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  1. Thunder Force was one of the greatest shmup franchises in gaming history...terrible difficulty, but all were beautiful works of art graphically and musically. The original 16-Bit chiptunes were literally so good that I actually think I still prefer most of those to the remixes done on more advanced hardware. Technosoft took a lot of pride in their work. This metal remix was apparently planned for a title that was to be released on the ill-fated Sega Dreamcast, unfortunately it was cancelled.
  2. Kōyamaki


    The most offensive insults are the ones which cannot be repeated here.
  3. That's certainly a very interesting plot description. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with this.
  4. This makes me feel like a kid again! The WWE needs to hire the guy that made these to do their theme music. @viruxx That was a good find there.
  5. A bit of serendipity. If anybody deserves to be interviewed on NRW TV, it's these guys for making this amazing video.
  6. Dokken was awesome! I think their album "Back For the Attack" was probably the pinnacle of their work, in my honest opinion...
  7. I'm not entirely sure if this topic belongs here or in manga discussion since there usually has to be a manga before there is an animated series. In either case, there are sometimes established anime universes with loads of creative possibilities which for some reason are neglected and never used for any story angles. I can think of two in particular that I could see a lot of potential with. I would even have half a mind to actually volunteer as a writer to try and make these canon just to experience the joy of seeing it ( if I had the power to do so ). If anyone sees titles mentioned here that they have never watched, I encourage you to skip over those and read about the next title ( and so on ) to avoid any spoilers. GTO - "Great Teacher Onizuka" My Idea For a Followup Sequel Premise: If I understand correctly, GTO itself was actually even a sequel/spinoff to some earlier works written by the manga author that featured the titular character before his career as a school teacher. For some reason this is just the one that made it big, kinda like "Star Wars" with its Galactic Civil War story arc in the original film trilogy. Anyway... Following the events at the end of GTO, Onizuka begins competing in a vicious underground bike racing circuit in which participants are allowed and encouraged to cheat and use dirty fighting to win ( a la "Road Rash" ). After Onizuka fled Japan in GTO, I remember it being unclear whether Onizuka was residing in California or Hawaii but, the scenery looked more like Southern California; I'm sure the manga is probably more detailed with that information ( haven't read it ). Even though this is a rather foolhardy thing for Onizuka to do after just escaping from hot water in exile abroad, this is something which actually would not be out of character for him to do. "You're Under Arrest" My Idea For a Spinoff Premise: After leaving the precinct for more intense pursuits, Natsumi decides to give pro-wrestling a try for a little change of pace along the way, before reuniting with her old partner. She joins an all-female wrestling promotion and dons the in-ring gimmick of the "Big Boss Lady" ( <-- if anyone got that reference, please let me know ), wearing her old blue uniform shirt to the ring. A parody of GLOW ( "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" ) ensues. Somehow it seems that trousers would be more practical than a skirt inside the squared circle...hmmm. It would certainly look out of place for her to be wearing her flats to the ring...she might as well just be barefoot or in her stockings the whole time than that. A few details about the costume would probably need to be modified to make it look more natural for the setting. It's not that it couldn't be done the other way, I just wouldn't want it to be reduced to mindless fan service though. I welcome feedback. If anyone else has ideas for the aforementioned anime shows or for other additional ones, feel free to share them here. Discuss...
  8. I haven't actually seen this series yet but, I would like to. I've seen "School Rumble" and loved it. I am currently on "Laid-Back Camp."
  9. Has anyone watched a great anime that they think could have been better? What are some of your titles that you think could have had a more appropriate conclusion? Welcome to the NHK "Welcome to the NHK" was great by any standard but, I think it could have actually been even better than it was. Had I been the head writer, I would have made it where the tone gradually shifted more toward a suspense thriller direction, where it turned out that there really was a conspiracy to keep down the guy, and that the secret organization was using next generation technology to project illusions ( similar to "Chaos;Head" ) with the aim to gaslight him into thinking that he was only delusional. In the finale, I would have it where it all culminates in a John Carpenter's "They Live" style showdown. Since firearms aren't readily available for civillian purchase in Japan, something would need to be worked out to give the character a fighting chance against his enemies. Maybe have it where he got his toys from the Yakuza or something?
  10. If it's any consolation, you're still better than I am. I can't even draw a decent stick figure without the use of tracing templates and other tools.
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