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  1. The newest episode (8) was so good! I am excited to see more about the society of the more human-like/conscious demons. Of course, Nezuko is a precious cinnamon roll, as always! I am loving the anime so much that I have started to read the manga, but I have only read a few chapters so far.
  2. I've been sick lately, meaning I have also had more time for anime. I just finished watching Hinamatsuri and Princess Jellyfish. I loved both so much and am sad that they ended so soon! They were both such cheerful, funny, and heartwarming shows. I know I will watch them again many times. I have also been catching up on my manga reading list. I have finished volume 2 of Yona of the Dawn, volume 3 of Fruits Basket, volume 2 of The Water Dragon's Bride, Demon Slayer chapter 5, and Haikyuu chapter 37. I have also kept up with the newest chapters of My Hero Academia, The Promised Neverland, Samurai 8, and Black Clover.

    I have an upcoming doctor appointment next week where my doctor wants to discuss some test results. It has me nervous as it is serious enough that he isn't willing to tell me anything over the phone, as he usually does. All I know is that my test results were abnormal, but I don't know what that means. Therefore, in the meantime, I am trying to distract myself with happy anime and manga. Along with continuing to read Yona of the Dawn I am getting the fourth volume of Fruits Basket today from the library. Fruits Basket always makes me happy, so it will be a good distraction from the upcoming doctor appointment.

    I haven't been around the forum much the last couple weeks due to having oral surgery and immediately after developing a sinus infection. Thankfully, I am now recovered enough from both to get back to my job (freelance writing).


    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      Best of luck on that doctor's visit! Can't imagine how tough it must be not knowing what the results actually are. Hope it's not something too serious and you'll recover soon!



      I've been watching more Naruto lately, gonna finally finish it up soon and start Shippuden. :) Also, just started River-dale two days ago bc my sisters told me it was so great. It's amazing tbh. 

      You Hyuuga are a badass, you can handle anything coming you're way. Gl girl. ~♥ I will pray for you. 

    3. Ohayotaku


      Hope you get to feeling better. 

      I finally got around to watching Princess Jellyfish last year and enjoyed it too. I didn’t think I would enjoy Hinamatsuri based on the concept, but turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Very funny and some surprising feels, especially with Anzu’s story. Wish they would make more episodes.

      Anyway, stay positive and check in when you can.

  3. At the moment I'm catching up on Black Clover! I started out watching it subbed, but I switched to dubbed now that I have a Funimatiion Now subscription. I'm way behind, but I'm really enjoying it!
  4. I really agree! About being pregnant, I watched the movie a second time and I don't think it was anything majorly important. I think he was simply stating that he was cutting her hair because on their island it would never have gotten that long otherwise. As to why it had grown out, it seemed to be that he was so fixated on everything being the same as it had been previously he didn't like that she had dyed her hair in order to live in hiding. He wanted her to look like an Iorph and he resented the fact that she had lived happily as if she weren't one. Therefore, he kept her in captivity until her hair grew out and the timing was right to attempt to rescue Leilia. Once that time came, he simply cut off the portion of the hair that had been dyed.
  5. I totally agree with you! I'm honestly surprised to hear people think it felt rushed, as I thought the pacing was just perfect. It hit me especially hard this week, as I was already dealing with the emotions of the fragility and shortness of life, so the tears came easily. But, I loved it and I really want to introduce it to my family. In fact, I think even my mom would like it, and she never is one to be interested in anime. The music was gorgeous! Immediately upon finishing the movie, I found some of the soundtrack on YouTube to listen to as I recovered from the emotions. I loved the way in which they dealt with the conflict between Ariel and Marquia. It illustrated how even if we love someone and have the best of intentions for them, we can act in a way that hurts them. By pushing Marquia away Ariel was causing her pain, but it was all because of his own frustrations at himself and the desire to protect her. He saw the struggle she had to hide who she was and the risk of being found out, and wanted to quickly grow up into a man so that he could protect her from that. But, ultimately, he didn't know how he could protect her as there were few options.
  6. I just finished this beautiful movie, am sitting here recovering from sobbing, and have nobody to share it with. So, who here has seen it and what are your thoughts? I'll try to share more thoughts myself once I am less bleary-eyed.
  7. Kaori from Your Lie in April. I really relate to the way she tried to balance her health and life, and the emotional toll it took on her.
  8. Yes, I feel the same way! It's really interesting the way he is fixated on having people play with him, and is so powerful that he was able to create all of those illusions. He's so childlike so far, yet he has been around since the first Promise.
  9. Lol, I know, right?! The first episode of the season is titled "Dazai, Chuuya, Fifteen Years Old".
  10. So, apparently, there is a stage musical for Death Note. It is soon to return to Japan with a new cast, so I started looking into it on YouTube. There has also been a version of it in New York, but that version sucks in my opinion. Not only do some of the lyric translations not make sense, but the songs are sung with emotion. The Japanese version, on the other hand, is full of emotion. So, even if you aren't reading the lyrics, you can tell which character is singing based upon the emotions being portrayed. I immediately showed my sisters my favorite songs on YouTube from it and thought y'all might be interested, as well.
  11. The new episode of Demon Slayer was so good!
  12. Whenever you start it, @Dot.com, I would love to hear what you think! I just finished the third episode of the season the other day, and it is amazing! I'm continuing to love seeing Chuuya as a kid and learn more about him, as he has always been one of my favorites. It looks like they are about to start progressing into a new storyline in the next episode, so I'm excited to see what comes of it!
  13. The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan. It's dubbed on Funimation, so it's been nice to watch while I'm sick and laying in bed. I usually prefer subtitles, but I've been too tired to keep up with reading them, so the dub is helpful!
  14. So true! There were so many great scenes, but my favorite was when Yuki and Tooru were protecting the base, and then when she was talking to Kyo about umeboshi on the back of onigiri, and how he has one on his back.
  15. I get what you mean. I was disappointed that the chapter didn't focus on the main characters. But, I am also trying to remind myself that I am not used to reading manga chapters as they release, as in the past I've only read them in complete volumes. I'm also reminding myself that the next release will be here before I know it if I stay busy.
  16. I really agree about the animation. I was impressed by the use of CGI as well, so I wasn't surprised when I saw it was by Ufotable. I am a person who is extremely picky about CGI in anime, I rarely watch any that are done primarily in CGI, and I don't like it when other anime use it frequently, either. But, the use of it in Demon Slayer so far has been excellent and really elevated the immersive feeling. For instance, during the second episode, when he is running down the mountain the CGI was amazing and I loved the way it was done.
  17. Lol! I definitely recommend trying it again, and at least watching the first five episodes to get a feel for it! It's such a good show, and their character interaction is amazing.
  18. Anyone else watching the new season of Bungou Stray Dogs? For those who aren't, this thread is specifically for the third season, so there will be spoilers of the previous seasons and the movie. I finally watched the movie, Dead Apple, last week before watching the season premiere. I wasn't sure if they would tie in, but since Crunchyroll now has the movie, I wanted to watch it before starting the series, just in case. I'm glad I did! From the looks of it, it appears that the new season and the movie will have quite a few tie-ins. As for my impression of the first episode, I loved it! I've always loved both Dasai and Chuuya, so I was quite excited to see the two not only as children, but to finally learn how they met. I was surprised to see that they hated each other from the very beginning, as I suspected otherwise. I'm also curious as to how this backstory will tie into the present.
  19. I love this anime! While I don't like sports in general, I like watching anime about them and seeing the emotions, struggles, and drives of all the characters. Haikyuu is genuinely one of the best sports anime, the characters are just so well done. I can hardly wait for the new season! Earlier this year, I got my sister to watch it. She loved it, and then was mad at me when she found out there wasn't another season. Suffice to say, she's quite happy to know that she'll get her new season before too long.
  20. Too true! I love hearing other peoples opinions of anime and manga. Plus, it's just fun to share something you are passionate about with others. That's why I try to introduce any of my friends to my favorite anime. Well, I'm happy to hear it wasn't only me who could be confused by the point of view! But, if others feel the same way and still love the series it encourages me to try again.
  21. It's funny to see how different people can have such different impressions of the same author, or in this case mangaka. I know I may be wrong about them, but so far I've loved everything they've done with The Promised Neverland, so I really hope they won't mess it up. I feel like it is a series I could rewatch and read time and again, and always find something new to appreciate about it. It truly feels masterfully written. But, I have been disappointed before (Attack on Titan most recently), so I hope I won't be disappointed with this series. I've never finished any of Jun Mochizuki's works. I started the first volume of Pandora Heart's, but I was really confused by which point of view everything was occurring from, I couldn't make sense of it. Because of that, I'm thinking that if maybe I first watch the anime then maybe I'll be able to understand the manga better. But, maybe I was simply having a more difficult day due to my illnesses when I tried reading it and missed some important information, as that has happened before.
  22. I love that you really seem to appreciate his work on a deep level, as well! I agree, that his work seems to belong in the great works of fiction. He truly crafts masterful stories that are deep, intricate, and as you said, have to be watched many times in order to fully appreciate. I've watched Your Name at least fifty times, and I still find new things to appreciate about it every time I watch it.
  23. Oh my goodness, you must finish Anohana! You really need to see the ending. And yes, Shinkai-sensei excels when it comes to writing and portraying character depth.
  24. Yeah, that really is my fear, that maybe Norman won't be saved. But, I want to believe in him and their bonds! They were so close and he was such a sweet soul, I don't want him to be past redemption, even though I know it's possible. And yes! I can't wait for the next chapter to find out more about what happens with Emma and Ray going to find "him." I'm intrigued about the manner in which they have to go there, and curious about how they will get back. I honestly don't know if it will end with them succeeding or not, but I currently have quite a bit of faith in the mangaka, so I imagine I will be pleased with however they choose to end it. Also, I need to know what happened to Phil! He was being so brave to stay behind, but then after he was visited by the Ratri clan what happened?!
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