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heyo~ its yo boi, x-kun the clubs centered around <PROJECTS>, any sort of project you may want to create, is creating(on going-projects), or have created that you want to share is allowed here please refer to RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE CLUB​​​​​​​ before you advertise works this club is centered around <announcing/creating a project> you have in mind that want to come in fruit with, and of course, you may recruit any willing-individual to work with you to make the project not a fantasy, but a reality lastly, lets all have fun~ https://animeforums.net/topic/6797-club-rules-and-regulations-and-other-important-stuff~/
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Yup. That's why I don't really throw away ideas or projects, I just shelf them. Maybe someday it can evolve into something else. Wow. That's not a bad strategy. I should give that a try sometimes. Sometimes reducing something actually makes it more.
  3. I’m sorry you’ve had a lack of interest going forward, I really thought your concept was unique. A while back I was writing a story that I discontinued because aside from the initial intro, I had no idea what to do with the actual bulk of the story. So, I ended up just keeping the intro as a short story on its own and abandoning the further continuation.
  4. Too bad, but this happens. Who knows, maybe at some point you might continue it or make a new one about the idea. I did find the concept interesting
  5. I've been gone from AF for about 2 months, and it seems there are some new things added. Like this club which I really like. Because it seems there are members who do work on creative projects. So post only finished projects here, I guess my webtoon is considered "finished". Not because it has ended but because I discontinued it. For some background here is the original thread: And here is where you can find the webtoon itself: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/founders/the-routine/viewer?title_no=300915&episode_no=1&fbclid=IwAR3ak3JLWBbEl9MCPI6caO3b1mfyn
  6. Nimrod I want to find out which other gods and goddesses that has the same position The Gods of Europe... Norse mythology Celtic mythology Slavic mythology Baltic mythology Latvian mythology Lithuanian mythology Finnish mythology Sámi mythology Germanic mythology Greek mythology Roman mythology Etruscan mythology The Gods of Africa and the Middle East... African mythology Mesopotamian mythology Ancient Egyptian mythology Middle-East mythology Yoruba mythology Canaanite
  7. is about what if scenarios. If you want to create a fanfiction about one of these dimensions below. Dimension 0: Minato and Kushina ran away from the village during the Kyuubi's attack. Dimension 1: is Canon and Boruto. Dimension 2: NaruSaku, SasuIno, ChoHina, ShikaShiho, & KankuroTenten. Dimension 3: NaruTema, ShikaShiho, ChoIno, LeeSaku, SasukeTamaki. Dimension 4 NaruSaku, SasuKarin, ChoIno, KibaHina, NejiTen, YamatoAnko, IrukaShizune, KakashiHana Inuzuka, & ShikaTema. Dimension 5: Naruto goes rogue and gathering all the normal rogue ninjas to create
  8. nah, i just added this rule since new users may exploit the club as a way to advertise their youtube channels, its a new rule, and since you posted it before the rule was added, you're in the green light and this is allowed tldr: chill~
  9. My bad i didn't read the last rule even do it was highlighted. From where i can move it to new?
  10. ill allow this thread. this since i didn't seem to cover it in the rules but to new threads, please do not post a "youtube link" if your post count is less than 5 (may be changed in the future), as i will consider it as a "advertisement" and remove it.
  11. 1 Month a go i was playing guess the anime opening with my friends and i said to my self "i can do a video like this" so i did :)) . What do you guys think about the videos?? I would like to do more video like tops and such. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgR8VSdWBsCkgd_Ot3_-C4g I think there is a bit of a progress comparing my first video to my second one.
  12. Or maybe for cover art? I saw the manga one!! I love how you did that
  13. welp, just tried this idea, but it doesn't seem to work (since current image -> transfers to other tabs) unless, i place them on description..?
  14. Maybe each club could have a different profile picture depending on the club genre. Manga project club could have a character from a manga that is popular, or funny The Dub or sub project could have a picture with an anime character and an imposed voice bubble (funny or relevant) ... etc
  15. but yea, its been a while, and ill be busy with review center soon, but i somewhat wanna finish club's profile picture at the very least (totally not making excuses to not study) but i also want it somewhat...unique and made by the community so with that said any idea's ^_^? couse im out of idea's xDD
  16. So I’m watching Demon Slayer and it’s awesome. Want it on dub so bad so my hubby will watch it with me Anyone experienced in how to do this? Want to collaborate a dub for this anime?
  17. Rules and Regulation's you may: gather around and discuss of projects you have (duh, its literally the main point of the club ^_^) linking of youtube, websites, and the such is allowed, aslong its not blatantly advertising it over and over again ask for help/recruit members to help you in your project in terms of sharing images, if there's more than 1 image to be shared, and or the file takes up allot of space on the thread, please do spoiler the images using [ spoiler](IMAGE FILE HERE)[/ spoiler] file sharing is allowed, but only with the use of mega.nz,

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