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  1. Is "fan service" even its own story/concept genre? I always thought that it was just something that usually came with it.
  2. That's what happens in Statist societies.
  3. The link in the OP's sig currently has a 45% trust score on scamdoc.
  4. In a word, no. Probably. Dunno. Without any rules, it would naturally degenerate into an orgie of slander, blackmail, doxxing, swatting, and explicit threats of bodily harm to the participants. Not a pretty sight.
  5. "I don't want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers" - John D. Rockefeller, founder of the General Education Board ( GEB )in 1903 ^^ ( not an endorsement )
  6. Not really a casual topic but something which needs to be heard and understood. I probably would have never posted this here if somebody ( not dropping any names ) didn't decide to try to turn AF into their own personal soapbox. The one boogieman that nobody is talking about also happens to be the most dangerous of all. Want something to be afraid of? Fear this... "Trust me." Would you trust Mr. Burns from "The Simpsons" to solve all of civilization's ills? Let's see how it turned out when the character managed to convince Lisa that he had turned over a new leaf... ^^ Although a complete work of fiction intended to amuse, if you trust people like Gates, Saint Elon, Maurice Strong [ insert any other oligarch or politician ], the end result will be something like this. Whether the issue being pushed is climate change, the Virus™ or anything else, it does not matter to them. Everything is just a cynical power play to strengthen their control over the populace in the eyes of the predatory ruling class. They do not care. The fact that the elites persist in traveling the world in their own private jets while investing so heavily in all of this 'green' stuff should tell you something about their true nature. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander, should it not? Naive ignoramus interjects: "But Mr. K! They have to use some form of transportation to make it to their international summits!" If the world's captains of industry were really that concerned about carbon emissions destroying the atmosphere, why don't they hold electronic teleconferences instead! They don't need to be physically traveling halfway around the world just to talk about that! They already have the technology to do it this way but they don't...or maybe I should say they won't. Where is it all leading to? See the following... Although not entirely complete, the process has been well underway for a long time. I fear for the future.
  7. Not to sound rude but, an anime board is not really the proper place to discuss saving the world. A much more appropriate topic on here would be how Western Television can be redeemed and made suitable for watching with kids again. If you want to seriously discuss hot button issues then please take it to other boards that are geared more to that sort of thing. Okay? If the possible effects of carbon emissions terrify you that much then I know a very good place for you to start...
  8. The character portrayed by Matt Frewer on British television whose consciousness was transferred into an AI program following his fatal accident is possibly the most anime non-anime character ever. 1 - iKKM308.mp4
  9. The atmospheric soundscapes accompanied by the paleo art of Gregory S. Paul is a large part of what made dinosaur documentaries from the 90s so special. The combination of the music and images allowed my childhood imagination to run wild visualizing the reconstructed scenes of the dangerous prehistoric environment. I'm glad that they started producing these modern CG nature films with dinosaurs but it feels like there is something missing in them somehow.
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