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    @SAO LILDOOP, your cuddle buddy senpai is @Keiko . You both enjoy cuddling, but aren't up for anything extreme tonight, unless you count an intense pillow fight!! Happy Valentines to you both. @txGemgal3084, your cuddle buddy senpai is @XII360. Since you are both up for a no pants party, you two have fun exploring the limits this valentines day~ And lastly @Xyro looks like we can just play games all night in our PJs because you don't seem to know what cuddles are Thank you to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun getting to read your entries for this event. If you didn't win your senpais heart, better luck next year! Maybe try reading this thread to see how to get senpai to notice you: Happy Valentines everyone!
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    There's obviously a trend going on with my favorite girl
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    First hands on test tomorrow, have to ping two computers with a router and a switch. Hope I don't mess it up. I don't work well when I'm being watched.
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    Hello! I have always wanted to start discussing anime, but I don't really like how the forum works at MAL, so i've been looking for a better place to discuss, and found this site. ok, now a little about myself. There are a lot of genres I like, and some i dislike. I really like sports, action, romance and drama animes. And i dislike military and mech animes. All other genres can be good depending on the show. <MAL LINK REMOVED, please check this thread - x-kyun> Yoroshiku!
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    Hi, I'm new to the site. I've been into anime since '98, and it has been my passion ever since I was a small kid. I'm looking forward to talking to you all about it.
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    This morning I just had a salad but I normally eat a slice of toast with strawberry jam and a cup of coffee or tea. I just moved and haven't unpacked any plates yet. (Cries in French)
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    Usually have golden syrup porridge with raisins followed by veggie sausages, egg and beans. Sometimes I just opt for toast though
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    I could do it. In fact, I have done it. Just for a couple weeks I mean. I can take it or leave it, especially these days when it is mostly political BS. The problem is that most of my social network would not. My brother checks his email about every other week, but he's on FB daily. If I want a quick response then I have to use FB. Even his phone goes straight to voice-mail. Some of the younger relatives and other people I socialize with I can pretty much -only- get in touch with through things like FB or Discord as well. For me personally though.. I'm pretty old-school. I kept myself entertained long before there was an internet, or even PCs. I never understood the attraction of twitter at all. Or instagram. (Why do I need to see a picture of your lunch??) I know how to read a book or a newspaper. I can even write letters. (Like, snail-mail type letters.. envelope, stamp, etc. ) Dropping the connection to the millions of rabid monkeys on social platforms like FB or Twitter would actually be something of a relief for me tbh.
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    Hey, I´m spätixD aaand now a member of this forum I assume? I love writing and discussing about anime and manga because my poor soul has no one to talk to since none of my friends show any interest in these topics. And trying to sum up the plot of 100+ episodes to someone who has no idea whats going on is just not the same as crying about Kite´s death with someone who has seen HxH. Which is kind of the reason why I´m here :D By the way, I am curretly watching banana fish and omg the feels?? I´m only half through this show but almost all of my fav characters already died so I have no strenght to go this road alone anymore xD. So if anyone´s willing to share some encouraging words, I´m totally here for it!
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    Cooking is just a hobby to me, I don't give it a lot of time and often forget how I made a recipe that I really did well. I want to start this thread to help me remember some of the things I tried and liked or didnt like. As well as what I did or didnt do well. Feel free to share your thoughts on these as well as your own recipes or favorites from the web~ Today I was craving rice, so I decided to learn how to make onigiri. The technique may seem straightforward but actually its got some nuances that you wouldn't think of (if you are just a casual creator like me). One of them being that you salt your hands in order to preserve the rice for a longer term, as rice will get hard in refrigerator so salting allows them to keep for longer at room temp or in a bento. Source I didn't end up making these today, instead I made some bibimbap with ingredients I had on hand. The meat substitute was one that became too salty in the marinade so it wasn't as enjoyable as ones I've made in the past. I also forgot to fry an egg... So that was a major disappointment, as the egg goes so well with all the flavors in this dish. Sesame, spinach, soy, and hot pepper paste (gochujang).
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    Grilled breadless chicken nuggets wasn't my fav most likely won't be getting that aggain.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome, I´m looking forward tonhave a good time here! And yeah, guess I got caught, I´m just a German trying to get to know people beyond borders Also is there another option to directly refer to someone´s respond than just posting another reply to the topic (if you know what I mean..)??
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    Only strawberries, grapes, apple, and raspberry. Something for my stomach to fill
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    Hi everyone this is Anna Kushina speaking, I made brand new friends at my new school but I still miss my old friends and I also miss my big brother. But hey don't worry I still have my anime friends here. (it's you guys) Sincerely, Anna Kushina
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    Just bought my ticket to see MHA: Heroes Rising next week
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    My personal pick for AOTY was Vinland Saga, but not really surprising that Demon Slayer has a wider fanbase/appeal. Vinland Saga has an absolutely epic story & complex characters, but it’s rather bleak (not a “feel good” story). Also not many female characters, certainly none as cute/charming as Nezuko. I will say what little we learn about Thorfinn’s mother & sister portrays them as strong characters worthy of respect. Also Demon Slayer had more exposure via Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu & Toonami while Vinland Saga is Amazon Prime only. Vinland Saga is clearly the more grown up title (seinen) while Demon Slayer is textbook (though impressive) shonen. On a related note, very disappointed that Askeladd didn’t get Best Antagonist. He has to be one of the most complex characters in all of anime. While he’s quite willing to murder, torture, manipulate & betray to achieve his goals, he does have his own creed. And ultimately he is willing to make personal and painful sacrifices to further a goal that was in many ways altruistic. As far as Senkuu from Dr. Stone getting best protagonist, while I had a better opinion of him & the series by the end then I did early on, he’s definitely not my pick. Probably would’ve gone with Tanjiro from Demon Slayer & given Best Boy to Mob. I personally feel that Love is War was over-hyped. Similar to Senkuu, I don’t dislike the MCs as much as I did at first. But the primary appeal was Chika’s antics. Likewise, Promised Neverland was definitely intriguing, but more interested in finding out about the outside world instead of just the orphanage . The fact that MHA got shut out when it usually wins several categories seems to indicate I’m not the only who feels it’s in decline. Kinda surprised AOT not getting a mention though since a lot of the long standing mysteries finally got explained. Kinda disappointed Fruits Basket didn’t get recognized, even if it is a remake. Overall, I think most of the winners deserved recognition, but still too limited IMO.
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    Welcome to AF Hope you have fun , its really good here , so hope u have a good time
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    Hello there, welcome to AF. Have fun and enjoy your stay : )
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    That's a question I have about so many new things
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    Hi there! Glad to see another long-time anime fan here!
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here I’ve been into anime for quite awhile myself
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    Welcome to Anime Forums. Enjoy your stay.
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    heyyo, welcome to AF and stuff just press those two buttons and you can upload your signature (red circle first, then blue circle) for editing it (the image), you're gonna need an editing software though
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    I had this delivered to me by one of my volunteers I manage on Monday. I'm not much of a revolver guy, but I figure I'd mess with this one a bit. The price was right. Came with 16 rounds too, we'll see how well she handles this weekend probably. Ruger .30 Carbine Blackhawk
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    So I don't know what's going on with me lately. I have a few shows that I am watching right now. mostly new content so I have to wait for the episodes to air first before being shared. Though usually while waiting I'll watch stuff that is a older and has all it's episodes already out. But lately I'm bored almost like nothing is really peaking my interest. On one hand I feel like you can never watch too much but maybe I'm a little burned out or I know what I wanna watch but not finding the exactly thing. Like when you're hungry craving something but you can't exactly pinpoint or you know what you want but you just don't have it in your fridge or cabinet. *sigh* ahh thanks for letting me vent. *sigh* Hope i figure this out soon. Any suggestion or comments are welcomed!!
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    Here's some of the stuff I drew in boot camp
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    Beyond happy ? or beyond sad ?
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    Good-night/morning all! Hope you had a restful sleep or are getting comfy for bed. How are we feeling this morning? Ready to tackle the day? If you're getting ready to sleep⁠—what are some of your favorite ways to unwind? Best of luck today, always wishing you good wellness practices!
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    Anyone else here still watching Somali and the Forest Spirit? I still think it's not the goat, but I do find it enjoyable
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    So, I joined recently and I hope to meet some nice people with the same interest. Looking forward to what'll happen soon.
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    Me: I did the thing! Work: Good job! Me: ^^; Work: Here's 15 more things. Me: Noooooooooo…..!!!
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    If I recall correctly Fruits Basket was only nominated for best drama, when it could have easily been best fantasy imo. Season 2 having yet to show the full depth of what drama is in store for furuba means it could be a candidate to win that category in the future. You said it was limited @Ohiotaku should there have been more categories to include in nominations?
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    Welcome. I was born in '98 so I think you might have a few years on me lol
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    I noticed that Crunchy has done the same. I saw the Little Prince, the Wizard of Oz, and Swan Lake - among others - come up as "new" a while back. I'm pretty much the same, though I pay special attention to the science fiction ones (at least the ones that are good) because it is usually a lot easier to refer people to an anime than to explain in detail the science & engineering behind it. If I just start to lecture on one of "my" topics people tend to turn off. OTOH, if I can get them to watch the show then it makes it easier to engage in a discussion on the science and tech behind it. It has to be real science fiction for that kind of thing to work though.
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    I’m glad my job is almost over as I don’t enjoy it. Once my last day comes I’ll sleep all night finally.
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    its easy , plus i usually dont eat a lot for breakfast , just something fast sometimes ,ill eat chinese porridge
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    My favorite breakfast consists of much more than what I was able to cook today, but I did enjoy my breakfast anyway. I started the day off with dorayaki and green milk tea. Then I made some sausage and toast to round it off later.
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    Everyone out here with good stuff and I'm embarrassed to say Backstreet Boys.
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    Updated shot from last week. A very tired selfie...
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    For some reason, I don't particularly like rewatching anime. I think it depends on how much I like the anime in question, but I would honestly prefer to watch something I haven't already seen.
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    Kaoru Hanabishi & Aoi Sakuraba from Ai Yori Aoshi i and of course these two
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    Just made up this one. "It was coming from the old bedroom. The dripping sound became louder. I mustered all my courage to grab the door handle and say "Open". What I found truly shocked me. My artificial dog was lying in a pool of real dog blood, and Mama was standing beside him, with her suit tinted the color of blue blood." I sighed and sat back into my chair. It was 4 a.m., and I was getting tired of writing so-called cliche horror stories for the Internet. After all, that's all what they accept now. I have heard heart-stopping stories from my great-great grandmother, who is about 92 years old, which is young for her age. Turns out people way back had better stories than now. Even though our technologies are way better than theirs were, they were still happier than us. They didn't have only 2 million people left on the Earth while all the others went to Venus and Mars, which are now livable thanks to scientists. The two million people left behind were the less fortunate ones, including me. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by my mother's voice, which told me to have an early breakfast since supplies were short today and would last only 3 or 4 hours from now on, before they would vanish. I made my way down to the kitchen and saw that my mother had opened my can already. I sat down, said "Spoon" and ate with the spoon that zoomed to me from the racks. "Proxyn," she said as she sat down beside me. She looked like she had been crying. "We're getting executed now." My spoon fell with a clatter as 11 hooded robots came forward and, with a swift move, drove the knife through my heart. Tears were already streaming down my face as I though about how much of an animal those rich people are. There weren't much food left in the world anymore. The robots took out the knife and raised it once again to chop me up. After all, we are just food. I didn't put much effort into this one. It seems really boring to me. What do you think?

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