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Lily Espada

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Hello!~ :3

My name is Lily, I am 21 years old and I'm someone returning to anime after a while. My absolute favorite anime of all time is Bleach (it is AWESOME!! :D), but I'm looking into watching more series. My interests include anime (of course), gaming and computers. My favorite game as of right now is Overwatch on the PC, maybe I'll give you my Battle.net if you want (PM me for it). I'd love to play with you!

I am also transgender (male to female), and I feel wonderful about myself. Love who you are, as it's a great thing to do! :3

Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to the forum! I'm also really into gaming and computers. I currently only have Overwatch on the PS4, but later on I want to get it for PC as well. Generally, console gaming is easier for me, due to my illnesses sitting at a desktop or holding a laptop can be painful, so the PS4 makes that easier. Since you like both anime and gaming you might like Persona5, it's so epic! 

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