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Halloween Anime Character Drawing Contest


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I know I need to work on my drawing when it comes to doing so online, but I wanted to try it out a little more so here is my submission. 

(I used Picmonkey.com for the sunglow effect on the eclipse and for the shading on little Griffith's face). 


Here is the pic without any editing: 


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dozo, finished it (i think, i did semi rush it to finish today)

character: kiyohime (kyutihime lancer to be exact)

decided on kiyohime, couse, well, shes best yandere <3

referrence i used is in spoiler

was planning on giving other hand her fan, but well, i-i didnt wanna have to redo hand motion (couse we all know, i have a hard time drawing hands correctly x.x)




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kyutihime is bae tho'
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Final call for submissions! Topic will be locked on 11/01 at 12:01am EST and a new thread for voting will be opened! If you have a submission that you haven't had the time to post, do it now before the contest closes!


You are all invited to vote for the submissions under the contest voting guidelines when open.  

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Well I want to say I have very much enjoyed following this, and seeing all the awesome submissions everyone has made/ There is still a few hours left before this contest officially ends. I just want to say thank you to all who took part, and please stay tuned for voting which will be posted shortly. :)

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