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Indoor vs. outdoor jobs!


Do you prefer indoor or outdoor jobs?  

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  1. 1. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor jobs?

    • Indoors!
    • Outdoors!

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@Davis and I touched on the topic of indoor and outdoor jobs. Consider the pros and cons!


Indoor jobs could include:

  • Office / administration jobs
  • Retail / customer service
  • Many of these require dealing with lots of customers or clients...
  • etc.

Outdoor jobs could include:

  • Field work
  • Maintenance
  • More prone to extreme weather changes...
  • etc.

I personally prefer office jobs, and as I work in ICT Support most of it has been indoors.


But you know there are negatives. The main one being it just isn't really healthy being stuck at a desk 8 hours a day, with lunch being the only opportunity to get some decent fresh air.


How about you? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor jobs?



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I love indoor jobs BY FAR!

It's hot down here xP and the always high humidity makes working outside not fun. I sunburn easily as well.

I need my indoor air conditioned job xP

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Well, im currently working as a paid writer, so I would say that indoor jobs should be my preference....


But I prefer outdoors jobs. Something about being a Manuel laborer and being outside seems more invigorating to me then being stuck in an office for example .

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Definitely indoor!! I've never worked in an office setting though, so I have absolutely no idea what it's like to sit all day like that.

The jobs I've done have always been quite physical! Used to do stocking for a grocery store, I worked in a hospital kitchen, I've done hotel housekeeping. Right now I work in fast food (Tim Horton's). I guess I just like to move!

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