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what are your anime unpopular opinions?


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• MHA sucks

I dropped it after S1 so I haven't seen all of it, but it's incredibly overrated and there are better anime that deserve the hype MHA gets


• The Danganronpa anime(s) were pretty good

I do agree that the games were better,  but I think the anime(s) deserve more appreciation. The THH adaptation definitely felt really rushed but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm also probably a bit biased because it's what introduced me to the series and I'm very grateful for that, haha

also Yasuhiro is best boy 🤭


• The Kotaro Lives Alone art style is really cool

I've seen quite a few people call it ugly and avoid the series because of that, but I personally love the art style. It's cute!


• S1 of SAO was better than S2

I've only watched S1 and S2 (as well as Ordinal Scale) and I enjoyed S1 way more


• Log Horizon is boring

I dropped it a few episodes in because I was so bored


• Angel Beats is mid

Don't get me wrong, I loved Angel Beats but it felt very rushed and I feel the series had a lot of missed potential. Also what was that extra episode 😭


• Charlotte was a great series

I loved it a lot and I think it gets more hate than it deserves

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