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    Hey Zuko here. Hello I am new I have watched quite a few anime but I'm always looking to watch new ones. Recommendations?
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    Hello everyone, well after a short hiatus our lovely AF Anime Database has reopened! This time with some new features. We will still have all of our members reviews there, and hope that you will continue to seek out your favorites there to give your ratings and reviews. Thanks to our new features your most recent reviews will also be available for viewing on your personal profiles. Additionally, you will now find that we are enhancing our features using AniDB, allowing us to add our favorite characters to our profiles as well as showing which other AF members share that same character. The process of adding your favorite characters is done by accessing the anime page tab here and then simply finding your favorite character in the main/ secondary fields and clicking "add to favorites". While our anime database is still being added to, these updates have allowed for a much more accurate and up to date account of the animes listed. As well as a more streamlined process. So bear with us, @awesomedude20 our Anime Curator will be working diligently to add in the anime titles that are missing. And any requests for specific anime titles you would like to see added for the sake of reviewing or adding favorites should be brought up in his pinned anime database request thread here I hope you all enjoy the new features, let us know what you think here, or in the feedback forum. ~Your Community Manager
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    I'm so dumb...I was trying to see if my computers brightness was making my avatar bright and instead was clicking my volume button and my dumb butt was agreeing that it was getting darker. That's enough internet for today...
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    Hey there, welcome to AF. Have fun and enjoy your stay.
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    Hi there, Zuko kinda reminds me of Avatar Judging by your list, I'd recommend Yu Yu Hakusho
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    Welcome! Please kick off your shoes and stay awhile! As for anime recommendations I'll always point those who are still quite new to the anime world to the much older anime selection first. A few to list are: - Trigun (1998) A series about a man called Vash The Stampede whom succumbs to amnesia before the series. During his travels to remember who he is exactly, he runs into two women who claim to work for an insurance company (they deal with compensating businesses, towns and people in general who were unfortunately at the wrong place, at the wrong time and suffered serious damages and/or injuries) and because Vash has a huge bounty on his head they decide to follow him (although he claims he has no idea who Vash the Stampede really is and makes no such claim that he is indeed the wanted man in this series) throughout his journey. - Chobits (2002) If you like slower paced anime and technology (robots, computers, etc.) I highly recommend Chobits. A series about a man down on his luck when it comes to money and relationships. While attending college and working his butt off to pay the rent and tuition he discovers what looks to be an obsolete persicom (a computer that resembles a human, kind of like a android so to speak) lying next to the trash outside. He drags her to his home and soon learns she is no ordinary Persicom but a Chobits. - Akira (1988) Now if you're into scifi big time, this is another anime you would enjoy. Akira is set in Tokyo, the year 2019. A small biker gang attending high school during the day and causing mischief at night. The leader of the gang, Kaneda and another member named Tetsuo are constantly feuding with one another only because Tetsuo feels like he has to be saved every time something goes wrong. He wants to prove to Kaneda that he doesn't need anyone in the group to help him. Later, Tetsuo comes to discover that he has psychic abilities but the downside is he cannot control them and the government soon learns of him. Because of what occurred during the past that nearly destroyed the city, the government takes Tetsuo against his will for experiments. Kaneda and the rest of the gang then try to go after him. I have many more anime that I can suggest for you but this is a start. Some you can watch on FUNimation, Hulu and Netflix. For those that aren't on any of these platforms I'd suggest looking on YouTube or Google. Amazon may have copies you can purchase but be wary of fake discs.
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    I love this show! Just every episode is so funny, yet they manage to squeeze in a boss battle too. It doesn't feel like they leave anything out so I'm satisfied with watching this one weekly. This week we got to see their guild get started. Maple recruited some new interesting members as well. Cant wait to see how they fight since these weirdos are maxed out in attack power. I wonder if they'll get a nick like the Standing spears
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    Have to admit I rather liked Grea’s character design
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    Dude, I hope I'm not getting sick! Sore throat has struck me tonight out of nowhere and I took some cough drops and Nyquil to help beat it as fast as it can. If I do end up violently sick I blame my coworkers since they don't like to stay home when they are sick or will come up with something to say that they aren't contagious until the doctor ends up saying otherwise. This is my weekend off and I'll flip out if I'm sick all weekend...

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