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    FFS I CANT GET THE PROPER HAIR I'VE BEEN ON THIS FOR THE PAST 4HOURS FFS it feels too off, gaaahahahshhaidhasidjasokfmsdkmf
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    I'm a bit behind on the series (watching too many series at once). I used to think Shigure was my absolute favorite but as of right now Haru and Rin are slowly taking his place (or at least will be another top favorite). I see so many people obsessing over Kyo but honestly I'm partial to Haru and his struggles too. He's so emotional and his personality is just *sigh*. Haru definitely deserves more love too.
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    Haru is also one of my favorite , but i definitly can't forget other characters like momiji ,
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    In less than 5 episodes, Dororo has become one of my top 5 favorite anime of all time. I am just loving everything about this series so far.
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    Agreed. Haru is definitely a favorite of mine as well. And yeah, we absolutely need to delve deeper into his back story because I'm sure it's incredible.
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    Just started Dororo & oh...my...GOSH! Loving it so far!
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    did a rush drawing for a friend on AF (expected to take me an hour, toke me 2 hours, SASUGA X-kyun, you are 1hour late, as usual >->) character is "Yui Yuigahama" from Oregairu arm feels wierd, but in my defense, i did this fastly >.> also progressing on the "IF", already finished one of them, doing the other "IF" story (where matoiro is punished) butttt, the "IF" isn't a priority, tomorrow i prioritize the next pages story, already did 2 pages worth of scratch (couse THATS THE HARDEST PART, THE SCRATCH, THINKING OF WHAT THEY WILL SAY AND SHIZZLES) now then, if you will all excuse moi i will leave this here and sleep >.>
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    Thank you -- this looks great! Happy to have found this forum!

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