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    What I think I look like What I actually look like
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    sigh Google really dose want to own the world. I mean I like google services a lot, but they really should not be getting into gaming this way.
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    @Seshi this is all you. You've been bringing new life to this place.
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    Let’s discuss this years most popular anime for AF! What’s YOUR pick for the top favorite of 2019? ——- The anime I’ve most enjoyed as of June, has been The Rising of the Shield hero (big surprise everyone). I love how the story is fulfilling the points that I’d been wanting to see for our hero and starting a new plot as they venture forth into the coming season. I’m very excited to see where things go from here. Never a dull moment in this anime.
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    Stalking implies there's something sinister about it, or you're following them around. That's creepy. No. I'm a stationary observer. Ignore her gif, it's all true.
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    For us Americans it is, at least. What's your favorite type of donut? Mine are cinnamon donuts.
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    Actually, naps are amazing. I can't help but feel a crash throughout the day, and a nap can really pick me up for the rest of the day. I just have to be careful to not let them go on for too long. According to ScienceDaily, kids who nap are significantly happier, smarter, and nicer. I think the human body was designed to nap. It just seems weird to just sleep for 8 hours, then expect everyone to be fully awake for the next 16 hours without a break. Some people just need to recharge, even if its just for 20 minutes. In fact, I'll take a nap right now.
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    It's actually midnight here @Seshi so will share it later this day. I will probably pick the most delicious looking donut out of all.
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    Wow! As big as your palm!!! Those must have been delicious I too went strawberry picking this spring. Do share your donut if you end up going tonight
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    I love strawberry Ice as well @Seshi. I actually went out with my bro to a strawberry field and picked a whole basket full of strawberries last summer. Some were as big as my hand palms. I have already had my share of strawberry ice for this year haha and summer just started. As long the current heat doesn't get any worse, i will stay away from any sort of ice.
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    We'll try. I was going to suggest it if they continued, since there were things they did not seem to get that I did not feel like getting into here.
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    I love strawberry ice cream @Muco never had a strawberry donut - If it’s a fruity donut, I’d do lemon cream flavor... only because I do filled donuts instead of just choosing flavored icing. Strawberry icing sounds lovely tho
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    I’m so glad you said this.. I now have to check out these two that won over Rising of the Shield hero.
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    If I had a choice to choose more than one then I would surely go for The Promised Neverland and Dororo. Both are unique in their own way. #votedforneverland As much as I like to praise The Rising Shield Hero for not being yet another generic isekai anime with the guy uncomfortable with being around girls and blush each 3 second. I will still have to give it the third place. There is more amazing stuff incoming, reading the manga currently. Considering it's popularity, it might get a second season. Honorable Mentions: Black Clover, Demon Slayer, One Punch Man S2
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    I voted for Dororo. It follows the quest of a young man to regain his physical body which his father traded away to a group of demons in exchange for prosperity for his territory. It paints a much more complex picture of ethics and morality than in many other anime, because the closer he comes to succeeding, the more catastrophe and suffering befalls the citizens & in order to defeat the demons he must resort to an “inhuman” level of violence and rage. The series has it’s shortcomings as the writing can seem a bit awkward at times and humor is in short supply but it still stands out as something special and the title character is actually an orphaned thief who accompanies the MC provides some much need optimism. I’m really enjoying Shield Hero as well, but it can annoy me at times as well. Plus, I’m certain that not all the loose ends will be wrapped up this year, whereas it seems like Dororo will reach it’s finale by the end of the month. Fruits Basket is another contender, but again I’m fairly certain it will need to carryover into 2020 and possibly beyond. On the lighter side I prefer We Never Learn which has a lot of similarities, but feels more like an oldschool harem anime. Plus the characters have developed enough now that it feels like each of them have a distinctive relationship to the male lead, making me more invested in them. It’s also pretty funny with a fair amount of fanservice without being as blatant as some other recent series. And of course Isekai Quartet is another fun series I’m really enjoying.
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    Use the gold to take out stupid corporations, like EA.
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    Thanks for taking the time to give a detailed response, @Banri. I've done some browsing around the anime community, looking at channels like Gigguk, Mother's Basement, Digibro, Kurosai, etc. Currently my main channel is closest to a channel like Kurosai's, but I'm hoping to eventually head in the direction of Gigguk and Mother's Basement. (Of course, with my own flair to it like you have said.) I didn't know that YouTube favored consistency and engagement like that. I was already planning on doing my best to upload weekly, but hearing it in direct terms like this will hopefully motivate me a bit more. As for engagement, I hadn't even considered it. I'll try my best in that regard. Using other people's requests for my channel is another great idea I hadn't considered. Thanks again, @Banri.
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    I agree, now if I csn only convince my employer.
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    There are suprisingly many people who think Power Napping is just short sleeping (for some one - three hours!) while they should be between 20 to 30 mins. I guess many people think that they won't even fall asleep during this time or wouldn't get enough sleep - which wouldn't happen if they did it regularly... (power napping is something you learn over time and is shown to be immensely effective, while, as you wrote, any longer than that is actually energy draining) As for napping in general - I don't really do that. I try to get my 8 - 9 hrs of sleep, go to sleep at roughly the same time and wake up at roughly the same time and hardly ever feel tired during the day. Although there are days where I get wayyy less sleep due to assignments or studying but this also means that I can't nap due to them...
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    I am intrigued by the idea of converting datacenter processing power into consumer gaming console hardware. Technically it is possible, but there's so many ways for it to go wrong, starting with the price of datacenter cores vs the price of gaming console cores. Gamers are used to paying about $300 for 8 cores (dual 4-core cpus), or about $35 per core in a PS4 or Xbox. Datacenters these days are mostly running Xeons, and those cost over $100 per core, or even more. For Stadia there will also have to be GPUs in the datacenters, so add a bit to that. Business users are willing to pay that because they're making money with the computing power. Will gamers? A Stadia console (the part that you plug in at home, or the app you run on your phone) will probably be pretty cheap. Maybe they'll even include it "free" with a subscription, like the lower-end phones on some cellphone plans. But I strongly suspect they'll more than make up for it with high subscription prices. I can't imagine the overall cost to the consumer being anything but very high. There's also some bad dynamics in terms of pay-to-play. I fully expect there to be "upper tier" subscriptions where people who are willing to pay more for their subscription get more cores assigned to "their" game console, and thus better gaming performance. You thought Candy Crush was bad? Just wait. Not all of it is bad though. If all they're doing is basically streaming results and all the actual interaction between the compute nodes happens in the datacenter then there's all sorts of intriguing options for things like MMORPGs, especially when you throw VR into the mix. Overall I'm looking forward to seeing how Stadia pans out. That said I have no intention of being among the first to sign up.
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    @Kinbaryu I think, to run a successful YouTube channel you have to be passionate about the subject, one thing you could do is research other YouTubers in the same field to see what they are talking about, and then but your own spin on it, if that makes sense? I do know, from past research, the YouTube algorithm looks for consistency in uploads and engagement with the community, if it's possible try to upload one video a week, on a specific day of your choosing, that would help your chances of being recommended by YouTube. For the engagement with the community, visiting other YouTube channels comments section and engaging with the community there is counted as an advantage for your algorithm result, because the algorithm see's you as an active member of the community, and once you upload with consistency your videos have a greater chance of being shared in the recommendations on YouTube. To follow on from above, if your engagement with the community on other YouTube channels is of good quality, you are likely to have a greater chance of people there clicking on your YouTube channel name in the comment section. One thing you could do while in the comment section of high profile YouTube channels is to look for recommendations by people in the comment section, as there will be times the community will make recommendations to YouTubers within the comment section, but high profile YouTubers are likely very busy and have a greater chance of missing recommendations in the comment section, so, you could help the community by filling in these requests. I hope the above helps in some way
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    I am not really a beach person myself, but if I went, I would go alone, so I can get lost in thought, maybe listen to music, so I am not bothered.
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    Having been formally in the role, and knowing what Seshi has done, and could bring to the community my vote would go for her as well.
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    Naps are definitely a good thing. From what I've read, make sure to keep your mid-afternoon naps under 25 minutes though. Any more than that, and they'll actually drain your energy.
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    Well, I don't watch as much anime as I'd like to these days, but who can forget this scene. I, and probably Master Roshi, think this is one of the funnest beach scenes ever! hope I don't get in trouble for that
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    I think its just people wanting to be cheap and not hire real voice actors, and instead they think they can save money by hiring some people to voice act who have never voice acted before. You can tell the voice actors in cowboy bebop and ghost in the shell had some talent
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    I've always thought there were things I should do in my lifetime. Make a YouTube channel Write a book Have my writing be adapted Have a community Visit my home country Graduate college Live a steady life I've made my YouTube channel. Hopefully it only grows from here, but it's hard to come up with an idea and put in clear terms how to make it into a video. As for writing, I just think it'd be nice to have my work become something special to others. Series like My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness are really special to me, and it'd be nice to know that my works would be something special to somebody else. An adaptation is just a side goal of that, but it'd be nice to see it re-imagined from another viewpoint, since I don't think I could perfectly write a story on the first try. Visiting my home country is harder than you'd think. The political climate has changed the landscape, either for better or for worse. I know it'd be hard on my parents to visit, but I don't think I should go without them. Living a steady life might seem like an odd goal, but my life has seemed fickle, especially in the teenage years. I don't think I particularly had a rough upbringing, but my mental state was... uneven. I'd like to hope that I'm heading towards easier times, and graduating college should be a step in the right direction.
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    Seems like Seshi has the beach on her mind today. Funnily enough, Isekai Quartet just had their beach episode, but I'll be submitting this image from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. I think the characters from Dragon Maid are adorable, especially when they're fumbling around with human activities that they're not familiar with.
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    Just starting watching revisions on Netflix. It's a mecha genre really enjoyed the first episode. Have any of you guys started it yet?
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    We need to change the fast pace of society before expecting anyone to accept naps to be normal for adults. Such high demand is placed on productivity that I couldn’t even see this being possible.
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    I wish that naps were more common in the workplace. I know some companies like Google allow naps, but I wonder why it's so common to just expect your workers to be fully energized for 8 hours a day. Allowing your workers to recharge would definitely lead to happier workers and less accidents, I'm sure.
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    As always, I can look forward to an insightful commentary from you, Ohiotaku. Thank you. And if you wish to change your vote in the future and request another of these anime added, do let me know.
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    Unfortunately, I haven't seen The Rising of the Shield Hero's anime because I have read the manga a while ago. I remember really liking it, but my memory of the more recent arcs is a little bit hazy. My opinion on most of these anime are similar, like Mob Psycho 100 II and Love is War. The only anime I've been keeping up consistently with are One Punch Man Season II and Isekai Quartet, but I wouldn't consider them to be the "best" anime. I've started Kimetsu no Yaiba, (Demon Slayer) and while I did like the animation, I'm not too sold on the characters yet. Maybe I'll pick it back up after watching other stuff. My personal pick would be Go-Toubun no Hanayome. (The Quintessential Quintuplets) The harem tag might turn people away from this show, but I did enjoy the manga and I am still regularly keeping up with it. The characters are really enjoyable, and the particular focus and direction the story went appealed to me.
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    Hug them, using one of our unlimited wish to make our theme song "We Will Rock You".
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    I didn't think the Yu Yu Hakusho dub was good also, I didn't watch the OVA yet. Though the old Yu Yu Hakusho dubs were trying to be more comedy, then serious, and completely changed what they said. You know Americans can't handle cussing at all. Even though kids cuss all the time at school.
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    Buy out Sony’s PlayStation division, Microsoft’s Xbox division, and Nintendo, so we can give the kids game consoles.
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    Take them on the improved speed boat and become the real Santa, delivering presents around the world in a single night.
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    Slap them, to scare away giant bug that could have killed them.
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    ^^ that little gem was truly unexpected
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    Thank you to everyone for your support I did put in my application. If you’ll have me, I’d like to try and grow our community.
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    Good morning everyone, hope you all have a great weekend ahead.
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    They're a particularly bad idea for me. Naps are a known trigger for cluster headaches for me. This probably contributes to my naturally sleepy demeanor. It really does suck though.
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    Shoot the life boat down and reply, “There, now we do not need to worry about dying a drift the sea, at least for now.”
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    Open a black hole and throw all the evil ones in it.
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    As we are floating on the water, I ask senpai, "senpai, can you see that up there, it's called a lifeboat, why didn't we get into it?"
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    Sticks the evil one in the recycling bin... but oh no, the evil one has been recycled into multiple evil ones

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