in the attempt to create time for a tie-breaker it seems that we will not be having one. xD

Thank you all for your patience with me in closing this contest. I will announce now that the works you have chosen belong to: @Shejoestar and @Nyxnine. Your artwork will be featured in the artblock sidebar for the remainder of Spring =3

A big thanks to everyone for participating. We could not have had such a beautiful turnout without you all. I hope you take these art badges, as a token of our appreciation. <3 As a participant you can now see them in your profiles, and in the postbit under your username in posts. 

Until next time~ Seshi

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