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    Wassup Animeforums.net! It's your boi, swifttheweeb, posting for the first time (sorry for the cringe) Joined because I don't have anyone at school to discuss anime/manga with, and I hope I'll enjoy this place. Top 5 Favorite Anime: 5. Soul Eater 4. Naruto 3. Dragon Ball 2. One Piece 1. YuYu Hakusho
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    Hey there, welcome to AF! Interesting to see YuYu Hakusho at number 1, it's one of my favorites too. Have you seen Hunter x Hunter by any chance? Enjoy your stay.
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    As 2019 and the previous decade come to a close, what are your goals and hopes for 2020? I want to get back into going to the gym. College started in August, and I stopped going to the gym after. My next semester starts next month, but I want to tie exercise back into my schedule like before. I lost a lot of weight prior to school, but have gained a little of it back. Hopefully I can re-integrate the gym into my day with school as well. I also want to develop and host my personal website soon. I've been working on it offline for a while, and its almost time to get a web server started for it. I'm just not to that point just yet Third, I want to leave my toxic job I'm doing now, and go into out I.T where I work. I suspect management will not move me though until I complete school. So, what all are you hoping to do in 2020?
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    Probably look in on having knee surgery from an old track accident soon. Thinking about looking into another job. Right now I feel stuck and aimlessly looking around for inspiration. Maybe this year will lead to much needed soul searching?
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    For 2020, I'm hoping to lose 45lbs haha! It actually won't be that difficult, I've already been a lot more active than I was for a period of time earlier in 2019.
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    Omg I'm also a yuyu hakusho fan which char from the series is your fav cause mine is kurama and welcome to AF community
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    Good luck on your Master's, that's where the real goals are (also, come on Germany!).
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    2020 could go a lot of different ways for me. The only things on my radar that I'm hopeful for are the receiving of my Masters, and the paydown of student loans. I'm trying to figure out if I'm at a point in life where I want to slow the pace down a bit, not sure yet. I'm still very undecided there. I know I have two regional symposiums to attend, and I'm sure I'm going to get more boots out of CONUS than just Korea this year too. (Come onnnnn Germany!) The only other things that I know I'll have this year, is that my whole office is doing a diet. Each directorate in the building goes up against each other, and the ones to lose the most weight by April gets giftcards and stuff. We're doomed, none of us have that much weight we can lose. lol
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    I try not to be too ambitious because in the last two years things end up going askew in my life and I just end up disappointed. My mother and my grandmother moved in and I've been having my hands full with taking care of them. My mother has been in and out of the doctors/hospitals for over two years now and we're starting to narrow her health issues down to Multiple sclerosis. Though, in late September of last year she got into a bad car accident (she's doing good from that, recovering well). On top of that, my grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer's. I've been going to classes with her and learning how to take care of her at home. All things considering, I'm somewhat optimistic about the new year. I get to work from home now (thank you technology!) and have been using the extra time to get back to certain hobbies. A goal I've been working toward is finally finishing my novel and getting it published this year. It's been a project in progress for six years now, I'm ready for it to go somewhere. Renewing my photography license would be nice. I miss the freelance photojournalism I used to dabble in. Squeezing in a bit more charity work too. As for my hopes. I really hope that some relatives can spare a little more time in lending a hand. They're greedy to a fault and hardly ever put aside their free time to help out with my grandmother (her own sons and daughters!). I spent last year hearing about how most of them went out on weekends to clubs, parties, celebrations, events, movies- etc. When I voiced my concerns I always got a reply about being young and thus having the energy to handle it all. It's very exhausting…. I'm happy that my job was able to reach out and help me get a more convenient position. I'm planning to have a dinner and a heart-to-heart with family. Definitely this year because I can't keep going like this!
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    I have always wanted an electric violin, as pictured below. I have no idea how it works, but I'd love to find out. I think it would make recording very easy to do, since it does not require a microphone like a normal violin.
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    Oh right, this too, i doubt i can do this in 2020, but i also kind of wanna learn how to play some instruments Being the piano and violin
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    Now that I think of it, I really want to record more music and make a YouTube channel as well, maybe a sound cloud. I have all the gear and equipment I need (except for cameras, but I want to focus on audio production anyway and not video). Between work and school, I barely ever even feel like going to the gym, much less actually recording.
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    My goals for 2020 issss 1.) Pass my licensure examination this time [main goal that is stopping me from doing other goals i want] 2.) Make my dream projects come true [make a video game, maybe start YT channel] 3.) Lose weight, same as your's, im 80kgish last i checked (which was when i donated blood), and its the right weight for my BMI, but i feel i can still lose weight And while on the process of losing weight, gain some muscles, to pull of cosplays 4.) Cosplay on next cosmania event (which is april-ish if im not mistaken ?) Those are my only goals for 2020, bonus points if other fun stuff happens in 2020 Just gotta pass my licensure exam, to actually start my other dreams thoooo
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    I’ve always been a casual gamer, though my preference is for RPGs, and fantasy based games. Final fantasy 8-12, Fable, Dragon Age, and a ton of random games from my youth, Legend of Dragoon, Kingdom Hearts, And my favorite game that needs a remake: Baulders gate, Dark Alliance. I guess I can get sucked into a game, but I don’t have time for that now a days. Mostly I do FPS games now, as they are easy to pick up and put down quickly. I watch anime with fantasy/ game qualities instead, to make up for not playing them now
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    pretty much, im a hard core gamer in heart and soul, i only play games in hard-mode (excluding eroges, couse i play them for the plot coughcoughcough) though i must say, i play CP (cellphone) games, and i find them to be hard (grind/bad rolls) and hard games (using your example; dark souls) to be easy, i beat all DS series, no probs, but i also cant kill a child on fortnight just wanted everyone to know i am a bad shot
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    I used to be a hardcore gamer having 1600 hours on csgo played with teams in leagues. I Don't like casual games at all, I Don't play a lot any more but from time to time I play some rocket league which is also a very competitive game
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    I mean casual games are pretty easy to learn, and just about anyone can play them. Now compare that to something like mega man games, or castlevaina, which you have to have really good timing, and a lot of skill to beat these games. Just image someone who only plays Minecraft or lego games, and see how far they can make it in dark souls or ninja gaiden
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    Hmmm.. not sure what you would call me. I don't often have a lot of time for games, though I do play them whenever life's priorities allow. Would the fact that I don't like sadistic games like dark souls ( ) put me in the "casual" gamer category, or would my 3yo permadeath survival minecraft game disqualify me for hardcore just because it is minecraft? I did beat quake 4 on nightmare back in the day, and I can't even begin to say how many hours I have in my favorite game, Kerbal Space Program, including many, many hours programming/debugging kOS scripts to control my spacecraft. In fact, I just upgraded to KSPv1.7 and installed the Breaking Ground expansion and all my favorite mods this week. I hope to start a new "career" game this weekend. Hard mode of course, with plasma blackouts, pressure limits, and g-force limits enabled, and with comms range, resources, science, funds, and reputation gains all nerfed by 50%. Do with all that as you will.

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