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  1. >proto type merlin announced yesterday

    everyone; image.thumb.png.1ffc9a551a9f43e7ab0c0ffaac5d334a.png

    jesus christ memelin, your bringing magi-magi-mari into this, couse you just got top 2 on tweeter, 

    and this doesn't even cover the amount of fanart i saw on /r/fgo >.>

    1. XII360


      i feel i should say this too

      congratulations magi-magi-mari


      castoria is bae tho

  2. did a rush drawing for a friend on AF (expected to take me an hour, toke me 2 hours, SASUGA X-kyun, you are 1hour late, as usual >->)


    character is "Yui Yuigahama" from Oregairu

    arm feels wierd, but in my defense, i did this fastly >.>


    also progressing on the "IF", already finished one of them, doing the other "IF" story (where matoiro is punished)

    butttt, the "IF" isn't a priority, tomorrow i prioritize the next pages story, already did 2 pages worth of scratch (couse THATS THE HARDEST PART, THE SCRATCH, THINKING OF WHAT THEY WILL SAY AND SHIZZLES)


    now then, if you will all excuse moi

    i will leave this here and sleep >.>

  3. pejina 5 mi amigo~


    also drawing 2 "IF's, gonna be crappy, couse i will rush it, but still


  4. so i was drawing my comic

    when all of a sudden

    we lost electricity

    i then cried for a good 3 minutes, because all i did so far on the comic was add a few lines

    and then i browsed my phones gallery, deleted sh*tton of wierd vids/pics





    thank f*cking god i dont draw like this anymore >.>

  5. personally, id announce it for everyone to know, but i dont mind eitherway, tbh gonna miss you though, even though i dont frequent the discord of af-forums as much (unless i was mentioned/asked something/wanted to ask something) tho...we didn't talk as much (though, i feel we mods dont really talk much eitherway?) it still should be said, you did a big part in regulating AF-forums also, reason i only messaged now is couse, i didn't have the balls to send this >_>... but this has been on my mind

    dammet im getting artist block >.>



  7. What fills my heart with fluttering happiness;








  8. #feltcute might delete later


  9. sub_par is my hero


    you should be fine if you have ad blocker though




  10. Doot Doot, coming at you with pahina four~!


    ...now to to take 2 whole days off, to farm NYC event on FGO, couse, yknow,

    i doubt it'll be 2 days >.>

    also, incase you guys wanna vote too, ima go ahead and leave this here



  11. ghost of tsushima co-op DLC, hands down the most awaited DLC im waiting for >.> i specified the DLC, couse im waiting for the DLC to arrive first, before i attempt to even buy it
  12. image.thumb.png.c7412ec4d3118e5bfea9fa8494fd6f01.png

    matoiro is hiding something...>.>...

    im on the last panel. yaaay

    also, i gotta share this, because its deeply real

    (also a little fun fact, NUXTACO KEEPS CHANGING THE TITLE

    first it was depression, then it was dont trust yootobahs, now its every youtuber is lying about this

    talk about click baits >.>

  13. doesn't really bother me whether their named San Yuu Mi (a korean name i just made up on the spot, please no aggro me koreans if i f*cked up), if its Narukami Yuu (japanese name), or if its an english name -- like Kevin, Names all have a meaning, and if you can translate the meaning of the name from the said ethnicity -- then it should be a huge bonus
  14. welcome to the forums~! i see you are also a man of culture, youmu is bae also the same on the drawing part
  15. id still like to remind everyone that



  16. i mean, the game's i currently play are mostly gacha games -- mobile games the hip and back pain i get would be from sitting on this chair from drawing all day >.>.... gaming and anime, may or may not play a big role on it too. sitting posture MAY REALLY play a really really big role to this and coming from the recent game i played.... true story >.> to answer those question, please refer to your inbox, this has been x-kyun, your daily yandere bot, signing off! (but yea, dont worry about it, its still, somewhat in thread, we were talking about anime-games after all! ill just pm the answer to the other questions xD)
  17. i-i doubt im that famous, atleast i think im not?, im just your daily-outa-the-mill-lame-artist xD, but thanks, i think? (i-im really akward to compliments >_<) and its cool, i have nothing to do, i already finished the gacha event's i needed to finish (harsh two days of nolifing >_<) and now all i have to do is draw the next comic-san you raise a good point of logic though, there's nothing to be done, it is the authors "canon" ending, some people will feel dissatisfied, and thus rant about it online, some will feel "that coulda gone better", some will have liked that ending, and some (read; me) will hate the main protagonist for not using his powers! damn you otosaka, you seriously f*cked that up >_> (funnily enough, it doesn't even bother me, but i still find it to be a dum-dum move he did ._.) remembering charlotte ending, somehow made me remember about the propaganda on franxx and darling (i didn't watch it, i only saw a video from gigguk), where the internet went on-storm after a certain side character kissed a certain main character mhm, im somewhat the same, only, aside from that, i kind of try to imagine pain? idk its kinda wierd, like, you see how characters get injured in anime fights, i sometimes try to imagine "i wonder how much it would hurt if i slammed my head on a wall, or how much pain would i get if i punch a tree? i bet i can break a tree if i punch it" - my words before i punch a tree and feel utter pain for doing such things the tree didn't even deserve my abuse! jesus, me there is also nothing wrong with thinking of an alternative ending in the thing that has happend in the past, reflecting on the past is a very good way to mature, also "a man can dream, cant he?" is deeply routed to that sentence
  18. obligatory song post

    i-its actually sending a strong message

    and the rhythm is hella good, i can follow the beat no problemo~

    also, started drawing the next page, cant post screenies yet though, as its just blank >.>

    today; finish scratch 

    tomorrow; hopefully finish a panel or two panels, i bet ill just finish one panel though >.>....

    also thanks to @Yuuki_Radosian for sharing this, i most likely wouldn't have found it, seeing as my recommendation is...yknow...


    ...yknow >_>...

  19. p-please treat me like any other normal user, i used to be a normal user here too , and would be delighted to still be treated as one >.>.... this is so true, getting immersed in the song, and imagining yourself, or at the very least, relating to the song/characters, is a huge "up up" same same same, only, rather than instrument, i do hand motions?, like, tapping fingers, imagining im playing a piano (not that i know how a piano works >.>) there's also singing along with the song, im not a japanese, but hey, aslong as im having fun its that feeling, like emptiness, right ?, i had it a few days ago too, when i finished a good game, i felt empty and somewhat ranted on FB >.>, but i returned to normal after 3 hours or so, surprisingly fast, i expected it to last a day (though...i did dream a bit about a somewhat similar scenerio to the game..>.>...) crying never gave me a headache though, at best, i probably looked dumb, and i always say, when asked why im crying "im not crying, there's just sweat in my eyes" ...say's me while my room is air conditioned >.>, but otherwise yea, it makes me somewhat happy, especially if the ending is good, bad ends usually don't make me cry (at best, profanities will be unsheathed from my mouth >.>), or a joke, it really depends on how bad things were an example would be...Charlotte, the ending, i wont get into it, but i found the ending stupid >.>, MC coulda fixed things, but he didn't, he messed up in that ending, sure it was wholesome, but i still found it stupid >.> (others may say otherwise, but i still found it stupid, if he has such power, he could use it ffs)
  20. id like to report this post, why am i being stated in the post? please do something mods ...oh wait i am a mod >.>.... but yea, same, sometimes i just feel, empty, but after like an hour, or three, i get back to normal, and just do what i can aside from that feeling, i also have the urge to stop watching a good anime overall, since i dont want it to end, it cant end if i don't finish it right? nice logic bro >.> but most of the times, aside from above, it makes me cry yea, im a cry baby, whatchu gun do about it? huh?!?! good anime ending is always sad ._. other times, i just feel like, drawing them, i guess amazed from the way certain angles are drawn?, idk >.> a little fun fact, i get my motivation to jog everyday from listening to songs, watching the animations done in TUYU/eve songs, are hella giving me motivations to keep running, sometimes while i listen to them -- whilst jogging, i sprint faster than i need too (which means i exhaust myself hella faster too it's kinda...a good feeling?, i imagine myself in the videos, e.g; TUYU song, "being low as dirt one", the lyrics hit hard when she descends into a fallen angel, and i just run faster, like i increase step-length, and speed of feet-landing on the ground, and all that, basically i just run faster >.>
  21. vwoshhh, coming at you at the speed of 0.5km/hr



    this might help, its relateable af >.>

    also good, though idk if your into JP songs xD

    maybe english ?!

    i-i dont listen to much english, but old songs, like westlife, or eminem, and nsych >.>...

  22. yooooo brooooo dont worry about it, the post you did, doesn't exactly go against the rules and reg's of the website (and we dont really have such rules anyway) feel free to vent it out, venting your sadness out is hella better, than say, keeping it to yourself im one to talk though, as i dont have the balls to vent out everything >.> come now, dont say that, everyone has to fail at something -- to get better at something, we can use my art skills as an example my drawing back then was utter sh*t, unproportionate, big eye, big head, etc etc, cant even do blushings and all that, but look at me now, im doing a comic -- that of which was suppose at the 3rd page, but for some reason, is still going >.>.... another example is, from my board examination, i've failed my first board exam, and i was suppose to take it this march, but thanks to NCOV, it's been moved to...2021, and since then, i haven't really studied as hard as i used to, im honestly a little scared ill fail again, due to how lax i am at the moment, but that doesn't mean im gonna give up at it even though, to be honest, i just wanna run away from it all, seriously, its so much more easier to just run from these things, than to face them head on -_- i-i dont exacly know where im going with this, but yea, basically idk mang, lemme post you some depresso, but relato songs (depressing, but relatable) in your profile ofcourse xD
  23. https://charonfanblog.tumblr.com/dl#mce_temp_url#

    was watching manlybadasshero (a yootoobah), and i found a creator -- CHARON -- which makes yandere-esque rpg/vn games




    ...but first, i need to finish my gacha games, this is so f*cking me right now, jesus >.>(lowkey, it really is my phone, btw)



  24. i bring to you, page three of the comic~!



    comic will start to change a bit now (not style, im changing style and experimenting on shiz, incase no one noticed >.>...

    but thats not what im talking about <_>)

    story will change based on how reddit users (yea, i kinda post this on reddit?, and twitter, i guess) choice on certain parts of the story, -- and since everyone is a dokuta, dokuta will be the silent protagonist, whom only gets choices >: D

    feels fun, so ima do et

    ending can either be fun for everyone, or dokuta gets a bad end to the face, i aint pulling any punches >: o

    no gore tho, i dont do gore, unless i really have to


    it was late, but, like, yknow, better late than never ?

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