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    I really need to stop watching this show too close to bed time as it leaves all sorts of thoughts rattling around in my head Shisho (Kazuma) has surpassed Hatori as my 2nd favorite Sohma as he is an ally in helping Tohru break Akito’s hold on the zodiac members, especially Kyo. At the same time he is concerned for her safety & points out that the best thing she can probably do is continue to be a beacon of hope against the despair Akito tries to impose on them. His view of Akito as an unstable child seems spot on with much of her behavior best described as tantrums. While not aware of the exact nature of the zodiac curse, I agree with his suspicion that they are bound to the roles they have been assigned. Interesting how the word “bond” can have either positive or negative connotations depending on how it is used. The whole thing between Kyo & Kagura was bittersweet. Clear that she’s known for quite sometime her feelings for Kyo were not altruistic. Starting out as pity & later as guilt, believing that if she could make herself fall in love with him it would serve as atonement. I don’t think Kyo saying he would never fall in love with her was meant as cruel but telling her she can stop trying to make it up to him. And even if her initial motives were selfish, she at least played with him which was more than anyone else was willing to do. So he is grateful for at least giving him some reprieve from his loneliness. Him referring to her as “big sis” in the flashback scene I think expresses how he has always felt about her. Still I think it was painful for her to realize that she could never be there for him the way Tohru could after seeing the difference in their reactions to his cursed form. Now that I’ve got at least some of that down, gonna try to fall asleep. G’night.
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    HI. im new here. my name is chimchimisahim. I joined this site so i can meet new people (and bored). i have a cat. ummmm i hate cereal. reasons you should like me: 1. im nice 2. im a weeb 3. i have nice vibes 4. femboy hooters is my favorite place to eat 5. i have nice hair 6. i dont do drugs 7. we could grow old with eachother and look back at this one moment and think, "those were the good days" 8. i love pasta 9. because i said so so ummmmm... heres a dacing gon
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    i finished all my overdue work that was due today
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    Welcome! I like cats, too, mines just a jerk. Also, your pfp amuses me. See you around!
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    Welcome to forums ! Hope you enjoy it ps , i like cats too
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    Haven't used my wok in a while. Might have to make some jumbo shrimp stir fry for dinner this evening.
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    Welcome to AF quote a bubbly personality thats cool. Hope you enjoy your time here with us on the forums hope to see you around.
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    Sea shells or elbows for me but sea shells I rarely do.
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    Welcome to the forums. I want some pasta now. Weird fact: I really like textured pasta. Bowtie, macaroni shapes—that kind of thing. Don't know why.
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here I’ve always been a life long dog person myself, but did enjoy My Roommate is a Cat. And then there’s Karyl
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    Welcome to the forums, @ChimChimisahim. Hmmm.... tell me about this cat you say you have....
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