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Places you want to visit


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I really want to visit Laos. They have some awesome architecture.






Oh, and Angkor Wat in Thailand. An extrodinary ancient city of the Khmer Empire that is kept from falling apart by the sheer volume of water comprising its surrounding moat.


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Do I have even need to say it... Japan!!!! I mainly want to go to akihabara since I am a huge weeb and also go to a konbini since I wanted to go to one since I learned about them. Also I certainly want to go to animate and Gamers!

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On 5/19/2022 at 4:08 PM, viruxx said:

My top choices are Japan, Germany, Belgium and Norway.

Looks like I'll be scratching Germany off my list here this summer. Looks like I can add Strasbourg, France to the list while I'm there. I'm excited! 🤩

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On 2/22/2023 at 12:18 AM, Android Rebel said:

I'd love to visit Japan someday. I'd probably have to learn the language first but it'd be worth it. It's definitely on my bucket list.

same,I never been in Japan and always thinking  to visit there.

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