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Spicy bixch says Namaste


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I'm Ashu and yeah that's a nickname and I prefer being called by thst cuz I like it.... Ashu (sounds like someone sneezing ever so delicately, well it used to be fun.... thanks for ruining my fantasy, Covid!).

I'm more of a hopeless, clueless, senseless, gritless romantic who's into BL, drama, MAGIC!, revenge, glow up and fantasy kinda shix (basically a  Gay AF Voluptousness who's Femme, Crazy and a whole load of BAFFLEMENT on two legs).

My first exposure to serious anime was the ever legendary Rumiko Takahashi's anime adaptation of Inuyasha. God, Kagome hitting that arrow, Kikiyo and Kagome joinjng forces to hit Naraku Hard AF were the moments that defined my Gay Stan Moment of simping over strong female lead. I used to watch it with my sibling and cousins..those were times when Animax used to broadcast in India, ughhh, she gone like "poof" now!

I have started watching Kimetsu no Yaiba and Lookism recently and ooh! Rick and Morty is the IT SHIX! Love that series. I'm here to expand much into anime more and who knows, this might become an account someday who'd illustrate something someday and Netflix might pick it up. So, yeah, that's me!

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Welcome 😁 Hope you find things to interest you here & decide to stick around.

I enjoyed what I saw of Inuyasha, but I believe it was only the first 2 seasons because it’s hard to find on legal streaming sites beyond a certain point. I hope to watch more of it someday, but have been too preoccupied with more current series. So much anime, so little time :P 

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Welcome A...ASHU, oh my.. bless me! Anyway :D Welcome to AF, hope you have a great time here! 

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