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    Alright, folks. I appreciate your patience on this, it has been a crazy last week and a half or so. Well! We had quite the collection of stories here. If we were stacking things up in terms of points, there would have been a two-way tie for first and a two-way tie for third. But! That's not what we did this time around. We were looking for scariest (my pick), originality and creativity. And we had clear picks for each of those. See below: Rewards will be distributed by our very own Seshiface, who sadly did not make the cut this time. But, better luck as we look forward at new contests coming soon. Thank you to everyone who participated, it was a great show of creativity from all ten of you! Stay tuned for another contest from yours truly, sometime in the next few months. Ciao, y'all - and Washija! - Winner page: @Xyro, @Musuko, @Wedgy
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    I cant see Deku making it as a adult. That doctor told him if he gets injured again, he might never uses his arms again. I can see Deku passing on all for one to someone else in a few years.
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    Please explain why, despite never hearing how it is actually said, I always say "Washija!" like the Chinese food lady in Dude Where's My Car.
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    Congrats everyone! We are all winners in my book You will all see your spoopy badges soon for entering this lovely contest.
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    Back home from the Blueridge Mountains. Had some fun, saw beautiful sites and had good ol apple cider from the hills. gathered around the campfire and shared some of your 2 sentence horror stories... The crowds were pleased. Smores were made and memories were too. Im glad to be back home. I'm gonna find some anime to watch now
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    @Musuko No worries, I don't mind disagreement since it's part of my job and it's what I do most of the time Also I don't take any of it personally. I might have expressed myself a bit too vague when I said 'politics'. I have nothing against the examples you mentioned. In fact, I would find it great if you make a game that centers around the theme of 'unchecked genetic enhancement' as this plays directly into what I work on (I have only played Bioshock for like 10 minutes once). I also think it's interesting if a game talks about themes such as capitalism, communism etc.. In fact, I find it adds to a game/anime/movie if there is an underlying theme with more depth. Maybe the term 'party politics' would be closer to what I mean with 'politics'. For example, I personally would not like this My Hero Academia season directly promoting something for/against the border wall in the US. If it were an anime about immigration and why border walls should/should not be build, that would be a different thing. I haven't watched the whole interview in the case above, but find it a bit difficult to relate a card game about Warcraft to current political protests in Hong Kong. So I don't have anything about anime/games touching upon political themes generally, but I do not think they should be used to promote current party politics when the anime/game doesn't really have anything to do with it in the first place. Another thing which I might have to say a bit more explicitly is that just because I think this should not be the case, doesn't mean I think it should be illegal. I am not making any claim about whether the esports gamer should have a legal right to make the comments he did in that context. I personally think you should keep politics like in that case out of videogames, but I am not saying it should be illegal to do otherwise. Kinda like I might think you should not waste 90% of your money on betting on horse races, but I wouldn't necessarily make it illegal.
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    I spent far more time than I should have today at lunch proving to myself that all these balls are the same color.

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